Went out to wash your hands then went to the door and said to Xiao Yi let’s go Xiao Yi suddenly heard her say this

Xiao Yirou leaned into her arms as if boneless, that’s right there, my back hurts, but it won’t delay, I want to seduce my sister, after all, we haven’t made love for a long time, Lan Yue smiled, stretched her legs twice, kicked off her shoes and stretched out her hand Lifting Xiao Yi’s feet and taking off her shoes, the two of them got on the large and clean bed and put down the bed curtain.
The heavy fabric shut them in a boxy little world.
Chapter Two Sitting face to face and embracing each other, enjoying the rare quiet moment, Lan Yue rubbed her waist for a while, her eyes gradually became darker, her hands began to relax at some point, and there was something wrong with the position of kneading Xiao Yi’s body Feeling weak, Lanyue whispered in her ear and asked if her waist was still sore. Xiao Yi nervously grasped the clothes of Lanyue’s arms.
When she spoke, her tone stuttered a little. Oh, Lanyue dragged her hands out of deep meaning, lowered her hands slowly, and at the same time lowered her head to kiss Xiao Yi.
In the middle of the night, the two of them were deeply asleep on the bed, and suddenly Xiao Yi sat up straight because of inexplicable heart palpitations. After pregnancy She occasionally has such symptoms, the doctor said it was normal, and the blue moon opened her eyes in a daze, saw her sitting up straight and sleepy, and asked her what’s the matter, Xiao Yi didn’t want to wake her up, so she said it was nothing, lay down and continued to sleep, she fell asleep for a while and found herself I couldn’t sleep no matter what, obviously I was suffering from insomnia, and I turned my head to look at Lan Yue, who was sleeping soundly. I hesitated and wanted to wake her up to accompany me, but seeing her sleeping so soundly, I couldn’t bear to disturb her. After thinking about it for a while, she decided to find some fun by herself.
Zile put her mind on Lan Yue’s body, although they have done what they should do after being together for so long, but most of the time she doesn’t have a chance to take a good look at Lan Yue’s body, Lan Yue’s hand is closest to her She stretched out her hand and grasped Lanyue’s hand.
In her sleep, Lanyue gently shook her back subconsciously. Xiao Yi felt her warm palm and pinched Lanyue’s fingers with her own fingers. Feeling the calluses on her palm, she thought of these things.
It’s also because of taking care of herself, she feels a little distressed, she doesn’t know what she thinks, grabs the palm of others, blows on her palm for a while, puts it to her mouth for a kiss, and sometimes sticks out her tongue to lick it nervously. If Lanyue is awake I don’t know if she will be caught and punished for her act of setting fire like this. When she gets tired of playing with Lanyue’s hands, she changes her target. One hand touches Lanyue’s face and the other hand touches herself. Yue touched her nose again and found that Lan Yue’s nose was more upright than hers.
She touched Lan Yue’s forehead and found that Lan Yue’s forehead was bigger than her own. After a while, she touched Lan Yue’s eyelashes with her fingertips up and down. Flicking the eyelashes of the other party and showing my own, I had a great time, and then I used my fingers to trace the shape of Lanyue’s lips to feel the difference between her lips and my own, so the eyes, nose, ears, and eyelashes were all ground down all the way Xiao Yi is not sleepy at all, but the more she plays, the more energetic she feels that even if she does not sleep all night tonight, she will not be bored.
Blue Moon in her sleep I dreamed that there was a fluffy kitten that kept rubbing on her hand and licking her hand to please her.
Although she liked this kitten very much, but this kitten kept disturbing her from doing business, which made Lanyue feel unbearable Qixuan reached out and wanted to push the kitten away, but for no reason, the kitten climbed up to her face. Lan Yue could only bear with it and continued to do her own work in her dream. After a while, she felt her hand And the kitten on her face is gone. I thought I could sleep well, but suddenly I felt itchy on my chest.
The kitten ran up to her chest, clawed her clothes, and started to play recklessly.
It even turned blue moon Woke up by the tickle, she opened her eyes and sure enough there was a furry thing lying on her chest.
She reached out her hand to touch it.
The first reaction was to startle. The second reaction was to remember that Xiao Yixin immediately relaxed. She reached out and patted Xiao Yi’s body. The expression on the head is indescribable, Xiao Yi, what are you doing? Xiao Yi’s expression was embarrassing and flustered, and finally she was shy.
She reached out and pulled Lanyue’s skirt to help her cover the exposed place, and said weakly, I can’t sleep.
Lanyue raised her eyebrows, and then Xiao Yi sat up on his knees, dodged his face, pinched his hands restlessly, and his brain was spinning rapidly. Would you believe me if I said that I just want to recall the feeling when I was in my mother’s arms when I was young? So you went back to the middle of the night without weaning Xiao Yi was so ashamed to death when he was told that his scalp was numb in embarrassment, his hands raised up to cover Lan Yue’s mouth, and he whispered, “I’m wrong, don’t say it, don’t say it, I’m just curious.” Covering her mouth, Lan Yue didn’t want to violently break free from her oppression, so she licked her palm with the tip of her tongue. Xiao Yi really withdrew her hand as if she had been pricked by a hedgehog. The battlefield is all to blame for the little cat in the dream. It seems that no one will want to sleep tonight. The author has something to say.
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Thank you Thank you for the little angel who threw the grenade, Ge Yugu, thank you for the little angel who threw the mine, Shen Ci, thank you for the little angel who irrigates the nutrient solution, clear the pond bottle, and the little Taze bottle is hardworking, gentle, brave and kind, and enters the bottle. Thank you very much for your support. Chapter I will continue to work hard In the end, Lanyue and Xiao Yi had a quarrel for an unknown period of time, until the last whole night, she barely slept until the next morning, Lanyue woke up late for an unprecedented time, she got up and chopped grass to feed the pigs At that time, because I didn’t get enough sleep, my whole body was drifting away. Sure enough, staying up late hurt my body.
Waiting for her to feed the livestock at home was really tiring. I didn’t even have time to make breakfast, so I climbed back to bed and stretched out my hand to pinch Xiao Yi’s face.