Wanting to touch a marriage line at random as long as he touches the marriage line he can learn the story of the person represented

The winter sun shines down and surrounds a small bungalow located in the suburbs. The sun shines through the floor-to-ceiling windows of a room and reflects on a small bed in front of the window.
A fluffy and plush head pokes out from the colorful quilt. Xie Yunmian fell asleep.
Awakened by the glare of the sun at dawn, he grunted softly, got out of the bed, stepped barefoot on the thick carpet, put on small children’s slippers, and accompanied by the sound of flip-flopping slippers, he came to the washroom in the bathroom. Ai is specially designed for children. On the sink is a soft-bristled toothbrush and fruit-flavored children’s toothpaste.
The heart-shaped mirror reflects Xie Yunmian’s appearance just waking up. Xie Yunmian in the mirror is a three-year-old boy with black hair and fair skin.
Delicate pair of warm golden eyes with thick long eyelashes fluttering slightly.
He is wearing a large polar fleece pajamas.
The pajamas are of a rabbit style, with snow-white fluff and a pair of rabbit ears hanging down his waist. The rabbit tail sewn on the hem of the clothes follows Xie Yunmian. The action of brushing the teeth, the rabbit ears and the rabbit tail trembled.
After washing, Xie Yunmian left the bedroom and came to the small dining room at the door of the bedroom.
He picked up the kettle on the table in the dining room and poured himself a cup of warm water. He drank the water carefully.
He was in the room yesterday In the comic book, I saw that when children wake up, they can ask their family members for a cup of warm water to drink. It is good for health, and it is best to add honey.
It is a pity that Xie Yunmian has no honey and no family members.
He is always the only one in this small bungalow.
Anti-fall carpet The low washbasin is only suitable for the height of a child. The dining table is inlaid with anti-collision cushions at the corners of the dining table. The hot water bottle is wrapped in anti-scald cloth. All of these are tailor-made for Xie Yunmian, who is only three years old, so that he can live here alone.
Xie Yunmian drank the boiled water and sat on the soft chair, flipping through the unfinished picture book.
His feet dangled in front of the legs of the chair, but he couldn’t help but glance at the door.
His golden eyes were full of stars. Looking forward to the mood 7:59:50 7:59:55 He pinched his fingers and muttered in a low voice The child’s voice was very clean and clear At 8 o’clock At the same time the closed door sounded the clang of the door The ringtone Xie Yunmian jumped down from the chair with a face full of excitement, before he even had time to put on his slippers, he ran towards the door like a plush fluffy catapulted out, come, come, come, he opened the door on tiptoe, and the person who rang the doorbell was a The gray-haired old man is carrying a lunch box. The lunch box is the favorite style of children. The sky-blue box has a doraemon printed on it. A cat bell that can jingle bells hangs on the handle. Grandma made breakfast for you, eat quickly, be careful not to burn it, Xie Yunmian took the lunch box and raised the corners of her lips to reveal sweet dimples, thank you, grandma, grandma for your hard work, the old man touched Xie Yunmian’s head, his eyes showed a bit more pity, she is not Xie Yunmian’s grandma by blood is just his neighbor. This child named Xie Yunmian moved in two years ago. I heard that he is a child of a big family. The child’s mother died because of giving birth to him.
pregnancy Xie Yunmian, as the child of a dead ex-wife, was naturally neglected.
He was randomly placed in a bungalow in the suburbs. At first, the child was taken care of by a nanny. In the end, the nanny resigned. This small house lives on its own, but such a small child can’t cook, so the big family asked her, as a neighbor, to give her a high monthly care fee and let her be responsible for delivering meals to Xie Yunmian. My heart aches for Mianmian, she is so small, she looks so good-looking, well-behaved, and sensible.
No one can’t help but love his so-called relatives.
How could the old man who abandoned him have the heart to shake her head? Her thoughts were interrupted by Xie Yunmian’s crisp voice. Looking at the old man, grandma, did you forget to buy a cake? He told grandma yesterday to remember to buy a small cake for him, but he didn’t see the small cake in the thermal bag.
Xie Yunmian murmured, It doesn’t matter if grandma forgot, just remember tomorrow.
I bought the old man, slapped his head, and took out a small cake in a transparent box from the vegetable basket full of scallions and pork.
Hehe laughed a few times, but forgot to give it to you.
Xie Yunmian’s eyes lit up. You can only eat cake after breakfast, or you will have diarrhea and remember to take children’s calcium tablets and drink five glasses of water a day. Don’t run around barefoot.
Remember to water the little flowers in the garden.
The old man suddenly stopped when she saw Xie Yunmian.
Already staring at the little cake, the old man had no choice but to chuckle and go in and have breakfast.
Xie Yunmian said goodbye to grandma and went back to the house and quickly ran to the dining room to put the lunch box and the little cake on the table. Although he really wanted to eat the little cake, grandma said yes Eat breakfast first before eating cake, he can only put the small cake aside and open the lid of the lunch box Banana Xie Yunmian picked up the millet porridge and ate it obediently. After a while he was a little full after eating a bowl of millet porridge.
He still had to save his stomach for cake. Xie Yunmian could only save the unfinished breakfast until noon. He opened it and looked forward to it. Jiu’s little cake The little cake is the kind of old-fashioned hard cream cake bought in the vegetable market. There is only a big palm cake with a big cream flower and a small paper umbrella.
The air is filled with a faint cream fragrance. Xie Yunmian touched it from the packaging bag Out of a handful of candles, he spread the candles on the table and slowly counted one, two, three.
He picked out three candles of different colors, then he washed his hands and carefully inserted the candles around the big cream flower. Asking grandma to bring him something Grandma is so old that he is afraid to trouble her but today is an exception because today is his third birthday