Wei Qiao smiled lightly and said Chen The two sons of the shopkeeper are also good Chen Qi laughed and said nothing turned his eyes

The sun is as warm as cotton, and the golden light shines into the room through the simple and simple window edges. A trace of luster flows, illuminating the bright and bright hall with a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Young master, you really don’t remember the past. The white chess piece fell down with a snap, and the fifteen or sixteen girl raised her pretty face, big eyes, and stared at the man opposite, yes, the man opposite was about 20 years old, with clear features and delicate features, and lightly hummed, the black chess piece gently put down on the top of her head.
The legs are on the knees, the hands are inserted into the bosom, the eyelids are opened and closed, and the expression is extremely enjoyable. The girl is wearing a warm-colored light yellow short coat. The long green skirt just lands on the little jade lotus feet that can be grasped. It is very cute when it is bouncing and moving. The girl raised her white and tender hand, slapped the chess piece, then dropped it with great power, and said softly, young master, do you still remember what happened to us before? The man who closed his eyes and meditated opened his eyes and glanced at her.
Said that you lent me ten pennies and still haven’t paid it back. When the young girl heard it, her pretty face flushed, she stared, then her small face wrinkled, her small mouth pouted and her teeth were gritted.
She said, it must be the secret of the dead Xiangling. When she saw the man across the way Still looking like an old god wandering around the world, the little girl suddenly became discouraged again, pinching the chess pieces with her white tender hands and staring at the chessboard for a long time, she said in surprise, “Master, you lost.
” The man slowly opened his eyes and glanced at the chessboard lazily. The black chess pieces fell down with a snap, retracted their hands, and said nonchalantly. The girl stared at the new chess game on the chessboard, which seemed like a carp jumping over a dragon’s gate. She froze for a moment, stuck out her tongue at the man who had closed his eyes, and squeezed it again with a red face. The chess piece looked up on the chessboard, young master, you really don’t remember, the girl looked at it for a long time and didn’t know where to put it, raised her head and hesitated, the man replied lazily, tilting his head, the sunlight cast on half of his face, the golden luster flowed, and his expression was extremely comfortable The enjoyment girl held up the chess piece and quietly tried several places. Finally, she sighed in distress and complained, “Master, I taught you how I can’t play you.
” Standing up at the waist and looking down at her old-timer’s lesson, playing chess requires not only experience but also savvy. After finishing speaking, the man turned around and walked out of the house. It has been a month since he has gradually gotten used to this kind of extremely leisurely life. Stretching out his hand, this is the day he pursued so hard a month ago, now he can easily get Jinling, the capital of Daqi Dynasty, now he is the young master of the Wei family, Wei Qiao, Wei Liyuan, according to the maid Wan’er behind him, he is still a scholar A few months later, there will be another Jinshi competition. The old man of the Wei family, Wei Fu, died suddenly two and a half years ago.
Qiao suddenly fell ill, which made the Wei family, who had only one seedling left, jump wildly and nervously, and everyone was relieved that Wei Qiao finally woke up.
However, his temperament has changed a bit. He is no longer buried in reading all day long, like a little daughter-in-law who is about to get married.
Now she not only goes out every now and then to go to teahouses to listen to storytelling, but also jokes with maids and servants. People were a bit unruly and laughed it off, which made him the most popular person in the Wei family in less than a month, but his memory loss happened even in the Wei family. The entire Jinling biography is still raging, and the waves are still in the Wei family, one of the three major cloth merchants in Jinling. Every move involves many people.
The neurowei family’s only seedling, who is critically ill, recovers, recovers, and loses memory.
It has become the hottest topic among Jinling people after dinner. Wei Qiao didn’t care about these few days. After meeting with the client of the Wei family, his nominal sister-in-law Li Xiluan, his life has not changed much.
Reading, writing, writing, going out, listening to storytelling, leisurely, Waner doesn’t clean up the mess, watching Wei Qiao go Outside the house, two small hands resting on her pink chin, she said to herself that everything is good, young master, but he is too tired and lazy, I have to ask Xiangling to follow him, or he will get lost again.
After a few days, Wei Qiao has gradually gotten used to the life here.
The incomparably deep mirror image in his memory has gradually become blurred.
Sometimes he even wonders if it is a dream. Maybe only dreams can be so real.
Wei Qiao did not ask why there is such a thing.
He gradually became familiar with the small bridges, rockery, flowing water and lakes, and he also got used to the way of wearing clothes, wearing a belt and going out, carrying a fan, walking and riding in a carriage, and his life was extremely comfortable.
A lifelike twisting dragon gradually appeared on his body. Not far in front of him, Xiang Ling, who was wearing a loose pink flower dress, stared at Wei Qiao’s right hand without blinking. He looks extremely cute.
What is Uncle Wan’er doing recently? In an attic more than a dozen feet away from Wei Qiao, a young woman with a high bun, a coquettish figure, and a cold expression stared at the sculpture in Wei Qiao’s hand, slightly frowned, and said in a low voice. Wan’er, who was behind her indifferently, had a small face, and her face was tense.
The young lady was fierce, and Master Wei died of illness.
It only took her half a month to quell the raging turmoil in the family. Now in the Wei family, the young lady is a woman with a strong promise and inviolable power. Wan’er, the family member, knows that the young lady doesn’t like the young master who is idle all day long or playful.
She hopes that the young master can make the Wei family proud by taking the imperial examinations. Young Master Li Xiluan, who is either reading books or practicing handwriting very diligently recently, turned her head and glanced at her lightly.