What are you doing A little shy Su Chen sat down with Gu Qingya in his arms and said seriously my wife I made a

Congratulations to the host for winning a set of Imperial Courtyard worth 1.
3 billion Ding congratulations to the host for winning 50 million in cash Su Chen was caught off guard from an ordinary boy to a wealthy man in one night Su Chen was quite sudden I’m not interested in money Chapter 1 million order Hello, this is the mineral water you want, please keep it for me, can you please give me a five-star, and it was blocked by a thick iron gate. The sound of closing the door scattered Su Chen’s enthusiasm. Su Chen touched his nose and shrugged.
As a running errand boy, he has seen too many such self-willed single masters. Su Chen is very good at regulating his emotions and rarely knows. Getting angry because of these trivial things will only be silently remembered in his heart. He is even more curious that this order owner is one of the few lazy people he has ever seen. He spent 1 yuan to get him a bucket of mineral water.
I don’t know this order. The main reason is that there is too much money to spend, or that he is physically disabled. How lazy is this person? Well, as a running errand brother, Su Chen needs these lazy parents, but as a sullen and angry youth, Su Chen really despises this kind of lazy lower body paralysis The teenagers are living lifeless, of course, Su Chen is just slandering in his heart, he is not qualified to talk about the life of the rich with a monthly salary of less than 5,000, maybe the life of the rich is so lazy and luxurious, looking back at the single The host lives in a dilapidated old community Su Chen thought to himself that rich people might be low-key, shrugged his shoulders, Su Chen rode an electric scooter home, running errands was different from delivering food, he would be very busy when it was time to deliver food, but running errands and taking orders was very different On time, sometimes the orders get together, and sometimes it takes several hours to wait for an order, so Su Chen also works part-time as a writer. The level is average, and he is full-time.
Su Chen lives near Fangzhuang, the imperial capital.
It is a place where Jingpiao likes to gather. The rent is extremely expensive in January.
It’s not big, one bedroom, one bathroom.
After graduating from university for one year, Su Chen didn’t find a job after resigning from his old employer. He started an errand business. It’s been three months in the imperial capital. In a few days, he will have to pay the next quarter’s rent At the beginning, he was full of confidence and thought that he could live independently in the imperial capital.
He did manage to survive with a monthly salary of less than 5,000, but that’s all. His current salary can only cover his three meals a day and housing. Question My girlfriend didn’t even dare to think about it.
On the way home, Su Chen suddenly felt in a daze. He hurriedly parked the car on the side of the road and squatted on the ground to slow down for a while. There is a cold mechanical sound. It is detected that the host is in good physical condition and is suitable for binding.
The binding is completed and the novice task is released. Today’s task is completed.
An errand order task is rewarded with a cash reward of one million lottery tickets. There is no penalty for mission failure Su Chen was stunned for a while. As an author of the Internet, he was too familiar with this word. Su Chen was excited at last. He was finally going to be favored by God. Su Chen licked his lips and subconsciously called the system in his heart. A well-worn blue that looks dated The virtual light curtain came into Su Chen’s eyes.
The light curtain is very simple, there are only tasks displayed on it, but the moment he saw the light curtain, Su Chen heaved a sigh of relief. The system is really not his illusion. Su Chen looked at the task with silly joy. Chen’s pupils dilated in an instant.
Completing an errand order will give you a million rewards. Fuck, that’s a million! How many barbecue meals can you eat with a million? Of course, the more important thing is that with one million, I don’t seem to need to live in the rented house of about 20 square meters.
When I saw the three words of one million, Su Chen’s heart twitched with excitement.
Only when I really started to make money independently Only then will you understand how much wealth one million is. It is a watershed between the poor and the bottom rich.
If you pass it, the future is boundless. If you can’t make it, you can only count on the next generation. What’s more frightening is that many people in the next generation don’t even have the money to get married. It’s nothing to talk about the next generation Su Chen slapped his big mouth hard, I’m afraid he was dreaming, the loud slap attracted passers-by to look at him frequently, but Su Chen didn’t care at all, covering his numb and painful face, his eyes narrowed with joy This time, I can be sure that he is really going to get rich.
For a moment, Su Chen’s energy and energy directly filled the whole person, and he was full of energy. Suddenly, the phone in Su Chen’s pocket rang. He took out the phone and saw that Su Chen was happy. Worried about where to go to pick up the order? I didn’t expect the order to come here. If the person is lucky and picks up a stone on the side of the road, he may order the top-quality jadeite.
The craftsmanship cannot be lower than the level of ordinary restaurants. Su Chen scratched his head. He can cook, but the level of home-cooked food.
I don’t know if he can meet the requirements of the single owner. After completing the order, he no longer liked the one hundred yuan errand fee for the order.
What he wanted was the one million. Su Chen took the order as quickly as possible, then turned around and jumped into the car in the most handsome posture to prepare for departure.
Bang As a result, the thigh was lifted too low and kicked onto the back seat of the electric car.
Oh, I am so stupid. Su Mu hugged his leg and breathed out the fragrance and pain.
Not too far away, it took only 20 minutes to arrive at the entrance of the community. Su Chen called the single host.
After the doorman confirmed, Su Chen was able to enter the Violet Community, which is considered to be a half-old community. Su Chen didn’t even dare to think about it before jumping up and down. Now, Su Chen couldn’t help swallowing when he looked at the luxurious facilities around him. His eyes were shining with inexplicable excitement.
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