Was it already towed away Also why did he keep hugging himself in that attitude of wanting to hurt her and no matter what she

In fact, leaving on the day of graduation does not seem to be as scary as imagined. At least for Xu Ge, even if Qi Shaowei still cannot fall in love with him, as long as he can be sure that he is always alone, that is enough. Xu Ge will often be annoyed. Such a self who likes Qi Shaowei so much can spend four years looking at a person who doesn’t love him for a long time, crying or laughing, as long as it’s about him, it’s fine. How can I describe such a feeling? One day, without warning, the light broke into the dark desert for too long. Those seedlings that were too late to stop and evade instantly burst into a sea of ​​flowers. A backpack and a suitcase are just like the one Xu Ge had when he stepped here four years ago. The appearance is as streamlined as possible, the luggage is as short as possible, the hair is as short as possible, and the hair is still very thin, but it does not have the feeling of swaying and lightness four years ago. Back then, she was also the same person carrying a big backpack on her right hand. The black lacquered suitcase stood far away at the big door, just like it is now, and then a warm and strong palm landed on her left shoulder accurately. Brother, do you want help? Turning sideways, I saw Qi Shaowei’s stunned and embarrassed handsome face The face, I’m just kidding, ever since I cut my hair so short, I’m often regarded as a boy. Fortunately, Xu Ge has a beautiful face that doesn’t match the temperament of his hair. If he had long hair, he would look very gentle.
White shirt blue His jeans are neat and fresh, and the wind seems to be wafting a faint smell of soap on his body.
This is Xu Ge’s first impression of Qi Shaowei. His eyes are very bright, probably because of embarrassment, so his smile is also slightly stiff, but his teeth are not. Dazzlingly white, I don’t hate it, and I don’t want to be close. Thank you.
At that time, she said a very light but faintly cool refusal. After finishing her words, she pulled the suitcase and quickly disappeared in the crowd of people reporting new students. Today, every time I think of Xu Ge, I feel like That day was probably the only time in her life about the rejection of Qi Shaowei.
The big plaque seemed to be a little older. Four years passed like this, as if it was too late for her to take a deeper look into Qi Shaowei’s heart Xu Ge raised his head and looked at the familiar scenery in front of him, so much of the past, let’s stay here together, goodbye, memories, goodbye Xu Ge happily dialed Qi Shaowei’s phone number during the interview notice from the Entertainment Department of Jiangcheng Group, but it rang for a long time, but there was no one answering it. A little regretful and sad, but also a little psychologically prepared, Xu Ge knew that Qi Shaowei must be another Went out on a mission.
Qi Shaowei’s enthusiasm for work is irreplaceable by anyone and anything. He didn’t feel sad. He just hoped that he would be the first to celebrate for himself and find a job. Waiting for you The relationship between them has always been so concise, because Xu Ge knew that Qi Shaowei didn’t have time to read a brief summary of more than twenty characters.
Xun lay on the bed and waited for a long time but didn’t see any movement on the phone, so he slept all night holding the phone like this His eyes dimmed, he got up, washed, changed his clothes and went out. Today is Xu Ge’s first interview for a job that he really loves from the bottom of his heart.
The weather outside turned into a face that could cry at any moment. It was shiny, it turned out to be the rain that had fallen all night, Xuge shook his head, in fact, such short hair is really nothing to shake, but he suddenly remembered the sentence that Qi Shaowei said a long time ago, when you are in a bad mood, you must shake your head vigorously Such a bad mood will also slip away, as if the haze is really thrown away. Xu Ge bent over and rolled up his trousers. When he got up, he didn’t see any turbulent expression on his face.
The bus time was still early, and the interview time was 1:30 p.m. Xu Ge looked around and decided to go to a fast food restaurant for lunch. Sitting in the fast food restaurant, the floor-to-ceiling windows were crystal clear and bright, looking at the Jiangcheng Group on the opposite side.
It felt like the first time I came here was the summer vacation of my freshman year.
Qi Shaowei didn’t go home during that vacation. They chose to stay in the city to work. At that time, they were already acquainted to the point where they could drink a bottle of water together. To Qi Shaowei, Xu Ge may be just a younger sister, but to her, Qi Shaowei has known herself, and no one can replace August 12th. It’s Qi Shaowei’s birthday.
Xu Ge ran all over the city’s major shopping malls and finally bought a gift that he wanted. Standing downstairs in his bedroom, he waited from the sunset until the night fell. When Xu Ge was discouraged and decided to leave, he suddenly saw a white BMW car.
The whistling approach only surprised Xu Ge when he saw Qi Shaowei push the car door and come out, and then a middle-aged woman with jewels came down from the driver’s cab.
Xu Ge was not far away, and the expressions on their faces could be seen clearly. I am so happy that I seldom see him.
The well-maintained middle-aged woman frowning reached out to hold him, but Qi Shaowei dodged it.
Xu Ge has never seen Qi Shaowei like this. In his impression, he always has a warm smile on his face. It is unbelievable that Xu Ge at that time was also very innocent and without thinking, he walked over to the middle-aged woman and yelled loudly to the middle-aged woman, what are you doing? She saw that Xu Ge didn’t say anything, got into the car, and left quickly. Xu Ge stared at Qi Shaowei and only asked if you were in that kind of relationship. He shook his head but didn’t explain a word to her.
When he saw him shaking his head, Xu Ge pouted in relief.
I’ve been waiting for almost four hours in front of Qi Shaowei.