Went out to wash your hands then went to the door and said to Xiao Yi let’s go Xiao Yi suddenly heard her say this

She went over and kissed Xiao Yi on the back of the head and said, “Didn’t I praise you for being cute? You were clearly saying that I am childish, indeed very childish.” Xiao Yi became even more angry when she heard that, and turned around to catch Lanyue and bite wherever she was. Rhubarb doesn’t bite so often, Lanyue is trying not to let the second brother and second sister-in-law who live in the other room hear her too loudly, and at the same time, she keeps giving speeches of surrender.
Oh, what a bite, I was wrong, I was wrong, Xiao Yi was angry Ah, I’m really angry, I’m really wrong, although her voice is not loud, but her expression is very exaggerated, as if Xiao Yizhen has bitten off a few pieces of her meat, Xiao Yi is a playwright with disdain, Lan Yue holds someone and reaches out to touch her Kiss me where your lips are aligned, you also said me, now we are even, what I said was the truth, Xiao Yiping calmed down the breath after exercising just now, his chest undulated slightly, Lanyue responded casually, yes, it is the truth, actually All her attention has been focused on Xiao Yi. After the candles are extinguished, the world is the darkest, but gradually her eyes get used to the darkness and she can see some things in the dark night. At this moment, Lan Yue is looking at Xiao Yi’s bright eyes.
I lowered my head and kissed it.
Shallow kisses.
Deep kisses.
Wet kisses.
Suffocating kisses.
Careless kisses.
I tried everything. So sometimes love doesn’t have to be said. The next morning, the second brother and the second sister-in-law have to get up early to go to the market. Woke up and cooked breakfast for them, Xiao thought he could make a good impression in front of his second brother and second sister-in-law, so he was obviously sleepy, but if he tried his best to get out of bed, Lan Yue couldn’t persuade him, so he just let her wait for his brother anyway.
After the sister-in-law left, she could go back to sleep and go back to the cage. Breakfast was noodles.
The second sister-in-law looked at Xiao Yi with a sluggish look, so she taught her about pregnancy.
If you are still sleepy, go to sleep.
I wish I could sleep twelve hours a day, but I couldn’t sleep enough Xiao Yi smiled shyly, in fact, she knew why she was so sleepy.
Thinking of this, she looked for an opportunity to quietly stare at Lanyue.
Lanyue smiled innocently. My heart is not all made by you, little elf, just said a few words, the second brother has already finished eating, put down the bowls and chopsticks, he said, let the two little ones sleep before they wake up, I and your second sister-in-law will go first Going to the market, the two young ones will be put here with you first.
They are both too old to be hated by people. It’s too difficult to take them around and want to hug me.
It’s nothing. Your second sister-in-law had a hard time yesterday.
Smiled, the child is still young and can’t walk, it’s normal, but this time I also discussed with your second brother. It’s okay.
We have to buy a lot of things on the way here. I won’t be able to take care of you when the time comes, and your second brother and I will come back quickly.
The two little ones will be troublesome for you to help bring along.
It’s just that it’s not convenient for Blue Moon to go. What do you need to buy? Even if we say that we will help you buy it, it is in line with Blue Moon. The two sides hit it off, and Xiao Yi was listening to Lanyue telling her brother and sister-in-law what was missing at home. When she heard that Lanyue was going to buy candy, she glanced at Lanyue unexpectedly. The Taoist family has to prepare some, otherwise, if the child wants to eat it in the future, won’t he treat the child badly? But she knew that Lanyue must have bought candy specially for her.
Thinking of Lanyue’s words, didn’t she treat the child badly? I bought it for you Xiao Yi pinched her fingertips for a while, I know you knew it from the beginning Xiao Yi bowed her head in embarrassment and hummed, then you admit that you are a child Seeing her, she still remembers the quarrel last night Xiao Yi I think Lan Yue is very naive, but at this moment, after learning that I want candy, I am in a good mood. Not only did I not argue with Lan Yue, but I opened my hands and hung on Lan Yue. Yes, I am a child who likes candy, and now it is a child.
I can’t walk anymore, I want to be coquettish, Lanyue bends down, picks her up and sends her into the room, and when she is sent to the bed, Xiao Yi is unwilling to get off her body, coquettishly wants Lanyue to hold her all the time.
Just let her go, Xiao Yitai was sleepy for a while, she fell asleep in Lanyue’s arms, Lanyue carefully put her on the bed, and when she was about to move away, she saw Xiao Yi’s hands subconsciously grabbed her fingers, Lanyue He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. She wanted to get up to work, but seeing Xiao Yi’s appearance now, she felt reluctant to part with her. Thinking that there was nothing wrong with her today, she just lay down on the bed and slept with her in her arms.
Thank you for the little angel who threw the landmines and eat soft rice every day.
Thank you for the little angel who irrigates the nutrient solution for chasing the men’s team. Watching the lily has conflicts. The bottle works hard, is gentle, brave, kind, and enters the bottle.
Chapter Blue Moon Just Sleep The drowsiness became lighter after she was full, and she was still thinking about the two little ones who fell asleep in the attic, so when she returned to the cage, she only slept for a few sticks of incense before waking up. Close the door, go out and climb up to the attic to see the two little nephews, but as soon as they go up, they hear two little conversations.
The brother urged his sister in a low voice, it’s over, it must be my aunt, hurry up and hide what? Looked at the two funny, sure enough the child didn’t make a sound, he must be doing something bad, she said, the two brats who were so noisy yesterday were so quiet early in the morning, it’s nothing really nothing Turn over, get up and carefully protect my sister. The two younger ones are obviously hiding something in the quilt.
Lan Yue went directly to lift the quilt and saw that she felt a headache and it was funny. Who peed on the bed is my aunt, you can hit me if you want Hit me, my brother said with a heroic look