Went up to discuss the filming location of Lu Qin and Lu Ges birth in the dust only to hear the door at the back

Author September Iris copywriter I heard that the girl from Ji’s family took over the filming of a popular novel adaptation, isn’t it? You’re going to be on me The full text is very easy The ending is small star Big president Everything related to the entertainment industry is made up by the author Don’t be serious oh what? It was revealed that the president of Shengshi Sheng Guangyu wore a yukata at the private meeting in the cherry blossom hotel, and he was sexy and sultry, finally breaking the frigidity rumor Weibo headlines, have you broken up with him today? The bed thumped, the new posture snapped, and a stack of newspapers fell down neatly. The man on the desk who was working with his head down just picked up the cup and before it reached his lips, he glanced at the title in front of him, and then looked up. My good buddy, Xu Zeyang, you have an opinion Boss, that guy Xu Zeyang immediately lost his composure, walked around in front of Sheng Guangyu, looking very impatient After a while, he raised his hand to cover his heart and made a painful gesture, my God, you would be here In a private hotel meeting, I lost a Porsche for this bet.
Xu Zeyang, feeling his heart and unable to get up for a long time, expressed his heartache for the Porsche that waved at him.
I can only see Sheng Guangyu continuing to write with his head down, ignoring his existence. He sat on the desk and approached him with a mysterious face, asking who is the boss? Hearing this question, he raised his head, glanced at the long and narrow eyes like ink, narrowed his eyes, and said, “I don’t know who she is.
” Seeing Xu Zeyang sitting on his desk, Sheng Guangyu glanced at me faintly.
I don’t like people touching me. Remember to wipe your desk fifty times after get off work.
Xu Zeyang, who is not giving up, continues to ask, please, why are you hiding that person so deeply? Is that little fresh meat a woman? No, you, Sheng Guangyu, you finally couldn’t bear the loneliness, you really went, before you finished talking, Xu Zeyang received the sharp eyes cast by Sheng Guangyu without any mistakes Okay, don’t, boss, let’s talk about it. You see, I’m smart, flexible, and strong. Brother, I’m concerned about your life. I’m just talking too much. If you want to protect your sister-in-law, we brothers won’t go.
Talkative, isn’t this just curious about whether that little fresh meat with short hair can carry on your family? Sheng Guangyu, who just put away the folder and walked to the door, turned back to look at Xu Zeyang this time. The corners of the lips and eyebrows are like Daisy. First, I don’t know the one who has sex. Second, the future sister-in-law will not be a fresh meat in the entertainment industry.
Third, the first candidate to come out is you. Xu Zeyang was stunned for a moment, then covered his ears and screamed, turned around and ran downstairs like a ghost, he immediately called his mother, sir, hurry up and arrange a blind date for me, I want to get married as soon as possible, don’t ask why A homosexual with an indifferent personality is chasing after me Sheng Guangyu, the heir to the president of Shengshi Group. My ancestors started in real estate. In the past few years, I have gradually turned to shopping malls and film investments.
Especially since three years ago, Sheng Guangyu has successfully transformed into a film investor because of his handsomeness. Duo Jin is a national male god recognized by the majority of netizens. It’s a pity that such a handsome and rich male god always spreads some strange rumors, such as frigidity. In fact, this rumor is said to be because President Sheng has always kept himself clean and the assistants around him are all He is a man and he was photographed going to a temple to prepare for shaving and becoming a monk. There are rumors on the Internet that such a handsome and rich man is not close to women but also converted to Buddhism. In all likelihood, he is sexually frigid.
Don’t look at Sheng Guangyu’s emotional state is almost zero, but in the past few years However, the popularity on Weibo has remained high.
On Weibo, there will be news of his investment in filming every three days or so, and he will even be interviewed by entertainment magazines from time to time.
The scandal about him will also make headlines, but without exception, President Sheng’s assistant, Mr. Shi, has been vetoing, vetoing, and vetoing, who the hell is this little fresh meat? In Qing’s photo, one can distinguish Sheng Guangyu in a bathrobe and a little fresh meat in a shirt rolling on the bed.
Although the photo is blurry, no matter how you look at it, it looks passionate. Qi Qi bit her teeth hard. Crying together, my male god really came out of the closet ah woo woo woo I’d rather he be frigid than crooked After all you can’t accept stabbing someone else’s ass or being stabbed in an ass, right? Sitting in front of the makeup mirror and putting on makeup, she heard assistant Qi Qi’s wailing, and answered with a calm face.
Qi Qi, who had long been used to Ji Xiang’s rude words in private, glanced at the woman with exquisite makeup in the glasses, and then at Ji Xiang’s That short hair is really good-looking.
I can live with any hairstyle.
The first time Qi Qi was assigned by the boss to be Ji Xiang’s assistant, Qi Qi saw a neutral female model with short hair in front of her. One person is sure to be a female animal, of course we hang out together for a long time later, Qi Qi discovers that Ji Xiang is not a woman at all, but a female man, a violent female man Qi Qi threw the newspaper in front of Ji Xiang and pointed at the handsome face on the newspaper, you Looking at such a handsome face, can you imagine him having sex with Xiao Xianrou? Ji Xiang is drawing eyeliner