Well as soon as the phone was attached to my ear Mu Gengs roar came from Mu Geng secretly thinking that her current temper is

If you fail the mission, you will have to sissy the whole world. The cute little loli has a bright smile on her face, but if you can complete the strategy, it’s okay to show you the fat times upstairs. The natural black little loli is habitual. Pit teammate As a hard-working wage earner, Lin Yu embarked on the fate of attacking the second dimension in order to save his integrity after the protest was invalid As long as there is enough food, you can stay in a super dead house for a year without going out. Lin Yu, who sleeps until he wakes up naturally, stares at the pink envelope that appeared on his tea table at some point in front of him.
The corners of his eyes twitch.
When did this become popular? The envelope was sent instead, and the pink envelope was used to make it so boring Lin Yu muttered a few words in a low voice, then opened the envelope and took out the letter paper inside. The girl fell in love with my brother, and I was too embarrassed to confess, so I wrote a love letter to my brother. I don’t blame Lin Yu for being narcissistic. After all, in terms of appearance, although he is a bit rough, he is definitely a handsome guy, but it’s not right. The supplies are also delivered directly to the door after online shopping, except for the courier brother who delivered the goods, no one should have seen me, it can’t be the love letter sent by the courier brother Lin Yu smiled and shook his head, but suddenly froze I heard that the wind of foundation is in full swing recently. It seems that there is a possibility.
A chill came over me.
My hands trembled and I almost threw the letter paper in my hand, but when I saw the content on it, I was stunned. Stop Gaia, please go to her house for dinner, please go as soon as possible, stare at Lin Yu, raised a pair of dead fish eyes, crumpled up the letter paper in his hand and threw it into the wastebasket, what age is it? Playing a prank, should I go to the property to complain and pay so much property fees, and even let the psychopath come to my house? Lin Yu curled his lips in displeasure.
It is absolutely intolerable for Gui to appear as a thief, but as a dead house, Lin Yu said that he can’t bear it, and there is no way to get from his home to the property. There are hundreds of meters away. Even the hair is resolved by himself with a click of scissors at home. I hope he goes out to find a property theory.
Let’s forget it. I’ll continue to watch anime during that American time.
Going to the door of his room and looking at the closed door of his room, Lin Yu turned around calmly, went to the kitchen, picked up a kitchen knife, and returned to the door of the room that he never closed. It means that his IQ is low or even superhuman. At a young age, his parents died and he was helpless, but relying on his own mind, instead of being starved to death, he earned enough money to support him to stay at home without going out.
Lin Yu clearly remembered that he never closed the door when he left the room, but now the door was closed, and then think of the window in his room The reason why it was not opened can also be ruled out that the door was closed by the wind. Combining these information, Lin Yu naturally thought of the person who put the unknown envelope on the coffee table in his house. Forget it, he still dares to run into my room until now, the young master doesn’t show his power, he really thinks we are an abandoned house Lin Yu showed a malicious smile, don’t look at him as a dead house now, but in terms of personality, he is definitely extremely bad From the fact that he dared to torture elementary school students to tears while playing a game, it can be seen how insane he is. If he caught this guy who broke into a private house, he would never hand it over to the police so easily. In any case, he should call the police after he ravages As for whether he can beat Lin Yu, he said that no matter how messy the kitchen knife is in his hand, he is not afraid of snapping. Blinking his eyes, he shrugged his shoulders with some self-mocking. Meow, last night, he should not have been open up wasteland all night. In broad daylight, he even had hallucinations. In front of him was not the room he was familiar with, but the exquisite and gorgeous palace like magnificent and magnificent carved beams and painted buildings. Although Lin Yu did not personally He has been to the Forbidden City in the capital of China, but he can be sure that the magnificence of the hall in front of him is far more than any palace that has ever existed in the world.
It is not an illusion! A cute loli voice broke Lin Yu’s self-comfort The corners of her mouth twitched and she raised her head to look forward.
In the middle of the hall, a little loli with long blue hair was looking at him prettyly, showing a bright smile.
When she was about to say something, Lin Yu suddenly withdrew. With his shocked expression, he returned to the little Lolita with a bright smile of a standard warm man, and then slapped the little Lolita with a stiff expression on his face, Lin Yu closed the door with the speed of a single year like a single year, and thundered He locked it before he could hide his ears, then opened the window as fast as an abandoned house could achieve, and then threw the key out with the greatest strength, wiped the sweat that didn’t exist on his forehead, Lin Yu patted with a smile on his face.
After clapping his hands and finishing the work, he nodded in satisfaction.
Lin Yu took out his mobile phone and prepared to call the real estate agency.
The bank is also a waste of a house, and it can be settled in minutes.
Young master, can I afford to provoke or hide? He has not forgotten that when he saw that little lolita, he felt a feeling of wanting to worship him.
If not He is determined in his heart, and he probably knelt down at the first sight of her, maybe not to mention the unscientific question of why his room is connected to a certain palace.