Went out to wash your hands then went to the door and said to Xiao Yi let’s go Xiao Yi suddenly heard her say this

After touching it lightly for a while, she couldn’t help but moved closer to Xiao Yi, got up and kissed Xiao Yi’s lips, and after kissing, she felt a little embarrassed, lay flat on her own, and watched the sky drift by.
There was a bird flying across the sky, and after a while, she turned her head to look at Xiao Yi, and couldn’t help but look at her up and down, without feeling tired at all, and at the same time, stretched out her hand to separate her with great interest. Looking at the air to trace Xiao Yijiao’s good figure, she felt sleepy when she looked at it, and fell asleep before she knew it, Lan Yue vaguely felt that her collarbone was itchy when she fell asleep, and when she woke up, she opened her eyes and looked at it Xiao Yi, who was sober, was sitting next to her and was looking down at her. Seeing her wake up, Xiao Yi seemed flustered for a moment, then closed Lan Yue’s skirt and explained, “I just saw you loosen your clothes after you fell asleep, so you came over and reached out.” Pull Lanyue for you, sit up slowly, stretched a little tiredly, looked down, and found that her skirt was loose, even the knot of her bellyband was loose, she tidied up her clothes a little embarrassed Yes, I was a little embarrassed to Xiao Yidao. I should have accidentally rubbed it away when I was sleeping. Fortunately, you were there, otherwise I felt that I might wake up naked.
When I was arranging my clothes and talking Xiang Yuan grabbed the clothes at his knees nervously and said, “It’s all right, it’s just a matter of raising your hands. In fact, I woke up not long ago.
Lan Yue didn’t notice her abnormality.
When I tied the knot of my apron, I suddenly saw a few spots on my chest. I didn’t care much about the red dot, thinking that it was probably bitten by a mosquito when I accidentally exposed it. After putting it on, she asked Xiao Yi how he was resting.
Xiao Yi said that he felt better and should be fine. Drowsy and a little breathless, it must be a little bit of heat stroke, Lanyue is a bit self-blaming, I am being careless, I shouldn’t take you on the road at noon, I should take you to find a place to rest for a while, you are much better now, let’s go back and say Seeing her stand up, Xiao Yi also wanted to stand up, and then got up to Lanyue, and saw that her legs softened and almost sat on the ground again.
Lanyue grabbed her, half-hugged her in her arms, and asked what’s the matter, Xiao Yi felt a little guilty. To Lan Yuedao, I just feel that my legs are sore and so soft that I can’t stand up.
I don’t know what’s wrong.
Lan Yue helped her walk on the flat road and saw that the expression on her face showed pain and patience every step of the way.
The expression on her face suddenly reflected that she was probably due to excessive exercise. After a period of rest, her body began to ache.
Lanyue once again lamented her fragility and thought it was a little funny, but Xiao finally said to her affectionately with a guilty look. Carry you back, Xiao Yi really wants to have the backbone to refuse, but she feels that she really can’t walk half a step now, her sore and painful legs are still trembling every step she takes, she feels that she may lie on the ground at any time.
She couldn’t get up anymore, she really didn’t want to take another step, if she wasn’t afraid of being left behind by Lanyue and killed, she wouldn’t want to take another step either.
After struggling for a while, she finally returned She crawled onto Lanyue’s back full of guilt, Lanyue carried her on her back easily, and after walking for a while, Xiao Yi softly whispered “I’m sorry” in her ear.
Her temper softened and she comforted Xiao Yidao with a gentle tone. I’m sorry. It’s normal. I remember that I used to work too much and it would be like this the next day. It’s normal. After all, you’ve never lived like this before.
But don’t be sad, you won’t be like this when you get used to it in the future Xiao Yin said, I will try my best to adapt quickly in the future, you must not dislike me when I was stupid, she held hands on Lan Yue’s neck unconsciously Frozen Lan Yue was about to say that she knew what she was like from the very beginning, and she never disliked her because of this. Before she even opened her mouth, she met a woman from the same village.
When the other party saw the two of them, you were surprised.
What’s the matter, Lanyue, why are you still carrying her on your back? Xiao Yi buried her face on Lanyue’s back as soon as she saw someone appearing, and grabbed Lanyue’s hands tightly.
She felt ashamed, so she had to pretend I fell asleep and didn’t dare to look at the eyes of others looking at her. Lan Yue greeted the opposite person without blushing and heartbeat and said, “Hey, there’s no way she just sprained her ankle and can’t walk. I can’t leave her here.” There, I had no choice but to grit my teeth and carry her back. Why are you going to the market now? Hurry up, go later, people will close the stalls.
The woman said that she will go right away, and at the same time sighed, I didn’t expect you to be able to treat her like Lan Yue. So good, Lanyue said, what’s so good about it? She sprained her ankle, so she can’t let her lie there and leave her alone, right? By then, gossip about how I abused people will be spread from all over the world. I said it would be you, you The person who will also do the same said that he just exchanged a few words of greetings, and the two sides said goodbye.
When the person walked away, Lan Yue felt Xiao Yi’s tight hands relax. Don’t go out, I think everyone will know that your ankle is sprained at night, by the way, what you said just now is to deal with people, don’t take it to your heart, our relationship is indeed very good, but if you tell it, many people probably won’t believe it, so let them think Our relationship is so-so, Xiao Yi said, lying on Lanyue’s back, I know, thinking that I will not be able to go out for the next few days, and Lanyue will go out from time to time, Xiao said, but I don’t want to be separated from you. I have to lie down for two days, I’m fine, I’m just resting at home. There’s nothing else going on in the field these two days.
I can accompany you most of the time. You can also just take advantage of this time to make small clothes for the baby in your belly. On the way there When I met two people, Lan Yue still said the same thing and arrived at the door of the house