Wei Yuan now His Majesty intends to let Wei Yuan serve as the commanderinchief of Chuzhou and then Wang Zhenwen will have to move away

Xu Qi’an wakes up faintly and smells the damp and rancid smell in the air, which makes him feel slightly uncomfortable.
Stomach acid surges. What’s the matter with the smell that hits his face? Xu Qi’an, who is pulling his head above his head, has a breed of dog called Husky, commonly known as Erha. He has been drifting in the north for ten years.
This person is lonely. After being lonely for a long time, he will inevitably want to raise a dog.
The comfort and entertainment is not physical.
Open your eyes and look at the surrounding Xu Qi’an is confused I glanced at the stone-built wall with three square windows the size of a bowl. He lay on the cold tattered straw mat.
The sun shone through the square windows and shone on his chest.
The dust floated in the beams of light. Where am I? For a moment, he really suspected that he was born. I went through a frenzy of memories, and he didn’t even give him a chance to react. Inserted forcefully into his brain and flowed quickly. The monthly salary is two taels of silver and one stone of rice.
Father was an old soldier who died in the Shanhai War 19 years ago. Then his mother also died of illness. Thinking of this, Xu Qi’an feels a little relieved. We all know that it’s not easy for people who have both parents to die. I didn’t expect to be a policeman. In his previous life, Xu Qi’an had a toothache.
In his previous life, he graduated from the police academy and successfully entered the system.
He won a golden job. However, although Xu Qi’an followed the path his parents chose for him, his heart is not in the profession of public servant.
A sentence in the diary So I resigned brazenly and went into business But why am I in prison? He worked hard to digest his memory and soon understood the situation he was in. Xu Qi’an was raised by his second uncle since he was a child. Because of this, his aunt disliked the two silver coins. After reaching the peak of refining, he stagnated at the age of 12.
Under the pressure of his aunt, he moved out of Xu Zhai to live alone. Through his uncle’s relationship, he got a job as a policeman in the yamen. He was living a good life. Thinking that three days ago, the seventh-rank green-robed second uncle who was on duty at Yudaowei escorted a batch of tax money to the household department and lost a total of 150,000 taels of silver in an accident. In the future, relatives of the three clans would be beheaded, even the males would be sent to the frontier female relatives and sent to the Jiaofang Division as Xu Pingzhi’s nephew. Spend the rest of your life in the desolate frontier.
The start is hell mode.
Xu Qi’an’s back is chilled and his heart is half cold.
This world is under the rule of a feudal dynasty.
What is the frontier without human rights? None of the prisoners could live for more than ten years, and more people died of various accidental diseases on the way before reaching the border.
Xu Qi’an’s scalp exploded with a chill, and the system fell silent for a moment.
System System Dad, come out, Xu Qi’an’s voice was eager and silent.
There is no system, and there is no system, which means that he has almost no way to change the status quo. In two days, he will be shackled and chained and sent to the border. With his body, he should not die on the way, but this is not good for the life of a tool man.
Xu Qi’an’s beautiful fantasy about traveling through ancient times shattered like a bubble, and there is only anxiety and fear.
I must find a way to save myself.
Spinning around like an ant on a hot pot like a beast falling into a trap Thinking hard about countermeasures I am at the peak of refinement, physically strong and scary, but in this world I belong to the unyielding Silver Prison escape is impossible, relying on clan and friends The Xu family is not a big clan and the clansmen are scattered A whole hundred and fifty thousand taels of tax money has been robbed, who dares to intercede at this juncture? According to the Dafeng law, if you make amends, you will be exempted from the death penalty unless you get back the money. Life-saving straw He is a serious police school graduate with rich theoretical knowledge, clear logic and strong reasoning ability, and has read countless cases. Maybe he can try to solve the case to recover the money, commit crimes and make meritorious service, but then the light in his eyes dims and he wants to solve the case. First of all, you have to read the files to understand the details of the case, and then investigate and solve the case.
Now he is in a prison, screaming every day, not working, and after two days, he will be sent to the border. Drunk at the bar, woke up drunk, and was in prison. Thinking about it, maybe he was poisoned and died before time travel. God gave him a chance to time travel. He didn’t let him live again, but he thought it was too easy for him to die.
Severe punishment Although he was beaten by the society in his previous life, he lived in a peaceful and prosperous age.
You said how good it is to be born again.
Not to mention stealing your parents’ savings, you went to buy a house and then cooperated with your mother to break the hands of your father who loves stocks, so that he can’t do it. At this time, there was the sound of chains being swiped at the end of the dark corridor.
It should be that the door opened, followed by the sound of footsteps.
A jailer led a haggard handsome scholar to stop in front of Xu Qi’an’s cell door. The jailer took a look at the scholar.
Half a stick of incense time, the scholar bowed to the jailer and watched the jailer leave. He turned around and faced Xu Qi’an. The scholar was wearing a moon-white robe, and his long black hair was tied on a jade hairpin. Relevant memories of this person Xu Jiaerlang Xu Xinian’s second uncle’s son Xu Qi’an’s cousin Xu Qi’an’s cousin in the fall this year Xu Xinian looked straight at him calmly You can rest assured that there will be no accidents on the way.
What about you?