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Author Xiqin Xie Shao Tiantian Basing Introduction Feng Yixi’s life was good at first, but because he was addicted to gambling and lost his fortune, he was filled with remorse and couldn’t face his family and girlfriend, so he chose to escape to Tianjin to find his old friend Fatty who It was expected that the nightmare would start after he moved into the dead rental house.
He and the fat man found a black and white photo of six coffin nails in the cabinet of the house. When the two pulled out the nails In the abandoned office of a mysterious institution, I accidentally discovered a large number of video tapes about me, all of which are related to a huge ruins of an ancient city with a strange human face in the jungle of Mangshan.
Soon a mysterious foreign organization found it. I and we embarked on the road of exploration together. This is a dangerous life-and-death crossing Foreword I am from Guangzhou. I am 29 years old and my name is Feng Yixi. I have always thought this name is very strange. Doesn’t it mean that I will die in the west? I asked my parents why they gave me such a name before. Dad said This was given by your second uncle.
He used to be a famous writer. Your mother and I have no culture, so when I gave birth to you, I asked your second uncle to give you the name.
I asked this name again.
My father asked me if it was Not good? It’s loud and foreign, but my second uncle died when I was four years old, so I didn’t have a chance to ask him what the name he gave me meant after I graduated from university. I found a job in a foreign company in Beijing.
In the next few years, I got along pretty well and became a department manager.
The salary is not the same as when I first started working.
At the same time, I also met a girlfriend with pretty good conditions. Her name is Han Wenna. She is a beautiful model and has a good figure. I have a cheerful and kind personality, and I don’t have any lofty aspirations.
Find a good wife, earn more money, and live a peaceful life.
I feel very satisfied.
So looking at it this way, my life has probably been smooth sailing for the past 27 or 8 years.
As the saying goes, there are unpredictable things in the sky, people have three declines and six prosperity. Fate sometimes really seems to be playing tricks on people.
Maybe I have been too smooth these years, so God wants to test me. Maybe it is more appropriate to say torture. Since the beginning of the year, my life has turned upside down. During this year, many horrible and unimaginable things are waiting for me Exuberant, I have been attracted to the name for a long time, and I have always wanted to see it. That day, I got up late because of my sleepiness. When I arrived at Lingyin Temple, the morning ritual performance was over. However, I have never believed in ghosts, so I don’t feel too regretful. I thought it was just that I didn’t see a lot of excitement, so I just wandered around to watch the scenic spots. The temple and Feilai Peak are really magnificent. I walked around and looked around like this.
Before I knew it, it was already past noon and I felt hungry, so I went to the temple.
I found a shop that sells vegetarian food outside, ordered two random dishes, and ordered a pot of Longjing tea. Although there is no wine or meat, it tastes very sweet. I sat next to the window facing the street and saw an old man who was setting up a fortune-telling stall outside him. There is a sign hanging on the table in front of it. The word is ten yuan and the sign is twenty. I thought to myself that there are also fortune-telling booths in this tourist attraction.
Isn’t this advocating feudal superstition? I have always been very interested in word testing and fortune-telling. Although I have no superstitious thoughts, I think this knowledge is very profound.
A person who does a good test must have a high IQ, so I decided to go to the word tester to test a few words after dinner.
I am interested in this because I have heard a very interesting stand-up comedy by Liu Baorui before.
The cross talk roughly means that there is a character tester who can measure characters very accurately, and three hooligans want to trouble him. The test results for them were that the boss was treated to dinner, the second was given a suit of clothes, the third was beaten up, and the result was fulfilled.
The three rascals were very curious, so they asked the sir why, why did all three of them test the word pig? Mr. Good and Bad said it’s not surprising that all three of you reported the word pig.
The first pig is called a fat pig. The next time the pig came to arch the door, the owner thought the pig was full and the door was arched, maybe it was cold, so add some grass.
The third time the pig came to arch the door, the owner was not happy. The wit of a character tester was so admirable that he was full of food, paid for the meal, and went straight to the teacher.
When he came over, he smiled at me and greeted me. I sat down and asked me if the young man wants to test the word or ask for a signature. I said, old man, let me test the word first.
Written on it, I think there is a word in my name. This word is the easiest to write and once it has the meaning of the first, the result of the calculation must be good. Although I understand the truth that a gentleman asks for disasters and not for blessings, I am still worried about bad results.
Even people who are not superstitious want to hear good things from others, so they picked up a pen and wrote a word on paper. Mr.
wrote this word to me with a heavy expression for a long time without answering. Explain, Mr. Zizi sighed, young man, this word is the last stroke of life and the first stroke of death.
The end of life and the beginning of death are also the master’s culprit.