What is it just you Kitilla sipping wine yes Tanis watched her without flinching Kitilla raised one eyebrow in reluctance to believe that Flint was

Hello, the novel you downloaded is from Welcome to visit frequently People in the world, please listen to the voice of this sage.
It is like the tears of heaven washing away the dust and tears stained by the dragon gun in the ashes of history. In the ancient times that cannot be described by human language and memory, this world has just begun.
In the dawn of dawn, three rounds of bright moon rose from the bosom of the forest without knowing it. When the giant dragon god was terrifying and noble, he started a terrible war in Klein.
In the haze shrouded by dragons, a cry of longing for light shook people.
Under the cold gaze of the high black moon, a dazzling light shone in the sky of Solamnia.
The holy knight awakened the silent gods with sincerity and strength, and forged a slaughterer who pierced the souls of dragons with unparalleled divine power. The power of the Dragon Spear dispelled the haze brought by the Dragon Clan, and brought new hope to the newborn Klein Huma Note 1 The greatest knight of Solamia, the creator of the light, the strongest lancer in history followed the guidance of the light Come to the foot of the Khakis Mountains, to the place where the gods stand tall, to the empty and silent temple, he summons the maker of the sharp spear, to fight against the evil that destroys the world with unspeakable power, and the evil obsession Chasing back the dark dragon’s maw, Paladin Note 2 The kind god of gods shines beside Huma with holy light, blesses the dragon-slaying spear in Huma’s hand with powerful divine power, the great knight of Huma shines under the light of a thousand moons After the darkness was sealed, Note 3 also imprisoned her evil minions.
Under the land of light, in the mournful kingdom of the undead, curses roared. One sound drifted in the void. The era of dreams.
Note 4. The era of abundant power ended in thunderstorms. Ishtar, the kingdom that symbolizes light and truth, rises up in the west. The pure white tower competes with the scorching sun to announce the death of evil. The pope of Ishtar in the light shines a glimpse of shadows The shadows of the trees in the night treacherously disturb the ground The moonlight washes the brook with heavy steps He tries to find out in the scrolls and spells the path that Huma walked Only in this way is he holy Only by the hands of the gods can the power of the gods purify this sinful world, but darkness and death follow.
The gods forsake the world, and the mountains burning with sky fire fall like comets on the city of Ishtar, and the magma bursts like human bones in flames.
Falling on what was once a fertile land, the ocean shifted to a desert, and Klein’s road collapsed into the ferrying Styx. Thus began the age of despair. The once broad road was tangled with sandstorms and hurricanes. The mountains became our homeland When the old gods turned and left We cried out to the empty dark sky and begged the new gods But the sky was still cold and never heard any answer from him An old man Tikavelan straightened his back and sighed try to pump Her twitching shoulders relaxed and she tossed the soapy rag into the bucket and looked around at the empty rooms.
It was becoming more and more difficult to keep the old hotel up to a certain standard. All the wood in the hotel Furniture maintains the love and longing of many people, but no matter how much love and repair it is, it is difficult to hide the mottled holes and cracks on the furniture.
Of course, it is even more difficult to prevent customers from accidentally sitting on these stinging debris. This is called the final destination.
The small hotel here is not as gorgeous as the ones she saw in Haven, but its characteristic is that the comfortable hotel is located on a living old tree. The old and thick branches of the old tree embrace the hotel walls and decorations.
The carvings are so exquisite that most travelers can’t tell which is the magic of nature and which is the ingenuity of ingenuity. The hotel bar stands like a warm and carefully wiped sculpture on the big tree that supports it.
The glass windows with various stains on the tree cover the whole room in a warm light that is constantly dancing. As the noon gradually approaches, the shadows also begin to shrink slowly.
This inn called the last destination will soon open its doors Binitika looked around with satisfaction.
Every table had been wiped clean and waxed.
All she had to do was mop the floor.
She began to move the heavy oak chairs as Oetik hurried from there.
Rushing out of the kitchen, the smell of food exudes from the whole body, whether it is for business or to see the weather, today should be another auspicious day. Otik tried hard to squeeze his fat body into the bar while talking, and he blew happily Whistling while taking out the cups and arranging them neatly, I wish the weather would be better and the business would be worse Tika moved the chair and complained that I almost lost my legs yesterday, but in exchange for less gratitude And so little tip that group is so gloomy it looks like they’re all jumpy it’s like a slap in the face I swear when I accidentally knocked over a glass yesterday Rituck literally pulled out his Sword spat Otik made a disdainful sound, Ritak is Solas’ seeker guard, they are all so poor and nervous, if I work for that religious fanatic Hendrick, my nerves may be more tense, keep your voice down Tika warns him Oetik shrugs unless the High Priest can fly or I can hear his boots on the stairs before he hears what I say although he says it verbally but Tika notices what he says next It did get smaller remember what I said the inhabitants of Solas are barely able to handle the pressure people are mysteriously disappearing God knows where they’re being taken it’s a bad year he shakes his head but then looks happy stand up