Went out to wash your hands then went to the door and said to Xiao Yi let’s go Xiao Yi suddenly heard her say this

The rules are meant to be broken, why don’t you try to seduce the author? I have something to say.
Hey, I’ve been here for a short time, but there are no pigeons today.
It’s almost Chinese New Year. It’s really decadent, and the output in the past two months is a bit too much. Tenosynovitis is a bit hairy.
Finger joints hurt after too many words. The update is not very effective.
Please forgive me.
After a few days of Chinese New Year, I am not sure if I can update it, but I will try to update it in advance. I wish you all a happy new year. A little angel who is grateful for the irrigation nutrient solution, if the fire bottle Qingxi old white coconut and the raccoon bottle Chapter The weather has begun to enter the autumn fields and the crops will be harvested in two months It’s time to go to the market again Lan Yue and Xiao Yi go to the market together I happened to meet Lanyue’s mother on the street when I was shopping in the market.
Naturally, I couldn’t help but say something. Aunt Lan glanced at Xiao Yi’s stomach and politely asked Xiao Yi how the child is. Is there anything wrong? Xiao Yi smiled and answered very well, Aunt Lan said it would be good to take the two of them out of the crowded crowd and said to Xiao Yi, please wait here for a while, I will tell Lan Yue a few words, Xiao Yi nodded in her heart, thinking that the two of them might What are you talking about, mother, what do you want to say to me? Lanyue was pulled into the corner in confusion. I don’t know what my mother has to say to Xiao Yi behind my back. Didn’t your arm tell you to treat her well? Why do you still treat her like a maid? If something goes wrong, how will you explain to the Wang family? I want to hide it from you, my nephew told me my nephew’s second brother’s family, what did he tell you, what do you want to hide? He came back and said that he saw you using Xiao Yi as a maid, even though she is a concubine and you are a wife, but now he is pregnant Look at Wang Xiucai’s only Miao Miao, you can’t mess around, even if we are reasonable, we will be made unreasonable by you, mother, I don’t really have no me and her Lan Yue almost revealed the relationship between herself and Xiao Yi now, but fortunately, the words came to her mouth She stopped her just in time, she didn’t know what kind of reaction mother would have if she said it.
If she was too aggressive, it would be bad if she hurt Dao Xiaoyi.
Anyway, I have a good relationship with her, and she still calls me sister.
My wish of wanting a younger sister has come true.
Lanyue rolled her eyes, of course it’s really impossible. You come over with me and talk about it. She pulled her mother to Xiao Yi and pointed at Xiao Yi to kiss you. Seeing that Xiao Yidu was raised by me, she looks like she was being abused by me.
Aunt Lan secretly pinched Lanyue twice. She smiled at Xiao Yi and said, seeing that you two are good to me, I am a mother.
I’ll help you with what you want to buy, Lanyue said no, we can arrange it ourselves, but you come alone, do you need me to help you with something? I’ll come with your sister-in-law and third sister-in-law.
I went shopping, and her sister-in-law is at home with the children and has nothing to take, so I will buy together later, and I will go back together later, Lan Yue immediately agrees to pull Holding Xiao Yi’s hand, we went shopping together.
We were almost done shopping and gathered on the street.
Xiao Yi looked curiously at Lanyue’s other two sisters-in-law. Although they had met each other when they were in the mourning hall, she was worried about her future fate at that time. I haven’t observed them before, so strictly counting, this is the first time I’ve met them.
Xiao Yi smiled at them politely, and Lan Yue also greeted them.
Along the way, most of the two sisters-in-law and Lan Yue talked to Xiao Yi.
Not much to say, I was walking with a bag of salt, and the two sisters-in-law saw her and didn’t dare to speak.
They felt that what the second sister-in-law brought back with her own eyes was a bit real, but Lan Yue, who was next to her, took the initiative to tell her when she felt that she was a little immobile. She asked if she couldn’t carry it and handed it over to me. It really looks like she’s being kind to the concubine, but it’s entirely possible that it’s superficial engineering.
Because Xiao Yi had to be considered, it was almost noon when they arrived at the market.
Everyone was carrying a lot of things when they went back, so this speed Xiao Yi could keep up with Lan Yue’s mother’s house. It was a bit late, so I took the initiative to propose that my mother-in-law and two sister-in-laws go to her house to rest for a night. Lan Yueniang also wanted to see how her daughter was doing, so of course she agreed to the two sister-in-laws. How is my sister-in-law doing? She also agreed to Lanyue, opened the door of her house, and unloaded all the things in the yard.
The two sisters-in-law also put down the things and looked at the place curiously. Lanyue’s house is very clean.
There is a lot of firewood next to the firewood is the kennel, and the wall of the yard is surrounded by stones, and some seasonings like garlic and shallots are planted.
The yard is clean and there is also the sound of chickens flapping their wings.
The whole house looks in order. It shows that the hostess of this house is a very hard-working woman.
Lanyue has placed things and asked them to sit down and make hot tea so that they can prepare teacups. Others are busy saying that there is no need to entertain Lanyue Niang. Cleaner than last time, she nodded with satisfaction and sat for a while, Lanyue’s sister-in-law saw her mother-in-law looking inside and out, reached out and touched the third sister-in-law next to her, you see, our sister-in-law’s life is not better than ours, the third sister-in-law is deflated Mouth isn’t it? It’s just the two of them living comfortably in such a big house.
The sister-in-law whispered, isn’t that right? By the way, you just sit like this. I see they are busy.
Let’s go together and help the third sister-in-law: you go, I’m tired My sister-in-law went to the kitchen to see the two people in the kitchen. One put tea and the other poured hot water.
It was a very simple thing, but I could see that the two had a good understanding. Lanyue turned around and saw that it was her sister-in-law.