We There is no ability to resist him at all Meng Qianqiu is really vicious we did not provoke him at all he is hostile

A young man’s struggle history Growing up in a small town Chapter 1 Ten years of waiting for the rise of the present Lin Han ran out of the east gate of Qingshan City just before dawn with excitement and came to a hidden hill outside the city Looking at the sun rising from the center of the east, Lin Han sat cross-legged with his stomach straightened, and began to breathe out wisps of purple gas, just like the purple gas rising from the far east, facing the hot sun that had just risen in the east. Slowly rotating around Lin Han’s body, and then being sucked into his body by Lin Han, the sage, the source of the five decaying worlds, the purple energy coming from the east, the chaotic core, muttering words in his mouth, Lin Han’s hands slowly raised, palms facing each other and placed horizontally on his chest. A mass of dead gray gas slowly emerged from Lin Han’s chest.
The dead gray gas continued to rotate and then turned into a ball the size of an egg.
It seemed to condense into a dead gray ball the size of a solid egg. After spinning for a while, it moved slightly. It turned into a dead gray light and shot into Lin Han’s dantian.
After ten years, he finally broke through the first stage of the Chaos God King Body and successfully condensed the Chaos Core.
Lin Han let out a long sigh of relief. Opened his eyes, his eyes flashed with excitement and joy, he clenched his fists and muttered excitedly to himself, Lin Han was originally a small white-collar worker on the earth. Because of a car accident, his soul traveled to this world and became the son of the head of the Lin family in Qingshan City, following him There is also a book from which his soul traveled through.
This book is called Chaos God King Body, and the world Lin Han is in now is a world of qi refining. The Chaos God King Physique is an incomparably mysterious Qi Refining Cheats. With joy, Lin Han stood up from the ground and punched out on his fist.
Immediately, balls of black gas emerged and engulfed his entire body. The fist was tightly wrapped, looking at the black gas that wrapped his fist, Lin Han’s face was shocked but joyful, his body didn’t stop, another set of punches, punches like lightning, feet falling like arrows, like thunder Sitting as swiftly as an ancient bell standing like a pine, I didn’t expect that just after the chaotic heart core was condensed, the first kind of chaotic energy was formed in the body. Close your eyes and look inside, you can feel a wisp of black gas next to the dead gray chaotic core in the dantian in your body, slowly rotating around the chaotic core, the chaotic god king body in Lin Han’s mind is divided into four realms The first level is to use the purple energy to rise to the east in the morning to condense the chaotic core.
The second level is to condense the chaotic core to form the chaotic gas. However, there are nine types of chaotic gas, each of which has its own different effects. The third level is Chaos Qi transforms into Chaos Element, same as Chaos Qi, and Chaos Element is also divided into nine types.
The fourth layer is the condensed Chaos God King Body.
After condensing the Chaos God King Body, he becomes the king of all gods.
After ten years of practicing the Chaos God King Body, Lin Han finally broke through.
The first stage condenses the core of chaos and As soon as the chaotic core was successfully condensed, the first kind of chaotic qi was born. The bullish and vigorous thunder qi, this kind of chaotic qi is extremely domineering and powerful, and the first kind of chaotic qi was born.
Lin Han’s cultivation has also reached the level in this world.
In the early days of the Dou Qi Realm, the world Lin Han lived in was called the Rich Continent. On the Rich Continent, the Qi refining was multiplied to its peak, and it was divided into nine realms, commonly known as the Nine Realms of Qi Refining.
These nine realms are Qi Gathering Realm, Dou Qi Realm and Xuan Qi Realm. Boundary Qi Zongjing Human King Realm Emperor Venerable Realm Saint Emperor Realm Heavenly Human Realm Shattering Void Realm And each realm is divided into three phases: front, middle and back The Qi Gathering Realm is a large amount of aura with different attributes formed in the body through inhalation and breathing The aura is stored in the dantian and through continuous refinement, it can finally be sent out from the pores of the body to defend against the enemy. After reaching the aura state, you can practice spiritual skills. Spiritual skills can greatly enhance the attack ability of aura. Although the spiritual skills that determine the victory or defeat of a battle between qi refiners can be divided into brilliant and mediocre, there is no accurate classification. It mainly depends on the individual’s use and proficiency of spiritual skills.
Lin Han’s current cultivation base has stepped into fighting spirit.
According to the strength distribution of Qingshan City in the early stage, Lin Han is eighteen years old and possesses the cultivation base of the early stage of fighting spirit.
Although he is not the leader of the younger generation, he is not as good as the evil genius of the younger generation.
At least Lin Han is younger in Qingshan City. Medium is still considered to be of medium strength. Now I want to see who in the family dares to bully me and who dares to force my father to improve his strength? In addition to joy, there is also a trace of sadness in Lin Han’s eyes, and at the same time, there is endless hatred in his sad eyes. Subconsciously clenched his fists, Lin Han clenched his lips, blood flowed out. For the past ten years, he has been living a life of tolerance, waiting for this day to come. He has the ability to protect himself and change his life.
Ten years ago, Lin Han Han’s soul traveled to the son of the head of the Lin family in Qingshan City and became the current Lin Han. Although the Lin family is a big family in Qingshan City and Lin Han is the son of the head of the Lin family, Lin Han’s life in the past ten years has not been very good.
It was very difficult because on the first day Lin Han traveled to this world, his father Lin Zongyun was abolished by the mysterious person. Although he is still the head of the Lin family, he is a patriarch in name only, and Lin Han cultivated the Chaos God King Body to condense The chaotic heart core is very slow, so the cultivation base has always stayed at the early stage of Qi Gathering. For this reason, the father and son have suffered a lot in the family.
Thinking about ten years of life, the hatred in Lin Han’s heart is like the clenched fists of a surging river. It took a long time for Lin Han to wake up from the boundless hatred and see that the sun had risen above his head and it was time for lunch.