Wei Li and Channing Frye looked at each other they both subconsciously felt a little worried but their manager still didnt feel this way Denzel

And if someone loves you unreservedly you’ll be promoted too You’re the real Chosen One You’ll be the basketball god beyond that old hooligan Author Custom Tag Student Hot Blood Chapter If it all starts over in California In February, like a child’s face, it changes as soon as it says it changes.
In the afternoon, the sea is still blue and the sky is cloudy.
In the evening, it suddenly darkened. The dark clouds piled up in midair, oppressing people who were in a hurry. Li Zhen was lying in the southwest of Palo Alto. On the sofa in a small apartment in the district, his pretty fair face is full of exhaustion and horror.
He just woke up from a long nightmare. He dreamed of his life. Laughing at the huge pressure, he gave up his studies and set out to build a social networking site like his friend Dustin, but the result was that this company burned his savings of one million dollars. After failing to start a business, he had no choice but to return to the Bay Area to enter a company.
The Internet company turned out to be due to internal strife in the company and the failure of his parents to return to China to do business, so he returned to China from the United States and wasted years in a small Internet company.
This is definitely not the life he wants because he doesn’t even have a girlfriend. Li Zhen rubbed his hair, which was already very bad.
He knew it was because he was under too much pressure recently.
Was it really a mistake to transfer from Harvard University to Stanford a year ago? My basketball dream is just like what my mother said.
That’s a joke.
Li Zhen sighed helplessly. As the only four-star Chinese point guard in the history of American high school basketball, he was very confident before transferring to the Pacific Division. When he was studying at Harvard, he was once an Ivy League school. The league’s assists and steals kings, but it was only later that he realized that the Ivy League was nothing compared to other leagues.
He turned on the Chinese channel on the TV, and it happened to be broadcasting a basketball program, the god of basketball Michael Jordan and his wife Hu Anita entered the palace of marriage and later raised a son and a daughter.
But Juanita filed for divorce in 2011. The reason she gave was that she could not bear Michael’s repeated cheating. The two parties had irreconcilable conflicts.
She even wrote a long-page divorce lawsuit document, but due to the property and compensation relationship, the divorce case took years.
Yesterday, the two parties finally reached an out-of-court settlement agreement. It is rumored that Michael will pay his ex-wife up to 100 million for the breakup. Fei has to say that this is one of the most expensive divorce and breakup fees in the history of sports.
The scumbag Li Zhen muttered subconsciously.
The words that popped up suddenly made him both strange and familiar. The word seemed to be brought out of a nightmare. Shaking my head, the news on the tv is still playing.
This morning we got an interview with the head coach of the Stanford Crimson, Coach McHerney. The Crimson went out of the Pacific in the remaining three conference games due to injuries to two of the main players of the season.
The possibility of the competition area is almost zero, so he regretfully announced that the focus of the team’s work this season will shift from preparations to signings. I interviewed him on the topic of Chinese guard Li Zhen.
The screen changed to the honest and charitable Coach McHearney. Coach McHarney once served as an assistant coach for the Lakers for a long time and made great contributions to the Lakers Dynasty. He took charge of the Crimson Team three years ago.
The coach also helped the team score strong that season, and the team’s ace Childress also entered the lottery pick by virtue of his outstanding performance in the knockout round.
This is why Li Zhen is one of the few lottery picks at Stanford.
The biggest reason for transferring from Harvard to Stanford is the coaching ability of Coach McHearney, followed by Stanford’s natural conditions. Stanford is in a high-level Pacific League and can play round-robin matches with the strongest teams. Because Stanford itself is not strong, it can get a lot of benefits. Little playing time, but Bruce is a smart, enthusiastic, cautious and very hardworking player.
His ball handling ability is the strongest and most incredible I have ever seen. He has amazing creativity and talent. Sometimes he makes all the audience jump and cheer. assists but we have to admit his body can’t keep up with his mind compared to other players he is too skinny even though he is 1.86m tall he only weighs 1kg that’s why I can’t keep him on the court for a long time The last three games I’ll give him some chances but next season well you know he has a super smart brain he should focus on his studies he can definitely achieve something that shocks the world bang Li Zhen turned off the TV it’s good for him He has already put all his eggs in one basket to play basketball. In spite of his parents’ opposition, he resolutely transferred from Harvard to Stanford, which angered his powerful mother.
Ms. Wang Junzhu, a professor of biology at New York University, was very angry and said that if Li Zhen didn’t return to Harvard.
And she chooses to major in life sciences, she will refuse to pay Li Zhen any tuition and living expenses The team will no longer register him as a player next season, and he can no longer enjoy the high living allowance from the school.
Although he has saved some lucky money over the years and earned almost ten thousand dollars through scholarship competition awards, including developing web pages for others, it has all been spent. Invested in the website that Dustin co-founded, he has less than 1,500 dollars in his bank card account, and he has to pay the rent next month, so he really can only bow his head, admit his mistake, and go home obediently to be a rich second generation? Ding Dong at this time A voice came from the laptop next to the sofa.
It was an email from Zuckerberg.
He opened it and saw that it said dear Li Zhen