Wen Linyan a Taoist with burning black eyes Patience is limited although I can use up the patience of my life for you but a

Lawyer Wen looked at her with burning eyes.
Your marriage is destined to be me.
Song Qianti looked at the well-dressed man and changed her opinion of him. This is so cold and cold.
She thinks it is okay to fall in love, but absolutely not to get married.
Find a lawyer because you will definitely not be able to win him in a quarrel in the future, and the other party doesn’t even need to hire a lawyer to get you out of the house when you divorce It turned out that her neighbor turned out to be a boss, she hugged her thigh quickly, and from then on, her life seemed to be going smoothly It’s time to mess up my bed Song Qianti is the man I fell asleep the first time I saw him.
At twelve o’clock in the night at the police station, Song Qianti and the three sat in a well-behaved manner, and next to them was a policeman in his thirties holding hands The door of the interrogation room was suddenly pushed open by someone, who was holding a cup of tea flatteringly to the young master of the Gu family who was crossing his legs.
Behind him stood a man less than fifty years old. After calling home, Song Qianti knew that this must be Young Master Gu’s family. Zhong Qiuyao drank a little too much and fell asleep leaning on her shoulder. She pushed Zhong Qiuyao’s head that slid down, and Song Jinghan lowered her head tacitly.
In the end, they never expected that this arrogant and domineering kid would have a lot of background. Song Jinghan was so regretful that his face also looked like he was going to die. In the bar just now, he had a fight with the young master of the Gu family.
At that time, he didn’t know the identity of the young master of the Gu family, so he was a little ruthless.
Seeing the face of the young master of the Gu family, which was so charming and attractive, was beaten black and blue by him, he felt that he had caused big trouble this time.
Qianti heard the people outside the door enter the interrogation room, and suddenly a pair of shiny leather shoes appeared in her sight.
The person didn’t stop in front of them, walked in front of them, and walked towards the policeman who was interrogating them just now.
Song Qianti secretly said Thinking about how old people are, they are still wearing such young and trendy leather shoes.
She just finished complaining when she heard a deep voice. Hello, I am antique lawyer Wen Linyan. Although his voice is cold and emotionless, it is particularly pleasant. Song Qianti raised her eyelashes and saw a man in a suit and leather shoes standing in front of the policeman who was interrogating them just now.
Walked quickly in front of him, and then stood in front of the young master of the Gu family, who was shocked and angry, Young master Dao, who beat you like this? Antique pointing at Song Jinghan, he said angrily. The man who was looking at her just now was blocked by the little policeman at the door, she only saw the butler Gu behind him, she didn’t see any other people outside the door, she didn’t expect that there was more than one person from the Gu’s house, just a back view, so eye-catching, it shouldn’t be too bad.
But he said just now that he is a lawyer, the young master of the Gu family will not sue Song Jinghan, will he want to see it? The handsome guy’s mood was instantly drowned out by a basin of cold water. Even the lawyers from the Gu family brought Song Jinghan tore Song Qianti’s clothes with a disheveled look.
Cowardly said it’s okay, didn’t he fall in love with me? If he retaliates against you, it’s a big deal. I’ll seduce him.
Song Jinghan is grateful. Sister Ling, you are so kind and loyal. Song Qianti was just teasing him.
Seeing that he really believed what he said, he laughed at me.
There is only beauty, no loyalty, Song Jinghan wants to cry, no tears, and you are such a fool. He didn’t fight with the young master of the Gu family for no reason.
It was because of the antique molesting Song Qianti in the bar. Song Qianti smiled and teased you and finally admitted that you are not human Song Jinghan glared at her at this moment, you are still in the mood to joke Chapter Chapter 1 We live together Song Qianti smiled and said, I am not seeing that you are about to be scared out of your wits What about you? Song Jinghan rolled her eyes at her.
The policeman handed a notebook to Wen Linyan and you can leave after signing.
Song Qianti and Song Jinghan walked over and whispered to each other with his cough. The two immediately sat upright.
They had already criticized and educated them just now, and their attitude of admitting their mistakes was also very sincere.
Gu Shaojia had no intention of pursuing him, so the police said to them Good luck today, Young Master Gu is generous and doesn’t care about you, don’t fight in the future, call your family and ask them to release you on bail Song Qianti and Song Jinghan looked at each other with embarrassed expressions She can’t count on the two of them because Song Qianti’s family’s situation is quite special, no one will make this trip for her, and she doesn’t want those people to know that Song Jinghan’s father, Song Xian, is Song Qianti’s uncle who fought The two of them naturally didn’t dare to let Song Xian know that Song Jinghan was afraid of being picked up by his father and Song Qianti didn’t want his uncle to worry, let alone cause him trouble. He yawned and saw that their expressions were not right, mockingly said that he did not dare to make a call, he was afraid that his family would know that Song Qianti’s red lips slightly opened and was about to speak when Wen Linyan put the signed notebook on the table and turned around to look at her. Master Gu and the housekeeper, let’s go. She was stunned suddenly. The man has an exquisite and perfect face, with smooth and distinct lines and contours, as if carefully carved by an artist. His skin is white, his nose bridge is straight, his expression is cold, and he looks restrained and calm. Even better than those popular stars, he is the best of the best. Seeing her staring at Wen Linyan in a daze, Song Jinghan nudged her and muttered