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The serial murder case in the amusement park has not yet completely fallen.
The neon lights in the amusement park are already ready, but the mood of joy is fading everywhere, making the men and women in it seem like they are in a dreamland. The warm lights that form a piece of red and blue flashes are particularly eye-catching.
They are police cars. A lawn not far from the headlights of the police car is surrounded by a separation belt. The lawn extends from the green wall at the northwest corner of the playground. From the green wall composed of layers of cypress trees, a pale hand trace inspection professional criminal investigation captain Wu Cuo carefully pushed aside the surrounding bushes, revealing a female corpse.
The bushes were very dense. The female corpse was framed by branches into a half-reclined standing posture. Forensic chief Xu Xinger’s first reaction was to look at the neck of the deceased. A bruised purple strangle mark on the deceased’s chin is clearly visible.
The strangle mark is about 1 mm wide, very uniform and identical. The murderer in the previous two amusement park murders should be the same person. Wu Xinger came to a conclusion Angrily, the young criminal policeman leaned on the hood of the police car to look through the case file, said the third thing, the young criminal policeman didn’t raise his head, he has wheat-colored skin, clean shaven, and a cropped head, he looks like a man He is a fresh graduate student, but he has a kind of self-confidence that school boys never have.
His shirt cuffs are rolled up, his arms are very thin, and he looks tall. He is smoking a cigarette in order to avoid the smoke from his eyes. His left eye is slightly narrowed, and the long eyelashes seem to Adding a soft filter to the scrutiny, Xu Xinger continued to conduct a preliminary inspection of the corpse.
The temperature of the corpse had hardly begun to drop.
The conclusion that the death was less than an hour aroused Wu Cuo’s attention.
He immediately blocked all entrances and exits of the playground to the criminal police road next to him. The murderer may not have left yet. Called all the surveillance from the playground.
From the surveillance near the scene, it was found that any personnel could immediately report that it was the cold light of the flashlight hitting the skin of the deceased, which turned pale. Near the site, he carefully picked up a thin black thread with tweezers and put the thread into the evidence bag. Xu Xinger said to the assistant beside him that it was the fiber that fell from the rope that strangled the deceased, and immediately sent it to the laboratory for confirmation of the rope. The material of the corpse was transported back tonight and the evidence bag was dissected overnight.
The young criminal policeman stopped by the young criminal police who was reviewing the case file. Choose a murder weapon that can be easily taken away. Nylon is made of good toughness and is long enough.
The only problem is that it is too thin. The young criminal policeman immediately attracted Wu Cuo’s attention when he opened his mouth. This is not a stupid compliment. Wu made a mistake and walked up to the young criminal policeman and asked what it means too thin, so when the neck is strangled, the area of ​​force is very small. The smaller the area of ​​force, the greater the pressure. It’s the same reason strangling a man with such a thin shoelace will probably wear out his hand, but this is the third time he has committed the crime and he will definitely wear gloves. What will the young man choose? What kind of gloves? Wait, Wu made a mistake and interrupted, it doesn’t have to be young people, right? Not only young people, but also minors, and more than one murderer. It should be three minors who committed the crime together.
The young criminal police turned the case file in hand to the front Autopsy photos of the two cases Judging from the autopsy results of the first two deceased, in addition to the fatal strangulation that caused mechanical suffocation, the deceased also had restraint injuries of varying degrees, such as bruises on the ankle and the outside of the calf, indicating that someone held or hugged the deceased. There were also obvious scratch marks on the arms of the deceased’s calf, indicating that someone tried to grab the deceased’s arm to prevent the deceased from struggling.
In short, the three people who strangled to death, pressed the legs and pinched the arms were different. It is also possible that the deceased had fought with the murderer and left these scars during the fight.
It’s just that the deceased was defeated in the fight and was eventually strangled to death by the murderer.
Wu Cuo retorted, the young policeman looked around, suddenly walked out of the cordon and ran along the cement road in front of the grass. Yomi turned a corner and disappeared in Wu Cuo’s sight.
After a while, there was a shout from the direction where the man disappeared. Wu Cuo, your uncle’s voice was only heard by everyone, but everyone heard it very clearly. Did you hear it? The young detective asked while running back.
The black line all over Wu Cuo’s head was the answer.
Continue to say that the murder location chosen by the murderer looks remote only because of the turns and bushes on both sides blocking the line of sight. In fact, the nearest amusement facility is not far from here. Mi Ke’s staff in charge of the amusement facility did not hear any abnormal sounds.
What does this mean? It means that the victim was subdued immediately