What else do you have to say The word popped out of the mouth of the gin he was almost gnashing his teeth and he

It was dawn and the sky was still a little dark. A few cruise ships hurried across the river and sailed towards the east in the face of the rising sun. On a park bench by the river, a newcomer from another world was holding his driver’s license and looking at his name carefully.
Lin Xinyi, who was born in the year of the Showa era, saw the word Showa, and his whole body was hit by a thunderbolt like the Washington Monument on a rainy night, and then tried to convert the Showa year into the familiar AD year. The last bit of luck in his heart was Like the flag of the United States in a strong wind, it was ruthlessly torn apart by some mysterious natural force. After a long silence, this visitor from another world, who can be called Lin Xinyi, began to self-regulate his emotions.
Still the same as before, the surname Lin is actually completely different.
The surname Lin in Japan and the surname Lin in China are just the same in pronunciation and origin, but they can still look good. Such a good-looking body. The appearance of this body is also eye-catching enough. Sigh, put down the driver’s license, and then take out the mobile phone from his arms.
The mobile phone is the kind of old Nokia that can be used to smash walnuts.
There is still a little uncleaned black dirt between the gaps of the keys.
It seems that I am not a clean person.
Lin Xinyi frowned slightly because of his professional habits.
He likes to keep everything around him clean, but this man The unlucky guy who took over his house obviously doesn’t have such a good habit, and this guy still has a strong smell of cigarettes. Lin Xinyi doesn’t like smoking.
He turned on the screen of his phone with some disgust, and the date displayed on the screen was impressively old.
At this point, Lin Xinyi’s expression became more and more subtle. Sure enough, he was not only a Showa man who traveled through Japan, but also inexplicably returned to the past more than 20 years ago. Although it is not that he has never imagined another life before, this kind of surprise The feeling of soul wear without the memory of the original owner is really terrible.
After experiencing the initial hesitation, confusion and even pain, he was convinced that he had already transmigrated into another person. He had to face a crucial question. Who am I? Lin Xin I don’t know anything about the owner of this body.
It’s just a driver’s license, but there is no way for him to grasp his identity information. To live safely and legally in this past Japan, he needs to quickly enter this new place named Lin Xin. The role of one, so he can only carefully check the belongings he carries, hoping to find some useful clues that can help him take over this identity I hope the address matches the actual address.
I have a lighter in my pocket, and an empty cigarette box is great. The house key is also available. I have the key.
Lin Xinyi, who is new here, will have a place to live, and there should be more of Lin Xinyi at home.
Personal items can help him figure out the role better. Check the phone again.
There may be something in the address book and SMS mailbox. Useful information Thinking about this, Lin Xinyi took out the antique mobile phone from his pocket again, but at this moment, behind him on this sparsely populated riverside green space, a voice called Xinyi, hurry up and follow up suddenly sounded. It’s crisp and pleasant, with the unique vitality of a young girl. Lin Xinyi was taken aback for a moment. Although the original owner’s experiential memory no longer exists, the technical memory of language seems to be completely preserved in his body, so he can now speak it fluently. Speaking, speaking, reading, and writing in Japanese are no different from those born and raised in Tokyo, but the Shinichi just now is obviously calling his name. Is he an acquaintance of the deity? Then I have to respond quickly, or I will not be caught by an acquaintance. Thinking of this, Lin Xinyi hurriedly stood up, followed the voice, and stretched out his hand to say hello. I’m here. What responded to Lin Xinyi was the puzzled expression on the girl’s face. She was wearing a loose white exercise suit, and her beautiful cheeks were decorated with The thin sweat is obviously a sporty girl who came to the park early in the morning for morning exercises. Apart from her own beauty, the most eye-catching part of her body is the protruding horns on the top of her head because her hair is too fluffy.
Standing not far from the beautiful girl with tall horns is a young boy who seems to be out of breath from running.
The boy is wearing a casual white shirt. Although his face is a little pale at the moment and his clothes look messy because of the exercise.
They are probably such an impeccable combination, but now they are all looking at Lin Xinyi with puzzled eyes, as if they are saying you Which Erin Shinichi quickly realized that the situation was wrong? He scratched his head in embarrassment and tentatively asked, didn’t Shinichi call me just now? No, no, the unicorn girl pointed to her side in a daze The boy said that I was calling him, that’s right, Xiaolan was calling me. The boy immediately realized what my name is Kudo Shinichi. If he guessed correctly, he looked at Lin Xinyi and the corner of his mouth unconsciously Smiling confidently, sir, you should happen to have the same name as me, right? Sure enough, it is the same name, Lin Shinichi replied with a light sigh of relief. My name is Lin Shinichi, and my name is also Shinichi, but he paused slightly and whispered to himself, Kudo Shinichi.
Where does this name seem to have been heard haha ​​Hearing this, the man named Kudo Shinichi couldn’t help smiling confidently, maybe he saw it in the newspaper, I promise you will have many opportunities to hear about this name in the future As he spoke, his gaze began to unconsciously glance at Lin Xinyi again. The gaze was focused and careful, as if he was intently inspecting something.
Lin Xinyi faintly felt uncomfortable, so he asked aloud.