What do you think Although Yin Chengjues words are in a negotiating tone what he says cannot be rejected He looked at the county magistrate

The copywriter emperor was a favorite of thousands of people before his rebirth. After his rebirth, he still looks at the people around him and thinks of their sad appearance after his death, so he decides to treat them a little better.
I laughed to death and had no regrets Cannon fodder covered my nose and the nosebleed couldn’t stop What to do cannon fodder ah ah ahh I saw an angel Cannon fodder I’m going to run around the palace three times This is not only a rebirth story, but also a fast-traveling novel.
The main content label is sweet.
I have a special liking for the fast-traveling novel.
The main character, Yin Chengjue, is the supporting role. The Sanskrit singing seems to come from a distant place, with a sacred meaning, lingering in his ears, there is a holy and warm power, like a gentle mother calling her child gently and lovingly to wake up the soul There seems to be something trembling in the middle, gradually waking up, Yin Chengjue opened his eyes and found that he was in a very familiar environment, isn’t he dead? At this moment, he is lying on a soft bed, and the bright yellow curtain hangs down to block the view from the outside.
His bedroom, Yin Chengjue’s mind was in chaos, he felt that the air was suffocating and it was difficult to breathe, he subconsciously tore open the curtains, the beads on the curtains trembled and collided, making a crisp sound, which was very obvious in the silent night, and a person quickly rushed from the outside The man who came quickly hung up the curtain for him. Seeing his discomfort, he gently massaged his temples for him, and asked respectfully, what orders does His Majesty have? Yin Chengjue slightly closed his eyes and said hoarsely, it was his former personal eunuch Lin Fu who just suddenly became younger Yin Chengjue’s heart was shocked and confused, and the frequent trembling of his eyelids showed the restlessness in his heart Lin Fu Fu Chayan looked at the emperor’s face, and there seemed to be something wrong, worried, and said, His Majesty’s face is not very good. Is there something wrong? The slave went to call the imperial doctor to have a look at him, and he was about to raise his voice to be stopped by Duan Chengjue. Lin Fu disagrees that His Majesty is a man of gold, is it a trifle? If Yin Chengjue raised his hand to block his words, there is no need to say more.
You go out first.
I think it is Your Majesty who is alone.
Lin Fu is helpless. He can see that His Majesty is not in a good mood now. It’s useless to say anything now, and the emperor’s order had to be obeyed, and he left with his head down, but he still had to call some imperial doctors to wait for Lin Fufu to step down.
It’s no wonder that he was quietly waiting for the emperor’s orders with lowered eyebrows, only listening to the young emperor’s inexplicably deep voice, little Fuzi, how long have you been by my side? Yuan Zhen has been with you since entering the palace in the third year, and now it has been ten years It was the first year of the apocalypse, Yin Chengjue lowered his eyelids with an unclear expression. When he was five years old, he chose Lin Fu from among the palace people as his personal eunuch.
Ten years happened to be when he was just fifteen years old when he was enthroned.
This incident was a very shocking thing for Yin Chengjue. I don’t know if all this is just a dream. After waking up, he is still just a ghost, not a dream. You just came back to life.
Yin Chengjue trembled, he raised his eyes and looked over, Lin Fu was lowering his head, waiting for his next order, and the hidden guards got his order to retreat, only he and Lin Fu were in the bedroom, Yin Chengjue frowned, suspecting that he was hallucinating the host Don’t worry that they won’t see me. The voice sounded again. Yin Chengjue took a deep breath and stepped back towards Lin Fudao. Well, Lin Fu was confused by him.
Although he didn’t know what His Majesty wanted to do, he still left obediently. It’s really worthy of being the host I’m looking for, he’s really imposing, the talker is so annoying, don’t pretend to be a ghost, come out to me, he said in a deep voice, Oh, host, don’t worry, I’ll come out, hehehe, that voice somehow seems to be a bit more mischievous Yin Chengjue, a mischievous child who is ready to play tricks, flashed a silver light, and many small silver spots gradually appeared in front of him. Those small spots gathered and slowly condensed into a big circle, and then the silver circles grew eyes and noses. ear