What happened Are you okay Xin Rouqing looked at the scene in front of her in horror oh my god that big mouse is spitting

The world is not benevolent, the world cuts off the nine knots except greed, and the other eight kinds of afflictions. The world in the end of the Dharma is full of strange and wandering legends, but a single word of greed can overthrow the world.
It is even divided into a city and a city in the middle of the Yellow River. A sparsely populated mysterious place in the middle of the Yellow River But there is a dynasty in the region that has always stood firm and seems to have been favored by heaven.
Although there are frequent floods, it is still strong and unabated, and it produces rich grain every year.
The descendants of Luoyang City have a radius of tens of miles.
The south of Luoyang City is close to Luoshui with the triple wall of Guocheng. The wheat fields are glowing with a pleasant golden color. In a few days, it will be a good autumn harvest. Therefore, the people in the city live and work in peace and contentment. The face on the face is handsome and handsome, but the more you look at the smart eyes, the darker it makes people feel a little unreal. At this moment, he is frowning slightly, looking at the pleasing scenery in the distance. For some reason, there is always a trace of uneasiness in his heart. His name is Luo Fan, and he is from the city of Luoyang. Your prince, Fan Er, will be blessed by heaven in three days, and when you turn sixteen, it will be your coming-of-age ceremony this autumn. When you receive it, the whole city will celebrate. What kind of gift do you want your father to give you? A sharp-edged Chinese The sharp eyes of the young man are full of love at the moment, he is wearing a dragon robe, but there are only eight pieces.
Could it be that there is a higher existence above this imperial power? He is Luo Fan’s father and the helm of Luoyang City. Luo, the lord of the city Hailuofan looked at his father, his eyes flickered, and then he stayed on the huge gap in the sky.
The sky has been separated by a huge gap since the beginning of history. It is called Tianzhishen. Rumor has it that Jiuchongtian is a mysterious holy land of immortals on Tianzhishen.
The wheat that survives, Luo Fan doesn’t understand why a superior existence would compete with mortals for the basis of survival Is this natural selection or something else hidden in it Luo Fan can’t figure it out and doesn’t want to think I want me Mother only has this one wish right now, which is his obsession from childhood. Your mother, she hesitated to speak. Luo Hai shook his head and walked slowly down the city wall, leaving Luo Fan alone, looking at the back in a daze, as if he was about to leave. He is far away, this night is destined to be a sleepless night, because the sky suddenly changed, the strange black and white colors stimulated everyone’s nerves, the heavy snow without warning broke the silence of the night, everyone said that the auspicious snow heralds a good year, but before the autumn harvest, this is not to be expected Have you cut off everyone’s way of life? Don’t run around, come back quickly, there are voices of adults shouting from all over the city, because some naughty children are actually running out to play at this time, they don’t know their parents’ worry and uneasiness, it’s snowing for three days, and it’s the last day in the city Already kneeling full of folks and elders, Luo Hai’s brows are already wrinkled, his clenched fists are raised and lowered, and he is helpless against natural disasters.
But he is willing to face the punishment of the heaven alone.
The emperor, a resident of the city, stands with his head bowed beside Luo Hai. His waist is bent very low and he dare not continue talking.
What the hell hasn’t the sky fallen yet? Ran in from outside the palace in a panic, Luo Hai waved his big hand, obviously he was still a few steps away, but he held the guard’s shoulder The guard knelt down with a thud, sweating profusely, and a careful person could see that his panic was not due to bumping into Luo Hai, but came from outside who should come. Luo Hai’s powerful palms slowly lowered his whole body Everyone has become more cautious. It can be seen that the person who came is extraordinary.
Luo Fan, as the only prince of Luo Hai, should have supreme power, but he is low-key like a commoner. Today is the first time he accompanied his father to court. The anxiety in his heart is getting more and more Intensified, he quietly followed Luo Hai out of the palace.
Luoyang’s snow and silver wraps were originally a beautiful sight, but chilled people’s hearts.
It should have been a golden wheat field.
A strange man stood facing the wind and floated in mid-air, giving people a feeling.
The feeling of sacredness and inviolability is followed by the unfathomable Luoshui. It is said that it can deter gods. Immortal envoy Luo Fan dismissed it at all, but he would inevitably feel a sense of shock and yearning for that mysterious power. I will not let you starve to death. The city gate slowly opened Luo Hai, leaving Luo Fan alone.
After going out, the people in the city are hiding in the city and watching nervously.
Their hope of survival is in the hands of this man. Luo Hai, you know that the sinner is not approaching, but the momentum is overwhelming, and the man is actually condescending. The attitude of questioning the king of a country is true.
In the face of great strength, the imperial power is like a dog. Luo Hai does not know what sins. Luo Hai is neither humble nor overbearing. Even in the face of the fairy envoy, his back is still tall and bold.
Do you know who he is talking to? The fairy envoy said loudly Eyebrows raised up, the snow under your feet was suddenly blown up by a gust of wind, and it came towards Luohai. Of course, Luohai knows, but do you know our difficulties? Although Luohai was hit by the wind and snow, there is still a glimmer of light in your squinted eyes. What are you waiting for? Even if there is a problem, it’s God’s punishment.
What does it have to do with me? I’m only here to get what the higher-ups want. If you can’t hand it over, you’re guilty.
What does the lord mean by rushing up to beat him violently? Luo Hai asked, of course, this day, and the immortal envoys in the sky, and proudly replied, shouldn’t my lord be considerate of the suffering of the people?