What is the origin of this little loli senior It didnt take long for Xuan Yingying to appear and Master Yinzhu saw Xuan Yingying who

Readers, if you think the fighters in the Age of Magic are not bad, please don’t forget to recommend them to friends in your group and Weibo! It rotated and made a slightly harsh sound, and next to this hard drive was a somewhat thin young man. At this moment, the young man was staring at the whitened screen with a hint of nervousness in his expression. When folders were displayed on the screen, the boy could not help but clenched his fists excitedly. How lucky that something that has been around for a thousand years can still be used.
Wu Xing sat on the chair with an uncontrollable smile on his face. Excited, Wu Xing moved the homemade mouse point I opened one of the files with learning materials and looked at the content inside. I felt a sense of intimacy.
Although these contents have passed a thousand years ago, it was only a few months for Wu Xing because Wu Xing came from Wu Xing didn’t know how he came from a thousand years ago. He just woke up and came a thousand years later and turned into a 1-year-old boy. In this thousand years, the world has undergone shocking changes. Zhang’s huge magic world brought the world from the original technology era into the magic era It won’t be long, and the spar in Wu Xing’s hand is a magical memory crystal.
The effect is almost the same as that of the hard disk, except that the former is a product of technological invention and the latter is a product of magical invention.
After some operations, the data in the hard disk began to be slowly imported into the memory crystal. Although the slow speed makes people crazy, Wu Xing is already very satisfied.
After all, it is not an easy task to import the hard disk data of Science and Technology Ming into the memory crystal of Magic Ming.
Thanks to Wu Xing’s level of programming and data recovery in his previous life Not weak, this is the only way to migrate data across two Ming systems. When the data on the hard disk is slowly exported, Wu Xing feels mentally exhausted.
This is not because of the energy loss caused by reading those learning materials, but because his body is already weak and sick. According to the memory obtained by Wu Xing, it seems that the original owner suffered some kind of unknown attack when his mother was pregnant with him, causing the original owner to be congenitally deficient at birth Not long after, I heard a shout coming from the next door.
I heard that Wu Xing skillfully picked up the ladder on the side and climbed up the wall.
When Wu Xing’s head crossed the wall, what caught his eyes was a wide square one hundred A number of men and women in uniforms are constantly punching and kicking, and a huge signboard hangs on the gate at the back of the square.
Whirlwind Martial Arts Hall, isn’t this the age of magic? What’s going on with this Martial Arts Hall? Overcome this doubt, but after some understanding, Wu Xing understands that the people in front of him who are punching and kicking in the martial arts gym are actually a kind of mage, but their talent is physical strengthening In the world of demons, demons have given everyone a talent ability. There are many types of talents, such as strengthening, elemental, summoning, healing, auxiliary, cursing, transformation, special, etc. Among them, strengthening occupies most of them except In addition to the orthodox and powerful enhancement talents such as strength enhancement, physique enhancement, speed enhancement, there are also non-mainstream enhancement abilities such as digestion enhancement, breath holding ability enhancement, etc.
In principle, no matter what kind of natural ability, as long as the enhancement level is high enough, it will not be very difficult.
Weak, but most people’s enhancement level is very low. Take strength enhancement as an example, most people who have awakened this talent are about 100% stronger than ordinary people. This level of enhancement is actually not much different from ordinary people. It only reaches above ordinary people. The degree of strengthening is the most basic condition for becoming a mage apprentice. Of course, if it is the elemental system, summoning system and other talents, this condition can be slightly relaxed. After all, these talents are originally rare talents.
I can’t help but let out a long sigh.
There is no magical power in the inherently damaged Wuxing body. Naturally, it is impossible to have magical talent. In an era of magic, there is no magic power, which is almost tantamount to useless.
Of course, for Wuxing who originally came from the era of technology Without magic power, there is no feeling of despair and sadness.
It’s just a pity that I finally came to an era of magic, but without magic power, I can’t explore the mysteries of magic. But this does not prevent Wu Xing from being curious about this extraordinary power, so as long as you hear it from the next door The students started to practice martial arts in the square and they would climb the fence to watch.
The people in the whirlwind martial arts gym did not intend to stop it, because the square outside was only used for warming up.
The special skills of the real martial arts gym are all taught in the martial arts hall.
When Wu Xing was lamenting the powerful moves of those students, a voice suddenly sounded, Wu Xing took out a card the size of a mobile phone, tapped the card lightly with the ring on his hand, and a message appeared because there was no Magic Martial Star cannot use all kinds of magic props, so it needs magic rings to provide magic power, and magic rings are used by people in this world for children who have not yet awakened their magical talents.
And don’t call me little Xing Xing looked at the information on the card Wu Xing sighed and replied that in this world Wu Xing still has a family member who is his sister Wu Yue who sent him messages. Yue can be regarded as a genius in their city. The wind element affinity talent is not particularly high, but this kind of element affinity talent is a rare talent in the first place.