Well I’m just worried about the reason why you said you asked for leave right Yun Yiyi’s still expressionless attitude made Zhuang Banqing’s heart pounding

Chapter 1 Oh, the car was overturned, the cicadas were singing, and the acceptance letter of the university was sent to the Yun family. It was a happy event, but the parents of the Yun family were not happy I yawned, you two, don’t worry about it, you’ve accepted the reality now, father Yun Yunxiang hesitated to speak, but in the end he couldn’t bear to say something serious, so he just turned his head and sat aside and got sulking Otherwise, let’s repeat the study for another year, and your grades will definitely be able to enter the best university next year. The teacher and the school have also talked to us several times.
Before Yun Yiyi answered the doorbell rang, Yunxiang went to open the door, and what came across was completely different. The beaming and joyful visitor did not show up, and the cheerful, shrill laughter has already spread to Brother Wu, Yiyi, have you received the notice? Our family, Xun’er, have also received the notice. These two sisters are destined to continue to be classmates when they grow up.
It may be sincere to put it elsewhere, but it is meaningful to put it here.
Oh, Yiyi doesn’t say hello to her aunt, is she a fool when she reads and reads? I used to say how amazing you are.
He went out with his classmates every day and got admitted casually. It is a city-owned key university in Longcheng.
Although it is not very eye-catching among the national-level key universities in Longcheng, it is considered a good university.
The minimum admission score is Yun Yiyi, who failed to get into the best major, and was transferred to the Department of Public Administration, while her cousin Yun Xun was admitted to Wangda Finance, and the most interesting thing is that Yun’s house is near the university. Across the street, but the former Yun family never considered that Dayun Yiyi looked down on Yun Xun, but he dared not think that now they are both admitted in. Both Yunxiang and Lu Ying are honest people, and Yun Cui shows off. I only planned to respond first, I didn’t think there would be any trouble, the girl in the sofa stretched her waist in the noise, then congratulations to my aunt and cousin, Yun Yiyi let go of the pillow and casually tied the long hair that fell on her shoulders into a bun Porcelain white The slender neck is as beautiful as a swan, she raised her head, her phoenix eyes glanced at her aunt Yun Cui, she smiled faintly and said that my cousin should be the happiest to be able to go to the same school as me, then she put on her slippers and swayed into the bedroom, leaving only She is not interested in what happened outside the door, but the line chart on the computer in front of her is more interesting It has aroused the attention of many investors. Yun Yiyi flipped through her own information book, made a cross on the name of the company, squinted her eyes and smiled lightly. It’s time to say goodbye. It was built by a world-class architect and is known as the monster in Dragon City.
The building stands like an alien spaceship in the east of Dragon City.
Inside the highest floor of the building, the atmosphere in the huge industrial-style office is oppressive, like the end of the world twice.
The man at the bar is staring down at the cigar in his hand, flicking the cigar in slow motion.
Si Li showed invisible pressure after his final sound fell In another corner of the office, several men who were facing the computer swallowed their saliva at the same time. As excellent computer talents, commonly known as hackers, their careers have suffered a great setback. One of them mustered up the courage to say that Sui Ye can only check her activities now. The scope is large, and the specifics may have to wait for her to appear next time to confirm the next time. His light question quickly dissipated in the air without any emotion. Several professionals couldn’t stand such a question. They could only ask for help from Secretary Jin who had been silent for a long time. Secretary Jin said that the boss analyzed the situation based on her previous two appearances. Next time there is a similar situation, she will shoot again. The man played with the cigar casually, and then gave her a chance.
My heart is because news of an explosion has been circulating on campus since last week, and today the person living in the rumors is about to appear.
The magnificent school gate carved with white marble stands under the scorching sun.
The students who heard the news also gathered here. Those young faces were full of anticipation and whispered.
He is a super boss in the technology industry. In the past ten months, he has published three articles in a row, and they are all the first authors. I really admire us.
The professor uses him as an example every day in class and asks us to learn more from him.
How can we learn? He is a devil.
The most important thing is, isn’t it said that he is very, very, very handsome? It’s a pity that I haven’t seen him yet. What does he look like? It’s bustling here.
The big northwest gate over there has become a mess.
The tall, strong man is full of anxiety.
If he doesn’t get him back quickly, I’ll be finished.
We can’t take responsibility for a dog that hurts someone.
This school is full of future talents of our motherland.
Unexpectedly, the burly man said that if something happened to him, we would not be able to live. He took the boss’ pet dog and followed the boss. The car came over because there was an extra red light on the road, so it was stopped by the security guard at the gate to register.
No matter how high the school is, the rest of the security guards are dispatched, and the strong man can only contact the boss with a mortal mentality. The man who is about to step into the teaching building answered the phone with a cold tone but as if he weighed a thousand catties.
The little mastiff is gone. The man stopped at the stone steps. His cold eyes narrowed slightly. I, I, and the school have dispatched all the security guards to look for it. Don’t worry, how long will it take to get it back? An hour, three I’m going to see it in ten minutes, but the campus here is too big, maybe Sui Zhao is frowning when patience is about to run out