Well Mao Lilan nodded yes police officer Shiratoris younger sister is going to hold a wedding celebration banquet tomorrow do you want to go with

Although I have a system, I just want to fall in love.
In order to live a peaceful daily life in the world of Ke Xue and Yuanzi, Gu Shuiquan made a decision after deliberation, earnestly encircling Conan and the second group of tool people to destroy the winery, so where to find the most suitable one? As for the tool, it’s you who decides to be you, the model worker, Gin, follow my will, the organization is in crisis, undercover agents are everywhere, and the younger brother Yulu Rum breaks his mouth and tries to turn the tide, but you who overthrows Karasuma’s decadent tyranny and leads the distillery to greatness again? Defining Labels Crossing the System Flow with Ease Chapter 1 The First Trial Mihua Municipal Building The midnight gloom is dispelled by the bright lights The dazzling nightlife of the metropolis has just begun The dazzling products in the shop, the incense wafting around, and the fully turned on air-conditioning all make people linger. In this lively atmosphere, a black and thin figure seems out of place.
The weather in late spring in Tokyo is already a bit hot, but he is wearing a long black windbreaker with a stand-up collar. The black top hat that was tightly covered by him cast a shadow and hid most of his face, leaving only his clean chin.
The strange gazes of passers-by did not have any influence on Gu Shuiquan. He had long been used to the icy aura exuding from his body.
Walking through the crowd expressionlessly, the hairs on the ground couldn’t help but stand on end.
Finally, he came to the fifth floor of Mihua No. 1 Film City. He paused and looked at the red figure who was on the phone.
Mao Lilan smiled and found it.
You, Mao Lilan, came to the front desk curiously and answered the phone. Today, I made an appointment with Xinyi to watch a movie together.
I spent a lot of time preparing a birthday present and specially chose a midnight movie. I wanted to be the first to celebrate him in the early morning. The result is abominable. The guy at the front desk didn’t arrive on time again, and before she could speak, Conan’s hoarse warning sounded on the other side. Before she could react, the explosion suddenly happened, spreading panic among the crowd. Those who were lucky enough to avoid the center of the explosion fled in panic, waiting for the police to arrange in a safe area with lingering fear, and some unlucky people were those who unfortunately chose to watch the same movie with Xiaolan and were trapped in the movie city Gu Shuiquan stood motionless next to the front desk, this is the safe place in his impression that the whole theater version has always been a safe place, silently watching this messy scene Facing this sudden disaster, people were panicked and at a loss after all. This is a world that has been peaceful for a long time, at least the people who live here think that they are like this. It is natural for inexperienced people to run around like headless chickens when they encounter unexpected situations.
Don’t be too demanding, except Gu Shuiquan, who had expected it before, regained his composure the first time. It is this ordinary female high school student Mao Lilan. She can calm down so quickly.
Apart from her own tenacity, it is just that she is forced by life to be well-informed.
I think Mao Lilan met a piano wire cut in a tropical paradise.
head During the incident, I was also scared and cried by the headless corpse for a long time. The phone at the front desk rang again, and the jingling sound made the hearts of those who had just experienced the explosion tighten.
The man in black hesitated for a moment, then stepped forward to pick up the phone, hello Xiaolan? Xin Xiaolan was taken aback and then turned to anger. Great, the phone line is still on. What are you doing? Why are you always absent when it comes to critical moments? Do you know what happened to me now? Tears welled up in my eyes as I said this.
I know that I am now outside the emergency exit blocked by rubble. Just now I managed to get in through the gap in the Wally, but the door was completely deformed due to the impact of the explosion. I can’t open it anyway. Is there any suspicious items like briefcases or suitcases in the lobby? After hearing this, Mao Lilan stopped being sad and looked around. He found a pink handbag and carried it back to the front desk to put it away. I don’t know what kind of heavy bag is on the table, and there is something like an electronic watch on it Gu Shuiquan’s mouth can’t help but curl up when he hears this, Xiaolan doesn’t even know the bomb? The onlookers who heard this couldn’t help shouting, and the mood of the onlookers who had just barely calmed down suddenly exploded, and the atmosphere returned to a state of disorder and chaos. More than a dozen people kept rolling and crawling away from Xiaolan. Cold sweat broke out in Doudou’s eyes, Mao Lilan looked curiously at Gu Shuiquan, who was still standing beside him, Gu Shuiquan stretched out his hand and made a gesture of invitation, Xiaolan was very confused and had to continue talking on the phone with Kudo Shin How much time is left to wait? There are still minutes and seconds passing by anxiously and worriedly waiting. Conan decided not to wait any longer. The bomb is Rao Mao Lilan, who is more knowledgeable than ordinary people, but she was still taken aback, but she quickly calmed down and began to dismantle the bomb with strength and calmness under Conan’s guidance, even though she was covered in rags The stain can be said to be the most embarrassing one among all the people present, but it is the center of everyone’s attention. Every move affects everyone’s mind.
For the time being, the police can’t expect someone to take the pressure.
Even better, after all, Japan’s saviors have always been high school students. Thinking about it, it’s actually quite reasonable. After all, if it’s a social animal, and they hear that the end of the world is about to come, aliens will invade and attack the city. They’ll happily discuss that they don’t have to pay back the mortgage and car loan. Let’s all go to an izakaya to celebrate, let’s be under a lot of pressure