Went out to wash your hands then went to the door and said to Xiao Yi let’s go Xiao Yi suddenly heard her say this

Did you kick you today? The two lay flat on the bed, Lan Yue smiled, propped her head with one hand and stroked Xiao Yi’s belly with the other, feeling the movement of the child inside Xiao Yi said that she was very good today, and only moved a couple of times, then our family The baby is really obedient, Lan Yue said, hugged Xiao Yi into her arms, kissed Xiao Yi vigorously, looked at her and said, are you talking about me or the child, Lan Yue said, of course, I will just say who is my baby Who is it? Xiao Yi reached out and grabbed her finger and asked coquettishly, who is your baby? Of course, Lan Yue’s finger turned in front of Xiao Yi’s face and then moved to her stomach.
Xiao Yi was very happy at first. After she pointed to her stomach, the expression on her face suddenly became unhappy. She looked like she was about to get sulking, and Lan Yue quickly pinched the tip of her nose with her hand and said, of course it’s you, who else but you, Xiao Yi All of a sudden, I became happy, and I leaned into Lanyue’s arms and leaned against the coquettish child in my belly. Of course I like her too, but I like her because she is your child.
Do you know that I am called Aiwujiwu? Remember the word is still The eyebrows and eyes you taught me to Ai Wu and Wu Xiaoyi were bent and smiled when she smiled, her little tiger teeth were exposed The two talked for a while and almost wanted to sleep Xiao Yi got up from sleeping outside and went to blow the candles The autumn night has already begun It was a bit cold, the two of them lay down together, tightened the quilt behind each other, and soon fell asleep. The next morning, Lanyue was the first to wake up. She looked outside before the sky was bright, and she opened her eyes. She reached out her hand to scoop up Xiao Yiqian’s arms and closed her eyes, but she didn’t fall asleep.
She just planned to be gentle for a while. After a while, she was about to get up first. Unexpectedly, a slight movement woke Xiao Yixiao up, rubbing her eyes and sitting there. Get up and say to her, wait, I, I want to sleep with you too. In the past, when Lanyue got up like this at home, Xiao Yi didn’t feel a thing most of the time. Why did he wake up so easily today? Xiao Yi frowned and said, after all, this is you My mother’s family, I’m worried that I’m not doing well enough to offend your family, so there’s a string in my heart that’s tense, and it’s a little easy to wake up.
Lan Yue reached out and touched her head and got up together with her.
The two of them dressed in the room.
When she was done, she walked out slowly.
Lanyue’s mother had already woken up and was busy in the kitchen. Lanyue took Xiao Yi over and offered to help the family go to the field.
They would not come back at noon.
They prepared some seasonings and water for today’s lunch.
The fifth sister-in-law still stayed at home to eat baked potatoes, and the elder sister-in-law felt a little uncomfortable, so she also rested at home.
Lan Yue took Xiao Yi and the two of them deliberately walked at the back of the crowd, and had no intention of talking to everyone else. Because of her identity, I’m not too embarrassed to talk to her.
If I meet some acquaintances on the road, Lan Yue will also bring Xiao Yi to mix with the crowd. Try not to let others notice Xiao Yi.
The path made of weeds and mud echoes. From time to time, a group of children run across the field. There are many people in many fields in the distance. The figure who started to work walked away slowly for about two quarters of an hour.
When they reached the field, they began to work in an orderly manner. Lanyue helped Xiao Yi roll up her sleeves and told her to rest under the shade of a tree next to her if she was tired.
Don’t be too thirsty. If you are thirsty, there is water over there. Seeing a lot of people staring at them, you hang your head and answer in a low voice.
You don’t need to worry about me. Everyone else is watching us. Pay attention, Lanyue knows this.
If you show a guilty conscience at the time, it will be easier to be discovered by others. You will turn your head calmly and pretend that nothing happened, go to the field and start doing your own work.
Although the time of working in the field is tiring and boring, it is human It’s not so difficult to talk to each other and relieve boredom.
Besides, there are so many people and strong strength.
After a while, most of the work in the field is done. Second Brother Dao, what are you thinking about? You are so worried, Second Brother sighed and said nothing, Lanyue’s father explained beside him, it’s not because of his piece of land. Sell ​​it, your second brother saved some money and wanted to buy it, but the literate Zhang Lao Wu in the village, didn’t your brother quarrel with him some time ago? Then this time when your second brother went to find him, he asked for two taels of silver to help Your second brother set up the title deed, it’s clear that he wanted to blackmail someone, and the second sister-in-law next to him added that what was even more irritating was that they even used the scholar as an excuse to humiliate our family. Your second brother got into a fight with him and from then on we both The family has lost contact with each other, Nan Yue felt a little sad and moved, and asked why he had to find this person, what special skills did he have? Second brother, you have to be literate, otherwise who will write the land deed, the sale of the land is not based on individual Fingerprints are enough, Lan Yuedao, just want to know how to read? Xiao Yi, she knows how to read and write more than scholars. Lan Yue’s family members are a little suspicious. Second sister-in-law asks if it’s true? Then at night, you can invite Xiao Let’s take a look at the title deed, if there is nothing wrong with it, then write a new one and it will be settled. How long has their family been worried about this matter? She immediately walked up to Xiao Yi and said, Xiao Yi, I heard you can read, right? We want to trouble you.
You also heard this matter just now. It is very important to my family. I can’t trouble you to go and see the land deed with us.
Xiao Yi agreed on the spot, but she said that I’ve never seen the land deed before, and I haven’t written it down, and I’m not sure about it.
just listen