What can you just say Can people guess and guess that she is the roundworm in his stomach Su Tang is lazy to talk to

The doctor holding the knife stared at the patient’s wound and wiped the sweat. A woman next to the doctor immediately held up the gauze to avoid the doctor’s sight and wiped the sweat on his forehead.
The whole person relaxed after the movement.
The patient’s breathing was normal and there was no other abnormality. He was sent to the intensive care unit for inspection overnight.
Beware of fever and recorded everything in detail. After the doctor’s words, several medical staff pushed the patient’s bed and ventilator out of the operating room.
Only the doctor who was holding the knife and the woman who just wiped sweat were left in the room.
The door of the operating room was opened, and the family members of the patients flocked over, asking the doctor, how is my dad, and the nurse, was the operation successful? Ah yes my dad, when will he wake up? The nurses said in a very skilled tone while resisting the patient’s family members who kept pushing forward. Please let the patient’s operation go well. What’s the problem with taking the patient back to the room now? I will answer them one by one later. As the door of the operating room slowly closed, the noisy sounds gradually disappeared. The surgeon in the operating room took off his blood-stained gloves and threw them into the trash can beside Su Tang. This operation Your performance in assisting you is very good. When I go back, I will sort out your performance. I will become a full-time member at the end of the month. It is estimated that I will not be able to escape. Su Tang’s face covered by a mask only reveals a pair of bright eyes that are full of joy. Really? Doctor Dao nodded lightly and said, yes, I can see your performance.
Do a good job in the hospital, and the hospital will not treat you badly.
Su Tang nodded excitedly and couldn’t hide the excitement in his heart. It’s not too early, you can clean up the operating room Let’s go back to rest early. Goodbye, teacher.
Goodbye. I watched the doctor leave. Su Tang’s eyes flickered with a different kind of light, and he cleaned up the operating room quickly.
Attracted by the bright light outside the window, the footsteps unconsciously moved to the window for easy cleaning.
The window is double-glazed and the window is clear.
The pointers overlapped together Su Tang closed his eyes and murmured softly “Meteor, Meteor, Meteor, I want to get rich overnight, not for two nights, or just a few seconds”, Su Tang opened his eyes, looked at the meteor that was only one step away from him, and was a little dazed for a while The only thought that flashed across the screen was that meteors fly so fast, so Su Tang just watched the not-so-bright but extremely fast meteors hit him, you have to ask me how fast it is? Tang didn’t even have time to close his eyes, Mingming was still covered by white light through a window that couldn’t be opened.
At that moment, Su Tang wanted to cry without tears, and a thought flashed in his mind.
Sure enough, he couldn’t just make a wish on a shooting star. May I ask if she regrets it now? Is it too late? The sweet pet animal world superpower article also has a very rigorous system. The content and plot have been described as detailed as possible. There may be some omissions.
If it’s unreasonable, just watch it for entertainment. Please don’t worry too much about it.
Some plots may cause everyone’s dissatisfaction, but everyone must believe that every character and every plot of the big cat has its own value. The blessing ending will definitely satisfy everyone. If the article really doesn’t suit your taste, you little fairies, just pretend you haven’t seen it. Pet Beast Shiwen’s favorite cuties, let’s add a bookmark first. The backgrounds are all fictitious. Please don’t take it seriously. The item names are to meet the needs of the plot. Some of the names are duplicated. That’s fine, please don’t worry too much, thank you for your cooperation, another big cat is here asking for a five-star praise, la la la la, chapter 1 When I first arrived in the world of beasts, when Su Tang’s brain was in chaos, a voice that was not very clear came to bind The successful host successfully transferred the white light around him and slowly faded.
When Su Tang saw the surrounding environment clearly, his brain froze for a moment. Looking around, there are big trees that can only be surrounded by four or five people.
The lush leaves block the sunlight. Most of the ground is covered with withered yellow fallen leaves.
I don’t know how long it has been accumulated.
A thick layer is still a little soft when stepped on. The light in the forest is not very good. In some humid places, you can still see a few bowl-sized mushrooms and wrists.
The same thick vines are entangled between the big trees, and some are hanging in the air.
It looks a little creepy. Su Tang’s eyes are dull and he is holding a tray.
Standing there motionless, there is a question in his mind, where is this ancient? The forest? There is no such fresh air and such a primitive environment in the past year. Su Tang’s hand holding the tray couldn’t help shaking. The surgical knives placed on it collided with each other and made a crisp sound, rustling and rustling from the grass behind him. Su Tang suddenly turned around and stared at the nearly one-meter-high grass rustling in horror. Su Tang was about to cry in fright, holding back the tears that reached his eyes, and took out a scalpel from the tray. Aiming at the grass, it didn’t move.
The grass was shaking more and more, as if something would jump out of it in the next second.
Su Tang’s heart was also beating violently.
She was afraid and wanted to run, but her legs were soft and she sniffed her nose to embolden herself. Staring ferociously at the grass, the grass trembled violently, and suddenly a white shadow jumped out of it, wow Sutang screamed in fright, burst into tears, and ran to the back of the big tree, rolling and crawling, and the white shadow The figure was obviously also frightened by Su Tang’s voice, and jumped up and down to the distance. Su Tang was a little confused.
Is that a rabbit? A rabbit the size of an adult husky came under a tree with trembling legs.