Watching the centaur kick him into residual blood and then add a skill his screen suddenly went black and the pig girl next to him

Chapter 1 I have a problem with my brain. News flash. The e-sports industry has reached 10 billion.
The game League of Legends registered players have reached 100 million. According to the news from the reporter ahead, Xue Wei, the middle laner of the team, announced his retirement today at an annual price of 100 million In a luxurious room of the Shark Live Broadcasting Hotel, a large LCD TV is broadcasting news. The sound of the TV is very loud, but no one is watching it in the room.
Combined with the purpose of broadcasting news in this place of the hotel, it is self-evident that men and women do that.
When this kind of thing happens, it is inevitable that the sound will be unavoidable. The function of the TV is to cover up the sound of groans. The room is a mess, and there are scattered clothes everywhere, which is enough to see that the battle is very intense. There is a sound of breathing from the hissing white bed.
Chen Mo sat up from the bed.
Retching, constantly patting his chest, coughing, after a hangover, his head seemed to be hit hard, and his head was about to split.
It took a while for Chen Mo to come back to his senses.
He looked at the surrounding environment and was a little confused. What’s going on? I’m in a bar, right? Why did I come to the hotel and so on? I remember being drunk, and then Chen Mo suddenly thought of something. He immediately lifted the quilt and saw a fair figure lying next to him. It was a very beautiful woman with a little flush on her delicate face. The slender limbs without an inch of hair, the delicate and smooth body and the slender waist can easily tease the desire in his heart, but Chen Mo didn’t have the heart to think about it.
He saw a bright red plum blossom on the white sheet and His name is different. Chen Mo has never been a silent person. On the contrary, he is very promiscuous.
His father is a doctor and his mother is a lawyer. Although he is not a rich second generation, he is still relatively rich.
In addition to his handsome appearance, Chen Mo is a mobile hormone doctor.
Lawyers and lawyers, these two professions earn a lot of money, but they are both very busy, which makes no one care about Chen Mo. He naturally becomes so profligate. There are dozens of young ladies on his WeChat who can communicate in depth at any time, but profligate.
Guilang Chen Mo is still very principled. He knows that he can’t give others love, so he won’t provoke those young ladies who long for love. This time, it’s troublesome. Chen Mo patted his head with a headache. At the end of many years, the horse stumbled.
He had an urge to run away, but he suppressed it in the end.
Although I am not a good person, I can’t do things like pulling dicks and being ruthless. When Chen Mo was struggling, the eyelashes of the girl on the bed trembled. Slowly woke up, Jiang Ruoxue felt a little dizzy, felt a bit of coolness in her body, she slowly opened her eyes, but saw the luxuriously decorated lamps, the TV was loud and a bit noisy, this is a hotel Why did I wake up in an instant? Why am I in a hotel? I’m not in a bar. Damn it. When it came to the bar, she immediately understood that she must be drunk. Then she was taken to the hotel and looked at the room. She found that At this time, the murderer, Chen Mo, was sitting on the chair next to him with a full face of hesitation. He didn’t even wear a pair of clothes dangling in the air. He was very handsome. This was Jiang Ruoxue’s first impression of Chen Mo. She couldn’t help feeling a little glad that at least the other party wasn’t a greasy man. Uncle Jiang Ruoxue was a little complicated about being taken away by a stranger for the first time, she didn’t know how to deal with the police, saying he raped her, don’t be kidding, she suggested to come to the hotel at the bar, she was drunk at the time, how could I think of so much, neither of us knew what to do It’s good, so we kept silent with each other for a long time.
After Chen Mo realized that going on like this is not an option, life or death must come to an end, so he took the lead in telling what happened yesterday.
Do you remember? Jiang Ruoxue gave him a cold look. I probably remember that you don’t have to worry about a one-night stand, it’s just that you won’t ask you to be responsible.
If you don’t see this indifferent face, if you don’t see a panic in her eyes, Chen Mo might believe it. I don’t know your name yet. Chen Mo suddenly remembered that he still doesn’t Knowing the name of the woman who had a one-night fling with her, Jiang Ruoxue just graduated from Nanjiang University. She wanted to find a job and come out to celebrate, but it was the first time she encountered such a thing when she went to a bar. She complained and said, My name is Chen Mo, Hu Haiyi. Jiang Ruoxue, a student in the third year of high school, was speechless. He was only in the third year of high school.
A high school student already knew how to go to the bar to find a one-night stand. This made her, an old bacon who graduated from college, so embarrassed. After introducing herself, the two of them seemed to have broken the shackles in their hearts.
After getting up and chatting, Chen Mo got to know her general situation. Jiang Ruoxue majored in e-sports in college, which is considered the most popular major now.
After graduation, she was hired by the league official as a professional league commentator. No wonder she was so happy to go to the bar to celebrate the world.
The e-sports industry is very developed. League games have the same complete system as basketball and football, and the popularity is not inferior.
This also makes the income of professionals such as professional player commentary very high. It is no exaggeration to say that Jiang Ruoxue’s income after joining the job is enough to match Chen Mo’s parents. Although League of Legends is popular all over the world, Chen Mo is not included among the billions of players. According to him, the game is not as fun as a girl, but the fact is that he was shot to death by a streetlight when he first entered the game.
This pair is used to playing.
It is completely unacceptable to Chen Mo who has a knife. I came to the game to pretend to be aggressive. As a result, a street lamp can be dropped in seconds. Since then, he has never played League of Legends.
Can you put your clothes on first? Just when the two were chatting happily after wearing it, Jiang Ruoxue pointed to his blushing face dangling in the air and whispered, “Eh”, Chen Mo then felt a chill.