Watching the assistant run out Pete got a more excited look on my face I actually got to act with my idol oh goodness I

Dad, I want to be a star, little sister, you good uncle, I am surprised to see your bones, don’t ask for Tathagata’s palm, or Tathagata’s palm. I’m a scout from Power & Wind Films, who specialize in scouting out new idols. The company is currently planning to shoot a movie about the love between humans and demons. Young girls like you are very much in need. Do you want to try it? Hey, don’t be so anxious to leave, just go and see it.
There is nothing to lose.
Here is my contact information.
Call Liu Kai, remember to call, ring, ring, ring, Su Qingxue opened the door of the rental house, the wind chime hanging on the pass made a wonderful bell, looked at the somewhat dark corridor Su Qingxue sighed, Dad, I’m back, Su Qingxue yelled, no one answered only She is used to the loud game sounds. She puts on her slippers and puts down the celery and pork she just bought. Su Qingxue walks through the short hallway covered with posters and enters the small living room. Su Qingxue pulls on the curtains in the living room and suspects that the curtains are not there at all. Turned it on, but even if it was turned on, it would be of no use because the rental house is very dark and the lights are not turned on Jiwotou’s eyes are very swollen, the middle-aged and old young man with a beard is staring at the opposite LCD TV without blinking, and the handle is crackling with both hands, as if there was some deep hatred in the previous life, you kid, don’t you treat me as the Thirteenth Young Master of Beijing? You dare to scold me for being too arrogant in your eyes, so you can’t accept that I let you have two feet. Hey, how dare you scold my mother? I’m talking about his strange words, if I hadn’t heard the story he told, I wouldn’t have blurted out today, why don’t you want Tathagata’s palm? It’s embarrassing! Su Qingxue thought about it, and saw middle-aged and young people, who seemed to be comfortable scolding him.
Smiling contemptuously, he casually smoked a low-quality cigarette lighter that cost three yuan a pack. Just as he was about to put it in front of the cigarette, the middle-aged and young man suddenly turned around and looked at Su Qingxue, grinning, Xiaoxue came back. How did you learn today? Su Qingxue sighed again.
Take a deep breath, throw your schoolbag on the sofa and start to clean up the garbage bags on the floor. Can you eat less junk food? Eating these things is not good for your health. Think about it. You are only twenty-nine years old.
You still smoke, play games and eat junk food every day. How long can I live? Don’t wait for me to become an adult. Su Qingxue is tidying up and teaching the middle-aged and young people a lesson.
Suddenly, she paused for three seconds and nodded cautiously.
Xiaoxue is right, but you will be an adult in three days. I can still survive these three days, you hand me the potato chips over there Su Qingxue sighed again and could only hand him a bag of potato chips She has nothing to do with this middle-aged young man because this is her The reason why Dad, middle-aged and young people call him middle-aged and young, is because in Su Qingxue’s eyes, this young man who is only 29 years old is basically no different from the next-door uncle Wang who enjoys his old age.
In Su Qingxue’s In my impression, it seems that since the first day of junior high school, this family has been maintained by itself.
Cooking, laundry, cleaning, taking out the garbage, and even paying the electricity bills are all done by Su Qingxue, and this cheap dad knows how to play games, chat online, and brag all day long.
Making up nonsense, watching anime and watching movies, Su Qingxue used to ask himself this cheap dad, he didn’t work, how did he drag Su Qingxue until he was 18? The dead otaku who can’t even beat me dares to say that he laughed off my Huya by power leveling Su Qingxue knows his father’s strength so he doesn’t believe in his way of power leveling at all. No one can win games like him with his hands Mouth playing games, no one wants to win Strong hand Bronze mouth strong king Which idiot would ask him to level up? If dad said that drawing comics that minors are not allowed to watch to earn manuscript fees, Su Qingxue might still believe it. A cardboard box full, shaking her head vigorously, Su Qingxue tried her best to get rid of the nasty images in her mind.
Today, Su Qingxue is seventeen years old and three hundred and fifty-three days old. In three days, she will celebrate her eighteenth birthday and officially become an adult. Dad is only 29 years old this year.
The reason why the age gap is so small is simple. Su Qingxue was picked up. It was a winter nine years ago. Su Qingxue still remembers that she and her aunt were lost, standing alone on the street, and the sky was cold.
The snowflakes on her face turned red from the cold, people came and went on the street, but no one offered her a helping hand, until a man with long hair swayed over and stared at her for a long time Su Qingxue forgot many things when she was a child But she still remembers the first sentence he said when she met her father for the first time, oh, is this my golden finger? Developing a plan, I like this man’s mouth with an unknown smile, there is a galaxy in his eyes, and then Su Qingxue has become a man’s daughter.
This man is called Su Ye Dad. Can you stop playing? I have something to tell you. You need to pay tuition fees or tutoring fees Su Ye has no intention of stopping at all, you stop playing games, listen to me, Su Qingxue is fine, it’s fine, your dad, you don’t know what I’m capable of? Seeing you dare to attack your grandfather Su Qingxue silently got up and turned on the light, which was a bit dazzling Hasu Ye muttered seeing her daughter on the verge of breaking out and wisely chose to shut up, I really have something to say Su Qingxue is very satisfied with Su Ye’s current attitude Although he Are you still playing games? Are you in love? Su Ye suddenly asked me without looking back Su Qingxue was dumbfounded Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations You caught the tail of youth