What happened For a while the emperor bestowed a marriage such a good thing how could Feng Tianyi resist the decree He closed his eyes

Once the family was tragically destroyed, met with murderous hands, eyes gouged out, limbs were beheaded, the heart was pulled out, the face was destroyed and reborn with hatred, but he was reborn as a general’s medicine jar His legs were crippled just to live in the world.
The Hui family took revenge.
The prostitute was evil. He seized power. Peach blossoms come one after another She blocks one pair and one pair She blocks one pair and two pairs She laughs and can put on a ring Bai, he is a rich and powerful emperor in the mysterious sea area of ​​the country, with many identities, who is he? The world says that the Nine Emperor Uncle, who has power over the government and the public, Bai Yu hides his face and is independent, but he is bloodthirsty and ruthless.
Said that I was born to strive for glory, and I will be madder than the sky from now on. He said that your glory will be created by me.
She said that my fate is up to me. If you destroy me every day, I will destroy the sky.
I prosper against me, and others perish against the heavens. There are exceptions against me. I have no life. Send out clips. The world says that you are not like a woman. A certain man glared at the man on the bed angrily. Why are you lying on my bed, gritted your teeth angrily, turned to the black birthmark on her face and asked do you think you are colored? Story This article is about strong men and strong women, involving supernatural powers, different worlds, alien races, monsters and beasts. There are many plots. You are welcome to enter the pit. The label of this book is petting, strong women, conspiracy, evildoers, pretending to be pigs, eating tigers, animal farms, rebirth, hermits, and a huge family that has guarded the Suzaku god for thousands of years. It is said that it is Hidden in the depths of the dragon pan in the bottom of the earth spring, there are monsters stationed at the entrance of the dragon pan all the year round. Once people get close, they will be torn apart and eaten, and no one can walk out alive.
It is said that the hermit is an excellent place to gather the essence of heaven and earth and cultivate. There are immortals there.
Grass is everywhere, as long as you eat it, you can ascend to immortality. Legend has it that among the hermits, the phoenix family can last for a long time among many families because they are born with extraordinary abilities. It is the fate of the Suzaku god to kill monsters in an instant.
It is said that the Phoenix family has a beautiful woman who can control beasts with sound.
She was born about 20 years ago. The sky is surrounded by colorful sparrows and the calendar does not see the night. Legend has it that she is the reincarnation of the Suzaku god.
Legend has it that she is the next hermit. The best candidate for the high priest. Legend has it that she is a cultivator who stays in the clan all year round and practiced.
Very few people have seen her.
What people don’t know is that a fire from the sky burned down the Feng clan half a year ago. The elders of the Feng clan were killed by a group. A powerful and mysterious gentry family was wiped out.
In one night, the lives of the Feng family were wiped out.
The ancient family was moved to the ground, and even the destined high priest disappeared.
Some people among the hermits said that the daughter of the Feng family was not the reincarnation of Suzaku, but a disaster.
The star descends in the dark and damp depths of the dungeon where rot and stench alternate. Snakes and rats run rampant in the dungeon. A white-haired woman is locked on an iron pillar in the depths of the dungeon. Her body didn’t dare to get close, as if she couldn’t guarantee whether she was dead or not. At this time, the thick and rusty iron door was opened, and with a loud creak, the frightened snake ran away in panic. The white-haired woman heard the sound and slowly raised her heavy head. What kind of face is that? A face full of watery scars runs down the top of the head, and the deep bones are visible. Looking at a pair of men and women in brocade clothes walking towards her, Feng Jiuge didn’t show any expression, his eyes closed slightly.
But there is deep hatred in her heart for half a year, since the night when the Feng family was destroyed, she has been humiliated for half a year and half a year, this couple ruined her appearance one after another, broke her limbs and hamstrings, broke her legs The bone cut off half of her tongue. The man looked at the white-haired woman with a sneer on her face.
Feng Jiuge, everything should be over. Let’s do it. His hoarse voice is like the wailing of evil spirits in hell.
They kept her half of her tongue just to be able to It’s a pity that they know Suzaku’s divine endowment from her mouth, but even if they die, they will never get it out of her mouth. Feng Jiuge is about to die and still so stubborn, don’t you hate it? Feng Jiuge sneered when he heard the woman’s voice, his eyes were bloodshot, you better pray that I don’t hate her in my next life, how can I not hate hundreds of people in my family who were killed overnight? She was also taken away by murderous hands, living like a ghost is because of the woman in front of her, her maid, Feng Yuanwu, she mistakenly believed that she would keep her by her side, but she did not expect that she would join hands with other clans to kill the Feng clan and destroy more than a hundred members of the Feng clan. It was drugged in her food that imprisoned her here Chi Feng Yuan danced and smiled, all over the country and the city raised his hands and smiled, Feng Jiuge, in the next life, do you really think you are the reincarnation of Suzaku? It’s this time, are you still here? Fantastic, look at the snakes and rats in this dungeon who have been hungry for so long and are still staring at your body. You don’t need me to do it.
Believe it or not, you don’t even have bones left.
Talk to her about the next life. In this life, Feng Jiuge can only be carried on her body.
When she dies, I want you to take her place as the high priest. I don’t believe that group of old ghosts won’t obediently hand over their gifts.
The person who spoke was the man just now, Feng Jiuge, who knew his identity Wu Ju.
Ze, a hermit aristocrat who has been in decline for twenty years, now he comes back just to win the god endowment and master the magic skills to defend the world against monsters and beasts to satisfy his ambition of unification. Don’t worry, I will help you win the hermit god endowment. Hua Luo endured the strange smell and walked towards Feng Jiuge He took out a delicate dagger from his sleeve