What he is facing this time is not only his own reincarnation but also Falling into the endless darkness falling into bloody killings killing corpses

Chapter 52 Prepaid Investment Facing the sudden benefits, it is like a big pie falling from the sky, and Tatsuno’s eyes and gold stars are all given to me. Tatsuno’s expression, the Earth Demon Bear, is obviously very satisfied, because these things are all rare dragons. As a divine beast, it is already the top of the pyramid. Ordinary people have only heard of it and seen it, and it is even rarer.
A drop of dragon Essence and blood are enough to make a strong man in the divine realm bow down. Ten thousand gold is hard to find.
It is just a metaphor for ignorant people.
With this drop of dragon essence and blood, Tatsuno believes that he can completely break through the second level of acupoint refining in the Nine Refinements of Qiankun Jue.
The role of the earth spirit bead is also not small, because in the later stage of refining the viscera, I must gather the five elements spirit bead, and now I can get one, which makes Tatsuno can’t help stretching out his hand, but the remaining reason overcomes his heart I have to say that these two things are what I need, but the value of these two things is so great that I can’t afford it, so I can’t accept your benefits, but I still want to thank you Tatsuno very much Sincerely said to the Earth Demon Bear that the Earth Demon Bear was completely speechless to this boy Tatsuno, he thought about the benefits when it was not good, but when the benefits were in front of him, he was scared again. Although the Earth Demon Bear also knew that the two things in his hands were very precious, Compared with Tatsuno’s help in the future, it is obviously much smaller. If Tatsuno is recognized in his heart, then these precious things will no longer be precious, boy, aren’t you very cheerful? Why did the mother-in-law get up all of a sudden? To my eyes, these things will not do much to me. We monsters are different from you humans. We have our own inheritance.
If I can swallow this drop of dragon blood, do you think you can still see me now? The Great Earth Demon Bear rolled his eyes.
These may not be very important to you, but they are very important to me. If we get our human world, it may set off a bloody storm, and I also know that your thoughts are nothing more than hope that I will be in the future.
I can help you Warcraft, but I know better that you will not be rewarded for nothing. Before I do it, I will not accept your benefits.
Tatsuno explained, I know that you value love and righteousness, and this is why I value you, otherwise Do you think that I will give you these in just a few words from you? At the same time, I also tell you that I recognize you as a friend. It is not because you can help us. You can think it is my investment or you can think it is this.
As a gift from a friend, if you think highly of me, accept it, if you look down on me, you don’t have to accept it.
Seeing the earth demon bear blocked all his escape routes The bear-like fan-like hand has been stretched out in front of his chest.
In his hands are two heaven-defying things that he longs for. Gritting his teeth, his hands took it from the hands of the Earth Demon Bear and put it into the ring earnestly.
He raised his head and looked at the Earth Demon Bear. In my eyes other than sincerity or sincerity I will not promise anything but I can guarantee that I will help you when I have the ability to help you monsters, but I also don’t want you to harm humans for no reason. If there comes a day, as long as you humans don’t harm us monsters, we monsters will live in peace with you humans, of course I believe there will be such a day, Tatsuno looked up at the sky that has gradually darkened, with an expression of indescribable confidence, I know There will be such a day, it won’t be too long Facing the suddenly confident Tatsuno Daichi Demon Bear, he still can’t get used to it for a while, big man, don’t worry, I won’t let your investment lose money, and one day you will die for your investment today Tatsuno, who feels worth it, is not a big talker. Although he doesn’t know where he will go in the future, he is also Tatsuno.
He always has an unyielding heart, which makes him always walk in front of others. In the past, it is now, and the Earth Demon Bear secretly touched his sweat while being excited.
At the same time, he also warned Tatsuno that your current strength is not enough to absorb the essence of dragon blood, and that huge cold power is not something you can afford. You must find a place of red sun and use the suppression of the power of red sun to absorb the icy energy of the dragon’s essence and blood.
Of course, there is nothing wrong with absorbing it now, but the effect is worse. Facing the warning of the earth demon bear, Tatsuno also deeply remembered it.
After all, he is an old monster that has existed for hundreds of thousands of years. Being good at learning and listening to other people’s suggestions, which I don’t have now, is also one of Tatsuno’s great strengths.
After the two exchanged pleasantries for a while, Tatsuno offered to leave.
Others have to pay more Facing the thin and small back of Tatsuno who is going away, the Earth Demon Bear is also in a trance, seeing not a small figure, but a piece of heaven and earth Facing Tatsuno’s back, the Earth Demon Bear shouted loudly, Dragon Boy, remember my name is Xiongshan The sound spread in the noisy taboo forest. In fact, it was at this moment that Tatsuno was truly recognized by the Earth Demon Bear. Tatsuno’s figure disappeared at the end of the world. Not long after Tatsuno left, the area where the Earth Demon Bear was located appeared several times out of thin air. The old men dressed in different clothes are all as reserved and introverted as the vast ocean. Judging from the fact that there is no fluctuation in the space and appearing next to the Earth Demon Bear, these old men are already extraordinary existences, and they already have a higher understanding of space. The existence of levels of understanding is at least at the peak of the Heaven Transformation Realm.
Only the Body Transformation Heaven Realm can control the power of space, because the sky and the earth are you, and you are the sky and the earth.