What do you two do Sick this has to be learned for me Xu Xuanping glanced in surprise the two of them patted their buttocks

It’s a pity that in this world where demons dance around, his own strength does not allow him to do so, so he chooses to be a superficially low-key sword fairy.
In secret, he learns escapism, practices Taoism, legal systems, talismans, researches formations and makes friends.
If possible, Xu Xian only wants to use swordsmanship.
The author’s self-defined label is easy Chapter Xu Xian is sad Looking at the reflection on the water, I couldn’t help but click, click, click, tut, look, how handsome my face is! There are so many big girls and daughter-in-laws in Yuhang County staring at me all day long, and I can’t resist the temptation.
I’m seventeen and I’m almost an adult.
No wonder she doesn’t come to me. The world has changed too much. The dynasties have changed, plus the group of flying fairies and monsters.
She is a snake demon with only a thousand years of cultivation. How dare you come out? Xu Xian sighed and suddenly felt a little tired.
He thought God was just playing with him.
He had clearly transmigrated into Xu Xian. Brother-in-law Li Gongfu, sister Xu Jiaorong, then just wait for the white lady to take care of him.
Fahai moved.
I can’t afford to mess with it, but I can’t hide it. But as he grew older, Xu Xian gradually discovered a serious and terrible problem. This is not the end of the Song Dynasty in history, nor is it the Ming Dynasty. This is a so-called overhead dynasty. Commonly known as the Daliang Dynasty Xu Xian exclusively jokingly called the Daliang Immortal Dynasty As for Daliang before it was the Great Tang Dynasty, only since Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty has changed dynasties. It stands to reason that even if it is an empty dynasty, it will not change. It is too exaggerated, but the fact is not the case. Let’s just say this year, let’s see.
There are more than a dozen immortal cultivators flying through the sky. Last year, he saw hundreds of silhouettes flashing across the starry sky in one night.
The speed is so fast.
If it weren’t for his good eyesight, it would be impossible to see clearly that there is no saint under the skirt of a little fairy. Light cough and holy light are not the point. Black lace is not the point.
Generally speaking, the changes in the world are too great for his little heart to bear, and after thinking about it for a while, Xu Xian also has enough rest, so he will stop wasting his brain.
The cell gets up and pats his butt and plans to go home with a medicine basket on his back. Well, he also wants to deliver medicine to the pharmacy owner across the street.
This is a free part-time job and no money.
In fact, this is also a debt he owes to others because Xu Xian begged Li Gongfu in his early years to learn martial arts and practice swords. He needs to eat a lot of medicinal food and soak in some medicinal baths.
His brother-in-law Li Gongfu is just a headhunter.
The usual cowardly horse doesn’t dare to accept bribes.
The four taels of silver and three stones of rice given out by the imperial court every month are not enough. He reads, writes, buys clothes, and the daily expenses of the Li family, where does he get so much spare money for him to practice martial arts? Such and such, plus his sister Xu Jiaorong blowing wind in his ears, Li Gongfu can only shamelessly owe the money first, and then pay it back slowly, of course Xu Xian It’s not that he doesn’t know how to be grateful.
Basically, when he has time, he will go to the mountains to collect herbs as early repayment of debts.
Didn’t I learn some of your medical skills when I went to him as an apprentice, so I wouldn’t stare at me so deadly Xu Xian walked alone in the mountains, the breeze blew and the blue hair swayed, if in modern times his back would definitely be regarded as a woman It’s a pity he It’s not that Yuhang County is too hot in summer, it’s just a steam oven, no matter at home or under the shade of a tree, it will make people sweat profusely and almost soak the whole body As long as you are not afraid that others will see through it, no matter how little it is, you will be able to make big girls and daughter-in-laws, well, it’s better not to hang out, otherwise if you have a little beauty and figure, if you are hot and sweaty, you will inevitably be molested by people’s eyes again and again Of course Xu Xian He didn’t dare to appear in front of them, otherwise he would receive the same treatment because of his good looks. A quarter of an hour later, Xu Xian strolled to Baohe Hall, put the medicine basket on the cabinet, and ignored the boss’s call, and went very fast. Run outside, hey, this kid is still thinking about letting you have a meal here before going back. He ran very fast. Doctor Song reached out and stroked his beard, smiled and shook his head. Is there any meat for the meal? There is still a small head showing at the door, and looking eagerly, Dr. Song responded angrily and said, Yesterday, I showed Butcher Zhang’s son a patient’s house and said that he had no money, so he sent a whole wild boar leg.
Your aunt is doing it. We The old couple have no teeth and the little Chenzi can’t eat that much by himself.
Do you want to eat some? That feeling is so good. Hehe Xu Xian wiped the corners of his mouth and walked happily into Baohetang Skillfully walked into the backyard to help, and Chen Abao, who was working here, rolled his eyes. He actually wanted to say that I could eat half a wild boar leg by myself.
Why should I say I can’t eat that much? But there is no way to do it, Xu Xian Who is half as young as the overlord of children in Yuhang County? He has been practicing martial arts since he was four and a half years old. He has the reputation of being an invincible hand in three streets and five alleys.
Chen Abao and some other friends were often beaten.
Going to the hospital with my brother-in-law to buy medicine, and with his shameless personality, he will always have a meal here.
Naturally, he is more troublesome than the worker Chen Abao. Xu Xian came to the backyard of the hospital and laughed when he saw a person busy cooking. Hehe asked Aunt He, do you want me to chop firewood to help you with some work? Xu boy, why are you here again? Aunt He squinted her eyes like a tigress. She came over and pressed Xu Xian’s head, then said it’s nothing to you You can eat plain rice later, that’s right, you can smell the sauce pork, is it delicious? Aunt He deliberately lifted the lid of the pot and fanned the hot air at him.
Xu Xian swallowed his saliva, how could he eat meat all at once these days?