Wei Yihao what are you doing You are holding Jiyuan Qiongfangs in public What are you doing with both hands The result of the love

Dare to be a hero in front of the evil crowd with enthusiasm How the earthlings dominate in space Can Wei Yihao embrace the alien loli back home Time and time again, the psychological experience beyond reality makes Wei Yihao, a psychology major, face love, hatred, and interstellar survival Feeling powerless and at a loss for intrigue, black hole star technology star material star thinking makes people come to a star reading chapter Chapter 1 let you ride a spaceship I just like his boy’s firm voice from the loudspeaker device inside the mask to Wei Yihao’s receiver In the device, I just want to be with him. The boy added a sentence in Wei Yihao’s studio. On the subtitles displayed on the simultaneous screen, he is not a woman.
She has a girl in the other window. Her voice to Wei Yihao is also as solid as a rock. Want to marry her? Wei Yihao was taken aback when he heard it because the subtitles displayed on the simultaneous screen in his studio showed that she was not a man. Something is wrong with the horse, these two customers haven’t dealt with it yet, the penguin pattern on the lower right corner of the screen keeps flashing again, the message box pops up subtitles one after another, come to Expert Wei, I don’t want to say the fourth sentence to my family every day, can you help me find a way I go to work all day so I don’t have time to go out with him Expert Wei, you can teach me how she likes someone else Expert Wei, please help me get her heart back quickly She wears a protective mask every day, can you convince her that I will give you a villa, you saw my message and did not reply Expert Wei, this is my ninety-ninth date, if you can make me succeed this time hehehe reward Well, Expert Wei, I have a big knot in my heart. If you help me solve my antiques and let you choose one, Expert Wei.
My girlfriend is eighteen years younger than me. How can you help me convince her parents? Seventh Aunt Eighth Aunt Wei Expert Why didn’t you reply to my message for a long time? I’m shaking you for a long time. I fell in love with my teacher. It takes six strokes to swallow cough cough cough I feel uncomfortable looking at it Expert Wei, you must help me find a way Expert Wei please I beg you My tomboy just plays games all day long If you cure it Well, the reward is up to you Make a price.
Expert Wei, expert Wei, expert Wei Yihao’s exclusive browsing webpage is full of videos and texts of this kind of news.
Unexpectedly, the first day of the opening of the Interstellar Physiotherapy Center, the business is so hot.
This is Wei Yihao’s unexpected.
Wei Yihao managed to deal with it. After finishing the online consultation on the Interstellar Physiotherapy Museum website, a robot on duty screen popped up. On the webpage, I quickly grabbed a high-energy compressed lunch and devoured it. This lunch can be regarded as dinner. It should be Beijing time at this time.
It’s hookup time to swallow this compressed lunch After swallowing three mouthfuls, Wei Yihao felt that there was another living body in the house. Wei Yihao was extremely surprised.
The temporarily rented house has a seven-level computer anti-theft device. They all wear closed helmets, but Wei Yihao has a sixth sense that they are human beings, they are definitely not earthlings, but they are also aliens belonging to the human branch. Panicked and forced himself to stand up, he shouted, Hey, it is illegal for you to enter a house with a gun, I want to sue the middle one of the three of you who is holding a weapon, blame me for speaking Daringly muttering what are you talking about? I can’t understand you talking about three days and three nights is useless.
Anyway, I don’t understand.
The man with the weapon in the middle heard Wei Yihao’s words and quickly put them on his clothes covered with sensors. After clicking a few times before speaking, hey, you are not from a dimensional planet. No wonder you can’t understand me. Fortunately, we have a universal language implant chip. You can tidy up a little bit and follow us right away. It’s so strong, it can decompose my language structure in just one minute, and it can be converted immediately.
It’s amazing to communicate with me in the same language.
Then he has a big head.
Isn’t it bad that he has to go through other procedures besides online registration to start a business here? The formalities are not complete, so you don’t need to rush in with a loaded gun.
We are good people. The man with the gun in the middle said, “I see, you have nothing to take with you. Your ability is in your brain and go immediately.
Don’t waste time.
” Wei Yihao Seeing that the situation is out of his control, the hero doesn’t want to suffer the immediate loss, so he stands up and walks out the door. As soon as he goes out, the man behind him with a gun closes the door.
Wei Yihao was about to say oops, my key is locked inside. A bunch of keys fell into his arms.
These aliens are awesome! Even I, Wei Yihao, can predict what I think in advance, so is this little ink in my belly still useful on this planet? Let’s ask It’s not too much, I just want to start my own business and find a job for myself. Who told you that jobs on this planet are so hard to find, you Wei expert, don’t think about it, hurry up and get on the back of the spaceship, the person who threw the key to Wei Yihao shouted Dao Wei Yihao opened his eyes wide and looked around to scan for spaceships and ships. The outside of the ship is obviously blank and there is air everywhere. Is today an April Fool’s Day on your planet? Do you think I’m an idiot? We’re not wrong. I also graduated from a top ten prestigious university with a bachelor’s degree The alien in the middle