Wei dont be angry student Wang Xiao has been a little crazy recently maybe he wrote this paper without thinking about it just read it

The content uploaded by users begins with the era of magic technology.
Author Chopin’s Original Sin. Chapter 1.
Memories of 100,000 years.
In the dream of ten thousand years, life is in the dream. The world he lives in is a magical world dominated by magic. The power of magic can be developed to the limit and can destroy the world.
In a hundred thousand years, Wang Xiao has grown from a magic apprentice to the entire magic world.
The first peak magician in history, he personally led the rapid development of the magic world and the popularization of magic applications, and presided over the exploration of the mysteries of the void. It took 50,000 years to establish a super mage in the void.
The tower once developed magic to the point where it is ubiquitous in the life of the whole world. Unfortunately, the energy of the magic world is exhausted in the end.
It seems that like all civilizations, they have encountered an energy crisis that they must face. All magicians have lost all their magic items. All turned into useless rubbish Civilized society of 100,000 years regressed back to its original state in an instant The whole world withered all life as the world returned to chaos The void disappeared as if it had never existed before Like a dream The endless chaos The incoming magic god who possesses the power to destroy the heavens and the earth will also wipe out the dream of a hundred thousand years. It seems that the magic world has just developed from the magician profession, and then there is a conferred god who stands at the peak of the magician. Then it took only 100,000 years for the process of developing until the magic energy was exhausted and the whole world was destroyed In the daze, someone pushed his body vigorously. Wang Xiao suddenly shook his body, his whole body was like an elf, and then he opened his eyes.
What he saw in his sight was a big pie face dangling in front of his eyes.
Zhang Qiang, Wang Xiao’s mind was still flowing The one hundred thousand year dream of Fashen suddenly looked at the pie face in front of him, it seemed to be a very distant memory. Generally, I am a student majoring in computer technology in the Department of Information Technology, Donghai University of Science and Technology. This is my roommate Zhang Qiang.
In my memory, Zhang Qiang is a little boy The fat man’s round face looks like a child’s. In fact, he is already a third-year dog. Sometimes he is called “uncle” by the first-year elementary school girl.
Seeing Wang Xiao’s still confused face, Zhang Qiang took another shot Patted Wang Xiao on the forehead, then turned around, picked up a bun on the table, took a bite, and muttered, Brother Xiaosa, it’s almost nine o’clock, today’s big class is half past nine, if you don’t get up, you will be late, you forgot what day it is Who is going to give us a big class? The boss has already finished eating and took a seat for us.
He stared blankly at Zhang Qiang, who was eating buns, and some information quickly came to his mind. Putting aside those 100,000-year dreams for a while, I remembered that today is a very important day, because today is the day when Academician Li Haisheng of the Beijing Academy of Sciences came to give them an open class.
Academician Li Haisheng is a frontier researcher in the field of physics in China, especially He has made a lot of achievements in space physics. He has published several papers with good response in both Science and Nature magazines, and he is well-known in the world physics circle.
The concept of space physics, given by the best-selling book in the world, has changed from something that no one knew before to a popular subject that everyone can talk about some concepts, especially for the students of Donghai University of Science and Technology, which is a national key university. If you can’t say a few words about black holes, wormholes, three-dimensional space, multi-dimensional space, surface space, quantum theory, etc., you would be ashamed to say that you are an elite student who keeps up with the times, so Academician Li Haisheng’s open class attracted a lot of people from the school. Students sign up no matter what department they are in to join in the fun, so as to add some bragging capital. Wang Xiao finished reading the brief history of time in high school. I think many of the descriptions in it are too general.
It just tells a general concept and then uses these concepts. Connected together, it looks mysterious and mysterious. For ordinary people, it feels the same as reading a magic novel In the dream, he flashed past the power of being a god of magic that can overturn mountains and seas at his fingertips, and the magic props that can be seen everywhere in life in the magical civilization world, but it was just a dream.
He laughed at himself and got out of bed and put on his pants. I don’t even wash my face or brush my teeth with my jacket, grab the buns and start eating