Well done Wu Weiguo I believe you then let Fang Chaoyang come over and change the child back Liu Yulai snorted Liu Yulai acted very

Three daring young men once swore under the flag of the Republic to defend the dignity of the judiciary and fight against crime to the end In the fierce collision between love and law, what should a law-enforcement judge do? Chapter 1 Law is unforgiving. On a summer afternoon, a red Porsche sports car slowly drives to the gate of Dong’an People’s Hospital, turns right and stops in the opposite parking lot.
A tall beauty got out of the car. Wearing a fiery red tight skirt, her exquisite figure became more and more prominent. Her long wavy hair fluttered in the wind, full of youthful vitality. She locked the car with a delicate Hermès Kun bag in her hand and arrived. The green light on the side of the road just turned on, and she walked gracefully on the zebra crossing. At this moment, a van in the parking lot suddenly started and rushed straight towards the beauty. This scene stunned everyone present on the roadside. The two girls were so frightened that their mouths were wide open and they couldn’t help screaming in horror.
The tragedy was not avoided.
The beauty was first knocked down by the van and then crushed under the wheels.
The two wheels on the left rolled over one after another, the beautiful big eyes on the fair neck of the beauty, the blood gurgled from the neck, instantly stained the sidewalk red, and it was particularly glaring in the sun. Nian’s driver looks ordinary, wearing work clothes. He calmly looks at the dying beauty slowly lighting a cigarette. The video above is only 1 minute and 30 seconds long, but Fang Chaoyang has watched it many times.
Abnormally shocking and suffocating in the chest, as if pressing a big stone, Fang Chaoyang’s fist landed on the table with a muffled sound, the boss is not off work yet, Xiao Zhao, who heard the sound outside the room door, stuck in a small head, she has a cute little round face Xiao Zhao with a neat face and short hair, have you watched this video? Fang Chaoyang beckoned to her Xiao Zhao walked in and looked at the computer screen and nodded. What do you think of the case? Fang Chaoyang asked, this is fucking intentional murder.
Xiao Zhao burst out with a swear word.
If you condone this kind of thing, everyone will lose their sense of security when they go to the street. Don’t be so excited. Fang Chaoyang waved his hand and asked the procuratorate again. Have you added new evidence? Not yet, but insisted on prosecuting Fang Chaoyang for intentional homicide. The evidence was obviously not enough and lacked the most critical motive for the murder. Xiao Zhao then said indignantly.
The death penalty is unacceptable, and the eyes of the people of the whole country are staring at our court. Seeing Fang Chaoyang, he still didn’t say a word. Xiao Zhao smiled embarrassingly and said, “Take care, turn around and trot away. Fang Chaoyang is 28 years old.
The presiding judge of the long criminal court is 1.8 meters tall, slender and handsome.
Jun walks on the street with a very high rate of turning heads. Not only is he good looking, he is ruthless and selfless.
He has been the presiding judge of the criminal court for two years. Hanging in Fang Chaoyang’s office is a picture of Han Li calligraphy. On it are written ten characters upright, so that the balance of justice will never tilt. Calligraphy is written by himself, and it is one of his usual hobbies. Only then did Chaoyang turn off the computer, lit up a cigarette impatiently, rubbed his aching temples, strode out of the office corridor, and the phone rang.
It was his girlfriend Peng Jiang. Little Jiang Chaoyang, come to eat at home tonight My mother stewed pork ribs Peng Jiang said good, I just got greedy Fang Chaoyang smiled and promised to remember to buy a bouquet of flowers for my mother’s birthday I’m sorry I’ve been too busy these days and forgot about it Fang Chaoyang apologized and said it’s not the first time Last time on my dad’s birthday, what did you say to avoid suspicion, and you didn’t even attend? In the courtyard, I drove my second-hand Mazda all the way out of the gate of the courthouse.
In September, the heat in Dong’an City gradually receded. This is a seaside city.
The environment is pleasant and cool. The sea breeze blowing in through the car windows refreshed Fang Chaoyang these days. I have been studying the intentional homicide case and watched too many videos. Every scene on the screen is deeply imprinted in my mind. It is not affected. It is false.
When I see a car parked on the side of the road, I always have a hallucination. It will suddenly start and bump into the video.
Although the beauty who was hit fell in front of the hospital and could be rescued in time, she was pronounced dead after three hours due to a broken neck and excessive blood loss.
Her name is Miao Yi. A generation of entrepreneurial idols, bloggers, 3 million fans, very influential, the suspect Qiu Dali, 34 years old, a delivery driver at the Dong’an Watch Factory, is usually honest and warm-hearted, and anyone who has a problem will come to the scene and no one will think of Qiu.
Dali actually created such a heinous tragedy. Afterwards, he acted like a cold-blooded killer. Qiu Dali saw the name when he was reviewing the file.
On the way to school, he met a group of robbing children with knives in their hands and asked him to hand over all the pocket money. At this moment, a teenager ran over to block Fang Chaoyang and told those little bastards that this was his younger brother. Break someone’s leg and mind your own business. A child who refused to admit defeat rushed forward and stabbed him hard.