Wen Renying saw through it at a glance and said with a smile fourth brother when we were fascinated by reading how did we feel

When Wen Renxuan married Xue Tingyu for many years, she regarded him as one of the most important people in her life. When she was fifteen years old, he died suddenly.
Later, she found out that he was still alive.
She was cheated by a fake death drug in her previous life.
Born for medicine, this life is an art genius.
It turns out that she is not good at learning art. One day, any tricks will be nothing in her eyes. It’s just that man cheated her to death and tricked her, and even made himself half dead. She has always been Buddhist.
It completely blew up the insidious test and said how you are going to die, so the life of someone surnamed Wei began in dire straits. The way is not counted, there are bastards who want to rob him, which is tolerable? Later, Master Wei, who has been famous in the court and the public for thousands of years, is still cowardly at home. Wei Tingyu is still cowardly. Shame Wei Tingyu Junxiu is unparalleled and loves his wife too much He is the perfect husband and son-in-law who wants to marry If you think it’s not bad to have a doctor’s wife in the family of a powerful official, please don’t forget to recommend it to your friends in your group and Weibo.
Wedge Wenrenxuan is eight years old It is a vigorous weed.
Her adoptive father is very irresponsible and named her Xiaocao.
Her adoptive father is a good old man at the level of a miracle doctor. For eight years, he took her as a burden to travel all over the world to practice medicine and save countless lives.
The adoptive father is a disabled person, but In fact, she is very good to Xiaocao, even though she has been taking care of her since she was three years old Because of her passion for this profession, her interest is extremely high. Eight years old, due to unknown reasons, her adoptive father married her to an eleven-year-old sick and beautiful boy, Xue Tingyu. The prudent mother takes care of everything, which shows that he may not be an ordinary boy, Xiaocao doesn’t even know why he married a wife at a young age, or a little girl like her with a humble background, she doesn’t pursue everything about the other party.
Looking for trouble, he named her Hemerocallis and Wangyou. The adoptive father left behind a medical book that stacked up to six or seven bricks. It was the brainchild of thirty years. Years of getting along Xue Tingyu treats her very well, besides taking good care of her, she also studies with him and has no female school. He never interferes with her study of medical skills, even if she combines Chinese and Western medicine and enters the restricted area of ​​medicine.
Cao does not rule out that there may be no love between her and Xue Tingyu, but it is based on habit and the bond formed by getting along day and night. She will not have another husband in this life. Xue Tingyu is no less important to her than her adoptive father, who is already eighteen years old.
Still carrying the innocence of a young man, yet transforming into a young man.
Unparalleled handsome, gentle, considerate and thoughtful.
In Xiaocao’s eyes, there is no one more perfect than her. On the eve of the eve, Xue Tingyu died suddenly without any warning. Xiaocao only confirmed his death, and before he could find out the reason, he was swept out of the house and sent away far away. I never ask about things, so I don’t know anything, forcing myself to calm down Xiaocao wants to find out the truth of the matter Ting Yu’s health is not good, but after years of careful care, he can live a normal life. It’s not an internal cause, no external cause, how can he die suddenly? The only guess is that she stepped into Kaiping, the imperial city at the foot of the emperor, where wealth gathers. Even if the guess is groundless, the possibility of achieving the goal is infinitely close to zero.
This is her only persistence.
Fortunately, her household registration is actually in the imperial city.
Her medical skills are the only way to knock on the high door, but she has no roots, no age, and no advantage, so she must first open up her reputation step by step. At this moment, she has faded away because of physical influence and Xue Tingyu’s pampering. It’s been nearly three years since childishness has been tossed and turned, but things have developed in a completely different direction In front of her was a tearful man looking at her with longing and anticipation, a complex yet soft and tender eye, when this middle-aged but still charming woman stretched out her hand, Xiaocao subconsciously avoided what appeared in the woman’s eyes The pain and teardrops fall more fiercely, my son, my son, I don’t believe my mother, or I feel resentful, my mother really didn’t lose you on purpose, you believe my mother, I’m so sad, my heart is broken, my fingers are trembling slightly, I can’t help myself, the grass is a little stiff Too good at dealing with this situation, the corners of his mouth moved before he opened his mouth and said, Madam, don’t cry, be careful of hurting your eyes. Some things are just a little unacceptable for a while. No shock, no disbelief, and no feeling that it’s a big pot of dog blood.
The first reaction She has a shortcut and can walk.
As for the grass next to her, she is 80-90% similar to this lady, and her eyes are exactly the same as the man next to her.
Even though she has no blood relationship, she still looks alike. It’s not that there are no people, but she also wears a jade pendant with small characters on her body, and there is a half-palm-sized birthmark on the left side of her back waist. All these are consistent with what the other party said, so there is no doubt about it. As for them, they didn’t want her.
He took out the jade pendant and didn’t check if there was a birthmark on her body. It seemed that she was more reserved and more rational than women and men. He comforted his wife and then explained to Xiaocao what happened more than ten years ago.
Although the words are vague, Xiaocao can understand that there are many factions fighting for the throne