What are you going to do No need to do anything holding back the sourness between her nostrils Mu Yaos voice couldnt stop trembling she

Copywriter, please let my family go, what are you begging for? That year my father was imprisoned. She spent a whole summer of despair learning a word. Escape, Li Beichen, Escape everything about him. Six years later, he was airborne late at night.
Come forcefully squeeze into her life and break her peace, Mr. Li, please stand a little farther away from the crowd, she can only pretend to be calm and ignorant, if there is no other business, I will sue you for harassing Mr. Li, he sneered and bullied He reminds you lightly that he didn’t call it that way last night.
He intends to disclose their relationship. Everyone knows that Li Beichen has a fiancee, childhood sweetheart, who spoils her so much.
He’s used to whatever she wants, and he’ll give him whatever she wants. Pamper her, protect her, help her, only in places where everyone can see, just like six years ago, this time, this time, I want to use me to get something to lose the innocence of the past, she broke down in the middle of the night and asked him speechless is his answer Because what he wanted was everything she didn’t believe in.
She fled cowardly from the city with him, but was blocked halfway, and finally she was covered in a mess and her hands were clamped back to him.
I have been used to you for so many years, so I should change it, right? Li Beichen, you bastard, he hugged her lightly, what to do, you and your bastard, in the future, Miss Fang Changmu fell asleep in the car Mu Yao, we are all going to squeeze into the boss’s apartment tonight. You really don’t want to be together.
I don’t need Mu Yao to wave his hands to endure the dizziness in my head. I didn’t drink too much. I can take a taxi and go back to the company’s dinner party until ten o’clock in the evening. Mu Yao declined his colleagues She kindly watched them go far away before turning around unsteadily and wanted to walk from here to the main road.
Taking a taxi is not a short distance, but she is so dizzy and sleepy now that she walked to the side of the road and her thoughts are close to chaos. Driver Mu, please go to the side of Fenglan Community It seemed that someone was talking to her. Mu Yao ignored her and opened the nearest car door and climbed into the back seat to sleep. From here, she could go back to her apartment for at least half an hour and she could sleep with peace of mind. Special assistant Chen, the bodyguards standing outside the car looked at each other Hastily went around to ask the person in the driver’s seat, Chen Ze, who had already started the engine, he shrugged his shoulders calmly, smiled and swept over the astonished bodyguards, no need to use force, isn’t it good? Step on the accelerator, and the car glides out beautifully Go straight to the airport, this is Li Beichen’s confession, take her to see him in any way, at any cost. The airport’s empty area, the special plane landed on time at eleven o’clock in the evening. A slender and young figure appeared in the sight of everyone at the hatch. Li Beichen, the supreme leader of the Li family, took over the Li family at the age of 18 and established a brand. He changed the disadvantages of the Li family and became the king of the international business world in just six years.
Whether it’s his ability or his means, people dare not have any criticism. Li Shaoli always has different names. With the same awe-inspiring tone, Li Beichen quickly walked through their cold eyes, searched the crowd, and finally landed on Chen Ze’s face with precision. She? Perhaps after a long flight, his voice was exhausted, hoarse and depressing. In the car, Chen Ze hastily answered.
The people behind him all made way for him.
In the car, a look of surprise flashed across Li Beichen’s eyes, but the corners of his lips curled up in self-deprecation, but his face softened visibly. With her temper, she would obediently wait for me in the car.
In fact, she clicked. Chen Ze was about to explain that Li Beichen had opened the car door. Mu Yao was sleeping deeply.
She was curled up in the back seat and covered with a thin blanket. She was older than six years. She has lost a lot of weight before, and her figure under the blanket is slender and fragile. Her fair face is buried in the blanket, and only her long black hair is exposed.
She hangs softly from the seat. She is quiet and well-behaved, and the coldness around Li Beichen’s body is also lightened by her like this. A lot of Muyao, he bent down to lift the corner of the blanket with long fingers, condescendingly overlooking her sleeping face, Muyao was not awakened by him, this sleeping environment was warm and comfortable, she tilted her head and continued to sleep with her little face buried in it There was only a murmur in the blanket, and there was an unconscious murmur in the dream, Mu Yao called her again, still no response, Li Beichen’s handsome face couldn’t help but sink, his beautiful eyebrows bulged, he stood up, and then turned his gaze to Chen Zexia who was next to him The new book of the drug is released, and everyone is welcome to collect more and support it.
The old rules. All the small theaters in this book will be broadcast on Sina Weibo. You can search Yin Qiancheng on Sina Weibo.
Looking forward to your company.
A trace of emotional fluctuations in the question made it impossible to tell his emotions. There is absolutely no Chen Ze’s back. Inexplicably, a chill caught a trace of danger and hurriedly explained that Miss Mu was drunk and thought it was a taxi, so he climbed up to sleep by himself. It’s just adding a blanket to her.
As for drugging him, how dare he? The taxi fell asleep, and he was quite courageous.
It’s been too long and you have forgotten the basic sense of danger. It’s like a compliment or a threat.
He quietly looked at her with deep eyes without sadness or joy, just like a hell beast overlooking a heaven.
Chen Zezai After waiting by the side for a while, I finally couldn’t help but remind Li Shao that the hotel has already arranged for Miss Mu to sleep in the back. Why don’t you sit in the front? Before the words fell, Li Beichen refused to speak.
At the same time, he took off his coat and walked casually.
With a flick of the car, she picked her up and bent over to sit in.
She and I squeezed the car door, and the next moment, I was thrown up.
Chen Ze, who was standing outside the car, couldn’t help but sweat for Mu Yao.