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The mysterious black hole hissed. Li Ye gasped. His whole body was sore and numb. His brain hurt like a needle. He stood up blankly and looked around. The small square he was familiar with before he fell into a coma was dark at night and there were no people on the square.
He shook his head, and his mind wandered, the barbecue stall next to him was a mess, and then all the memories before he passed out flooded like a tide.
Li Ye is a freshman who has just been admitted to Jiangnan University, and his family background is very ordinary. Poverty is not too much. His parents are laid-off workers. In order to support the Li Ye brother and sister to go to school and let their children get rid of this poor life at the bottom, the old couple has almost put all their money into it and opened a small roadside barbecue stall. It is the only source of income for Li Ye’s poor family every month. Originally, the family’s income and expenditure could be balanced, but Li Ye’s expensive tuition fees have completely broken this balance since he went to college, so Li Ye is still studying. Li Xiaoguo, the younger sister in the second year of high school, resolutely dropped out of school and followed a distant relative to work in the Shanghai stock market to earn money. Li Ye’s parents originally didn’t talk much because of Li Xiaoguo’s decision. But Ye knew how much their hearts hurt.
Li Xiaoguo was not Li Ye’s biological sister, but the newly born Li Xiaoguo, who was picked up by the old couple on the street on a snowy night in winter.
The old couple felt sorry for the little girl who was abandoned by her biological parents when she was just born, so she resolutely adopted her That’s why Li Ye managed to scrape together the tuition fees of Jiangnan University and successfully entered Jiangnan University. Li Ye clearly remembered what Li Xiaoguo said to him when the train to Jiangnan University’s train station was about to start. I’m sure you won’t pass the exam, it’s better to work early to make money brother, you must study hard in college and learn my share. This silly girl obviously has better grades than herself.
She’s so eager to go to college, but she’s doing it for him. I gave up all and only dreams.
University life is very good. There are various club activities, high-end entertainment facilities, brightly dressed handsome men and beautiful women, and ignorant unrestrained love. But all of this has nothing to do with Li Ye. Carrying all the expectations of his parents, he carried the only dream of his sister, so from the moment he entered Jiangnan University, Li Ye told himself that he was different from others, and he had to work harder than others to get rid of it. Poverty is the only way for parents to live a stable and prosperous life, so that younger sister Li Xiaoguo can regain her dream. Roommates and classmates form a group to skip class. When the Internet cafe opened, he was studying.
The reason for working as a waiter in a night market stall is simple. The owner of the night market stall is in charge of the food, so since entering Jiangnan University, After Rong De became a college student, Li Ye never asked his family for a penny, and during the three-month part-time job, he saved all his wages and opened a barbecue stall next to the night market stall.
Today is the first day the barbecue stall opened, and he happened to meet her. Her name is Liu Xueqi, and she was Li Ye’s first love in high school.
Li Ye clenched his fists and was full of that senior in his mind.
He was arrogant and Liu Xueqi looked at him with contempt on his face. His self-esteem was trampled under his feet by this pair of dogs and men.
With a single order, the messy three-month efforts that were smashed by a few hooligans were all wasted. The great humiliation filled Li Ye’s mind.
After that, Li Ye didn’t know what happened. He only remembered his passion Chung then fought with those ruffians who smashed up his barbecue booth. I vaguely remember that at the end, the sky seemed to hit a few dry thunders, and a thunderbolt hit him so hard that he couldn’t die. From all the memories, Li Ye still felt uncomfortable like a stone was pressed against his chest. All the bones in his body hurt like they were falling apart.
He was almost unable to stand, especially the pain from the palm of his right hand, which was almost painful to the bone.
He subconsciously raised his right hand. Suddenly, he found that there was no bloody wound on the palm of his right hand, but a black smear appeared, presumably it should be the coal stains.
Li Ye stretched out his left hand to wipe off the smudge, but his left hand When touching the black smudge, it didn’t convey the tactile sensation as imagined, but the whole left hand fell into the black smudge strangely and inexplicably. Li Ye turned pale and hurriedly retracted his left hand.
Turning back to the left hand, but there is no other adverse reaction, still the same as before, what the hell is going on? Li Ye stared at the black stain on the palm of his right hand and muttered to himself. He stared anxiously for a long time, this is not true. What kind of black smudge is it? It is similar to a black hole.
Li Ye can clearly sense that this black hole-like thing is rotating extremely slowly in a clockwise direction.
This strange and inexplicable black hole seems to have a blood connection with his body. It felt as if something in the depths of the black hole was calling him. He raised his left hand again and slowly poked into the black hole in the palm of his right hand. This kind of weird scene Li Ye only read in those fantasy online novels. been