What about Green Jade The disgust and hatred that cant bring her back to life and die hundreds of times so she gritted her teeth

Source 80 e-books uploaded honesty and travel all over the world time word count Qing Dynasty turned a corner Fourth master brain holes big wives and concubines don’t want to mess with children too bad This is the summary of Yaliqi after entering the fourth master’s backyard The five-flag Manchu family is born except for one surname The family is poor, what do you want? There is no Yaliqi, but I have no plans to have grand plans and want the fourth master to be the only one.
Maybe the fourth master will see it because you are lost. Can you ask the fourth master to take a second look because you are poor? Can you believe her? I call myself the fourth master, it’s okay to look poor and stupid, this backyard wife and concubine’s style of painting is also magical It’s fine to live to be eighty years old.
Never thought it was just a guess. At the beginning, Yaliqi was tired and felt that he didn’t love him, so he had to insist. Chapter 1, put the pot on the back and stabilize it.
It’s dusk This summer is really going to kill me, I shouldn’t have come out, I’m poor, I want to drink saliva, and I have to go to get her by myself It’s only been two months since she entered the mansion in March and she moved to the fourth elder brother’s mansion before she was familiar with the elder brother’s house in the palace The annoying people around can’t find their way and don’t dare to walk blindly.
If they bump into someone, it’s not fun. I can just wait and wait for my girl to come to her, but I don’t know what happened, but no one passed by. What about the girl? The fourth master took Su Peisheng to the main courtyard and walked to the side of the garden. He saw a person wearing light green clothes on the other side of the road.
I don’t know why. The fourth master knew that it was not a girl’s clothes without looking carefully It’s different, he snorted, who is this? Gege must have waited here on purpose, after all, after moving only two months ago, the rules in this mansion are still worse than those in the palace, and it is not easy for him to interfere in the backyard, which is Fujin’s place.
The people in the courtyard still need to have this kind of rules, otherwise it will be a mess A little interested, Yalici frowned hotly and kept looking in one direction, thinking that maybe the road was right, no matter if it was right or not, she really couldn’t wait, just as she was about to leave, she heard footsteps, and when she turned around, she saw the fourth elder brother coming over with her hands behind her back Followed by Su Peisheng Yaliqi, he knelt down without even stumbling, and the slave greeted the fourth elder brother. The fourth elder brother is auspicious. The fourth master did not see clearly what this Ge Ge looked like, but saw a pitch-black hair.
The first reaction was not It’s black but refreshing. One is one.
It’s rare in this summer. It’s not that other women are not refreshing, but women The relatives like hair oil, so the top of the head is meticulously smacked. It is rare to see such a top of the hair, but the fourth elder brother just glanced up. Yaliqi listened and thought, this master is not very happy, and he dare not delay, he raised his head and looked at the fourth master. Nodding in his heart, he looks good, he is still young, and now those who can be selected into the mansion are all good-looking, Yaliqi, who has a melon-seeded face, with baby fat skin, white eyebrows, delicate lips, no matter how you look at it, she is a beauty, the fourth elder brother is more sure It must be intentional to wait here to wait for him to pass by Huh, it’s not early, it’s not right for you to be here Si elder brother thinks he’s very kind after all, he’s also his own little princess after all, can’t be too fierce, it’s not interesting to be fierce, Yali It’s really inappropriate for her to get lost, but I can’t say this because Bai Lianhua is a slave, so I’ll go back to Yaliqi’s extraordinarily well-behaved and obedient fourth elder brother thinks that even though the women in the backyard want to see him, this little Gege can’t do it.
It’s still not good, but Little Gege looks like she’s still young, so let’s forgive her for once, but it’s okay to forgive her, and you have to beat her, otherwise it’s not good if you continue to mess up the rules in the future, so the fourth elder brother looked at it with his hands behind his back I glanced at Yaliqi, there are rules in this mansion, some things have been done, it’s not good for yourself, go back, I feel that Little Gege is quite pitiful, and I will add that I will go to see you when I have time, Yaliqi Yaliqi thinks this Master misunderstood, he thought she was deliberately waiting for him here to fight for the conscience of heaven and earth, this is really wronged, she didn’t know that she would meet the fourth elder brother here, she was just really lost, but I still can’t say this, if it’s just Baba’s excuse I was lost and accidentally bumped into the fourth elder brother. Believe it or not, the fourth elder brother is finished Qi can only silently put this pot on his shoulders, and he has to carry his back firmly.
Yaliqi lowered his head with three points of fear, three points of grievance, and four points of fear.
The fourth elder brother saw a meaning to be wronged by the expression, oh, Xiao Gege was wronged, the fourth elder brother secretly poked and thought it was quite fun, let’s go back, the fourth elder brother refused to say more when he was cold, and took Su Peisheng to the front Went to the courtyard, Yaliqi hurriedly yelled a word of congratulations to the fourth elder brother, secretly patted himself on the chest, secretly said, the pot is stable behind the fourth master, Su Peisheng was shocked, the master is a quiet person Little Gege, who has never slept with him before, actually said so many things.
Oh, what does this mean? It is definitely not annoying.
If you hate the master, you will ignore it at all, okay?