What could explain everything better than Xia Tian clenched his fists and his body trembled in the corner of his eye Zhongnanhe At this time

Key words: pets, gods, pets, beasts, Nianxiu, double-transmission, behind the scenes Chapter 1, it was only 5:10 in the morning of the Global Liberation Day, what was going on, Zhou Yue murmured, turned off the alarm clock, and buried his whole face in the cotton and linen pillow, the damp wooden floor followed A few pairs of green eyes appeared in the cramped attic, tiptoeing towards the head of the bed, meowing. The black cat first jumped up and squatted on the back of Zhou Yue’s head, raising its paws.
The snow-white Zhu Mu with a serious expression.
The bird occupies Zhou Yue’s buttocks, unfolds its snowy wings, reveals its winged hands, and the gold-winged snake flies like lightning, now only the brown-red beetle remains on Zhou Yue’s shoulder, it spreads its elytra and shakes its tree-like tree. The corner of its head made loud noises towards the three companions, and no one paid any attention to it.
The little beetle with low IQ, Qomopoda, took the lead in attacking. The straight and long sharp beak suddenly poked somewhere between the boy’s buttocks, seeing that the tragedy was about to happen.
Sitting up with a stiff neck and a stiff face, who set the alarm clock forward for an hour? Hungry ghost reincarnated? Can’t people sleep more during the holidays? The three owners of the little beetle have signed a foster care agreement with Zhou Yue’s pet store.
Although they dare not disobey Zhou Yue openly, they have played tricks behind their backs. They will let a native beetle take the blame all day long. Zhou Yue is speechless. Walking into the bathroom, a few small creatures also consciously lined up to follow the black cat to take the lead. The beetle was squeezed at the end. They couldn’t speak, but the intention was obvious.
It was to urge Zhou Yue to cook and not allowed to come in. Zhou Yue slammed the door shut The handsome young man who looked in the mirror was different from the man many years later who was a bit embarrassed because of the pressure of life.
The young man in front of him had fair skin, black eyes, bright sunshine, and his heroic appearance. When his heroic appearance did not collapse, he was considered a fresh meat.
The importance is far more important than appearance! A few days ago, he woke up and found that he was back in his parents’ Anhao home when he was 17 years old, and he was still running a modest pet shop on Jiefang East Road, leading an ordinary life. The trajectory of life has generally remained the same, but world geography, including modern global history, has undergone earth-shaking changes, especially these magical little pets have completely subverted Zhou Yue’s cognition. Zhou Yue realized that he should have been reborn into another parallel world, by chance. To catch up with the May 1st Global Liberation Day, the school was on holiday.
Parents won the grand prize of the plane battlefield ruins tour.
This also gave Zhou Yue time to reshape the worldview and adjust his behavior habits so as not to be noticed abnormal. Go to the toilet, brush his teeth and wash his face.
The small storage room behind the store on the first floor follows the procedure in memory, puts on a filter mask and disinfecting gloves, takes apart the disposable measuring test paper, and opens the only attribute panel in the house.
The attribute panel is an essential tool for home practice and raising pets in this era. His tablet is smaller, but Zhou Yue is holding the first-generation antique screen that has long been extinct in the store and online store.
The black and white data is simple to turn on, and it can be used in a hurry. Fortunately, it is barely usable. In the panel, there are not only black cats and their attribute data, but also Zhou Yue. Own Zhou Yue male, seventeen years old, height, weight, physical fitness level, global average for the same age, global elite line of pets, no pets, Zhou Yue’s gaze, the number of willpower value is quite auspicious. This is an era dominated by mysterious willpower and miraculous creatures. He is about to graduate from high school.
He is faced with two choices: one is to take the federal cultural exam and try to get a job after graduating from university, find a job, get married and have children, just like most ordinary people; the other is to participate in the mind power selection contest. A Different Life The Legacy Academy is said to be located in the city of the sky, which is a flying city built by mind power technology. The people there live longer than the citizens of the ground city in terms of life expectancy and mind power value. It is a place where mind practitioners and miraculous creatures live together. Their coordinates can never be found on the world map.
It is rumored on the Internet that only by wearing a black windbreaker and a black umbrella on a rainy day can you take the subway line at midnight alone to reach the College of Relics corresponding to the respective ground cities, including Zhouyue. Including all the keyboard explorers, none of them has found the subway that can fly into the sky. Like all the high school students in the world, he is full of longing for the mysterious Relic Academy, but his mental strength increases very slowly.
It hasn’t changed in a few months, it’s not bad in the class, it belongs to the middle level, but it’s too far away from the minimum entry standard of the Psychic Selection Contest, and the Psychic value is too far to qualify for the competition. I bought two eggs, one of which hatched a very rare miraculous creature among insects.
The upper limit of the swordsmanship wind mantis is as high as level. According to relevant regulations, if you donate a rare miraculous creature to the Academy of Relics for free, you will have a chance to get bonus points and even enter directly. Although Zhou Yue was reluctant before the academy, he finally decided to wait until the selection contest began to donate this windy mantis. He knew very well that the city of the sky controlled the formula of spiritual pet rations after the first level, and it was impossible for ordinary people to keep miracles all the time.
Unless a living being becomes a meditator, Zhou Yue walks out of the storage room. A few small creatures are already sitting in a row with their heads up, like the swordsmanship wind mantis. The black cat Garuda and Everest that are fostered in their shop are not native either.
Their original species became extinct as early as the end of the century, and the survivors evolved into powerful miraculous creatures with the help of ancient relics, such as the Everest bird, which looks like a pocket version of the red-crowned crane. Flying in the stratosphere can also absorb lightning. There are a pair of fleshy wings on the back of the gold-winged snake, which endows it with the ability to glide or become invisible when it becomes an adult. As for the black cat, everyone knows this slang term. The black cat in Beijing can palm.