Went out to wash your hands then went to the door and said to Xiao Yi let’s go Xiao Yi suddenly heard her say this

You must be tired, you must be tired, right? Now Lanyue guessed what she probably wanted to do, so she stopped and held Xiao Yi’s hand for a while, then turned her head to ask her, I might be a little tired, right? Xiao Yi rolled her eyes Liang, that’s great, go over and lie down and I’ll give you a massage, okay? It’s really just a massage.
Lanyue is a little bit excited, but she always feels that Xiao Yi’s is planning something, so she looks suspicious when she looks at her, of course it’s lying to you. The little dog Lanyue thought that if she even made such a poisonous oath, there shouldn’t be any problem, so she lay on the bed and got into bed with Xiao Yi. The two of them often give each other massages, so this situation is normal Xiao At first, I knelt by Lanyue’s side, pinched Lanyue’s shoulders, and then excused that such a posture was inconvenient, and then sat on Lanyue’s body. Said that Xiao Yi was a little dissatisfied and let out a long “oh” After a while, Lanyue felt that her hands were not being pinched in a serious way. If you are tired, let me pinch it for you. Xiao Yi’s hands are indeed a little sore.
Hearing this, he said happily. She got off Lanyue.
Tightened her clothes and tied her belt Xiao Yi stared dumbfounded at her operation, of course she was still very unwilling to wait for Lanyue to rub her shoulders, she schemingly let out a cat meowing sound from her voice You are soft and sticky, something is wrong with you, Lan Yue said it might be because she just recovered from an illness, and her body was a little soft Xiao Yi said that there was still no wave in her voice Xiao Yi gritted her teeth and used her big killer, she grabbed Lan Yue’s hand It hurts here, Lan Yue stared at her twice, Xiao Yi almost thought that her plan was exposed, in fact, it was almost exposed like this, Lan Yue sent out a message that seemed to be meaningful, and then said it’s okay, I’ll give it to you You kneaded for a while, Lanyue stretched out her hand and pinched her mouth, she was so serious like a gentleman that she was not allowed to make a sound, it was really disturbing, Xiao Yi’s desire to win was completely aroused, the author has something to say, just have fun I’m back. Why is this chapter so short? It’s because there are so many things that can’t be reviewed. In addition, thank you little angel who catches insects.
I will take the time to unify all revisions. Thanks to the little angel who threw the grenade, Ge Aogu. Thanks for voting The little angel of landmine, Schrödinger’s mouse, thanks to the little angel of irrigation nutrient solution, Ge Ao, bone bottle, Schrödinger’s mouse bottle, thirteen bottles of Qingyan bottle, hard work, gentleness, bravery, kindness, and motivation Chapter 1 Xiao Yi conceived many seduction plans in his mind, but in the end they failed to execute them. Lan Yue hugged her on his lap, rubbed her for a while, kissed her ear and said, “I know you.” Actually, I also think that we haven’t been together for a long time. But Xiao Yi, you have to be good, you know? If something happens to the child in our hands, neither you nor I can bear the responsibility. Neck buried in her shoulders, she gave a lost hum, and finally said sorry, Lanyue looked at her sad look, and regretted if what she said was a bit heavy, she grabbed Xiao Yi’s hand and kissed on the back of her hand He added that although other things are not allowed, kissing should be fine.
After all, this should not be considered an intense activity.
Unexpectedly, Xiao Yi shook his head and rejected Leng Lanyue, so it was fine. What else did Lanyue reach out to hold Xiao Yi and close his eyes to sleep? In fact, she didn’t fully understand Xiao Yi’s thoughts Xiao Yi was thinking why Lan Yue seemed to be able to hold back her feelings, as if she had never been impulsive, as if she had always been impulsive, she believed that Lan Yue loved her, but she Being so tolerant makes Xiao Yi feel that she is a little too indulgent in expressing her emotions.
Occasionally, it is good for a long time. She is worried that she will have a bad impression in Lanyue’s heart. Originally, she has stayed in that kind of place before. Be so blatant, what if even Lanyue looks down on her one day, what should I do? She said to herself, if Lanyue can bear it, then why can’t she bear it? So Xiao Yi decided to completely abstinence with Lanyue and find more work during the day Lie down and sleep at night so that I won’t let myself think about messy things. Xiao Yi thought that Lanyue could bear it for so long before.
She thought it was calm until that day. On the day when you can eat meat, Lanyue hasn’t shown any thoughts yet, Xiao Yi took the initiative to tell Lanyue that today she is abstinent. Even if I don’t say it now, I will definitely tell her later.
In fact, this is Xiao Yi’s little temptation, but seeing Lanyue agreeing to her without hesitation, there are still some unspeakable sadness and emotions in her heart, so she feels more angry. She thinks She must be able to hold back, although her body is not letting her go, Xiao Yi tossed and turned uncomfortable for a long time, unable to fall asleep, Lan Yue asked her what was wrong, Xiao Yi said she was hot, Lan Yue asked her if she wanted to change the bed for you A thinner quilt, but now that the weather is already in autumn, I don’t want to change it, otherwise what should I do if I catch a cold? Full of all kinds of irritating thoughts, she turned sideways and looked at Lanyue next to her, seeing that she was sleeping soundly, she leaned on Lanyue and lay flat