What are you doing Seeing this scene Bing walked over and said very angrily Sister Bai I drank too much I’m sorry I’m sorry Xiao

Ding signed in today difficult case diagnosis and treatment experience package Ding signed in today with dexterous hands Ding congratulations to the host for completing the weekly signing reward stamina improvement Ding congratulations host for completing the annual signing reward permanent 3D scanning at the emergency scene in the operating room Su Yang repeatedly brought patients from the brink of death Pull back and come back Human life is the most important thing, and the precious daughter Su Yang will eventually become the great doctor who saves the dying, heals the wounded, and helps the poor? Chapter Saving People Su Yang wakes up from the bed in the rented apartment in the morning and it’s a new day. The system starts daily sign-in since three days ago Awakening the daily check-in medical system, Su Yang has developed the habit of daily check-in. Before the daily check-in, the best reward is the peak surgery experience card, which is limited to one operation. Let’s see what you can get by signing in today. Complete the daily check-in and get all The azimuth 3D scanning experience card is not bad for one day, maybe it will be of great use. Su Yang is delighted to think of a simple wash and breakfast.
Su Yang came out of the rented apartment and rushed towards the direction of the hospital.
After walking a few hundred meters, he saw the front There was a large group of people on the street. It seemed that something happened in front of him. Su Yang stepped forward to push through the crowd.
It was so miserable. I accidentally fell down from the third floor.
Even this sister didn’t take good care of the child. Poor Su Yang Passing through the crowd, listening to the rustling sound coming from the crowd, Su Yang came to the open space, and then saw a young girl with a beautiful face, holding a little boy covered in blood, sitting helplessly.
The ground was sobbing in a low voice with a helpless face, while a middle-aged man with a serious face was squatting on the ground doing a simple inspection for the little boy.
Su Yang put down the things in his hands and ran over quickly to stand A middle-aged person’s fall injury from a height behind him involves a very large area of ​​damage, and there may be multiple organ damages. The most important thing now is to determine the damaged parts, but such a simple physical examination will definitely not detect anything. Right, today. Isn’t the sign-in reward an all-round 3D scanning experience card? Although there is only one-day use right, it is enough for the system to use the all-round 3D scanning experience card. The time limit for using 3D scanning is limited.
Do you want to start scanning the patient? After a short period of time, the patient was injured from a fall from a high altitude, and a large area of ​​bleeding occurred in the brain.
As soon as the system prompt in his mind fell, two red exclamation marks appeared on the little boy in front of Su Yang, marked on the head, abdomen and liver respectively. Did he hit the building? How long has it been since he fell? It’s been two or three minutes since the child fell down. An aunt who just called and stood beside said, “You are a doctor.” The young girl raised her head and looked at the middle-aged man with a hint of hope in her eyes. I was in an uproar.
I was so lucky to meet the director of the general surgery department of a hospital. Obviously, someone around recognized Lin Feng’s fame.
It’s still a big deal.
You said it’s the director of the general surgery department who lied to you. I’ve been linked to Director Lin’s expert account for several days. The young girl’s eyes lit up when she heard what the people around her said. Director Lin, you must be To save my brother, the young girl earnestly begged director Lin Feng, I will do my best, Lin Feng finished speaking and continued to do the physical examination for the little boy, but after a while, his forehead began to drip sweat The child’s pulse and breathing are weak, it is certain that it is inside the brain The most critical abdominal physical examination with bleeding can confirm that there is a large amount of bleeding in the abdominal cavity.
The bleeding in both places is menacing.
It will take ten minutes at the earliest before you can come here. Can the little boy in front of you wait until the ambulance arrives? An unknown number. Lin Feng was thinking about the countermeasures with a serious face. If he was in the hospital at this time, he was absolutely sure to deal with such a situation.
He would open the abdomen urgently to detect the bleeding point, and then perform a craniotomy to remove the intracranial hematoma after his condition stabilized.
For the director of the general surgery department It was said to be an easy operation, but now he has nothing at hand and he can hardly do anything Su Yang also recognized the middle-aged man in front of him. Yang shifted his attention to the red exclamation mark on the little boy’s head.
Immediately above the exclamation mark, a red light curtain appeared that only Su Yang could see.
The patient was in the state of massive subdural bleeding. Treatment measures Press the posterior occipital artery to reduce the blood supply to the brain and reduce the amount of bleeding. The risk estimate reduces the oxygen supply to the brain, there is a certain chance of brain damage, and the treatment measures and risk assessment are really good.
Su Yang looked at the red exclamation mark on his abdomen for a moment. The liver was contused in a large area.
It is estimated that the liver has ischemic necrosis and even the bleeding points are marked. It is a considerate system.
According to the information from the system, the red exclamation mark is life-threatening and must be dealt with.
But now the little boy’s head and liver are bleeding urgently. The method of hemostasis is extremely risky, and hemorrhage in the liver must be done with both hands. Although the director of general surgery is standing in front of him, it is important to save lives. Su Yang didn’t care too much. He squatted down and said eagerly, the director, maybe I have a way, young man.
You are also a doctor Lin Feng heard Su Yang’s words and turned around to look at him as the director. I am a rotating doctor in the emergency department of a hospital. Call the emergency department in the hospital to explain the current situation. Anyway, the doctor in the hospital, Lin Feng, immediately assigned the task director. I think the posterior occipital artery can be pressed to delay the blood supply to the brain and reduce bleeding.