Want to leave want to see the magnificent universe want to take a look at the endless sea of ​​planes want to become a Titan

Chapter 1 Gaia’s Awakening and Ascension The Earth is a planet that has bred many lives. For hundreds of millions of years, it has been ordinary but slowly absorbing energy from the universe.
Huge amounts of energy are accumulated in the planet. When the energy reaches a critical point, it will definitely happen.
Some changes, and the earth is at this critical point.
The life on the earth is not aware of it.
Gaia, the consciousness of heaven on the earth, has awakened.
Gaia’s awakening has not disturbed any living beings on the planet.
It is making some preparations for its own ascension. Gaia’s awakening directly exposes the earth to the eyes of some unspeakable beings in the universe. In their eyes, Gaia, which is about to ascend, is undoubtedly a delicious cake.
The planet’s ascension is a mysterious ritual that breeds life The planet transforms the energy in the planet from inertia to activity, and transforms the planet from a non-magic world to a high-magic world.
During the upgrade process of the planet, the planet consciousness will hand over its own authority and reintegrate into the heaven and earth, and then the powerful creatures in this planet will take over. These beings with authority in heaven and earth and those who possess authority are called gods. When any one of them reaches a certain limit, the consciousness of the planet will reawaken. The reawakened consciousness of the planet will produce new changes in the universe. All spirits call it a slow and dangerous thing to ascend the Titan planet Titans are often reduced to death stars one by one, and Gaia is at this critical moment. The energy absorbed and absorbed by hundreds of millions of years is enough to make all existences covet Gaia.
The consciousness has selected a group of talents and transcendence among the lives it conceived. The living beings injected some original energy into them, strengthened their talents, and let them meet those beings from other worlds. Those unspeakable beings in the universe have taken a fancy to the energy stored by Gaia for hundreds of millions of years, and why does Gaia want to know? The same authority can also be fused with each other. Gaia only wakes up for a short period of time. It was originally born from the condensed body of the consciousness of all living beings, and the earth, as a world without demons, has never given birth to powerful creatures.
How can it be so powerful? Consciousness supported Gaia’s long-term awakening existence. After some preparations, Gaia fell back into a deep sleep on the earth. The creatures on the earth did not notice it. The earth’s upgrade began. The planet began to expand slowly, and the energy gradually became inert. Some rules are activated, storms, tsunami, thunder, flames, and rainstorms.
These natural disasters become more violent with the integration of authority, and energy is more integrated into the bodies of living beings.
Among the substances of the planet, the world is fair and treats everyone equally. Creatures, but who can say about talent? The talent evolved by our ancestors over hundreds of millions of years is our greatest wealth.
Wisdom is the product of human evolution. It makes us the largest group of mammals on this planet.
differentiated from other organisms The changes in the world were first known to human beings and gained huge benefits, while the animals more passively endured it, but who can say for sure about talent? In this great world, who can take over the power of the world? Who can tell if I can become a god? Chapter 1: Reincarnated as a snake Uh, what is this slimy? Who locked me in the water tank? My heart, then me, what state am I now? Will it be used for human experiments? Thinking of this, Wu Wei’s scalp tingled and struggled vigorously.
Soon he found something abnormal, the top of his head seemed to be covered by a bag, not just the head, etc. Why is there something wrong with the hands and feet? It seems that only the spine is left.
Wu Wei squeezed his head out of the bag or the egg with all his strength.
Looking around, there is a darkness, and the little stars shining down should be underground, but that’s not the point. The point is that there are seven white eggs around. Looking at the seven white eggs in the dark, Wu Wei was stunned.
Wu Wei was originally a child in the countryside. His father was sent to prison for drug trafficking, and his mother also died of depression. Wu Weineng is still with him. The younger sisters who are in school depended on each other to support the younger sister who is still in elementary school.
Dropped out of school to work and entered the society to work hard.
After being introduced by someone, he found a martial arts gym as a sparring partner. Wu Wei has been interested in knives, guns and sticks since he was a child.
He was good at swordsmanship and was later promoted to become a private teacher because of his superb swordsmanship. He saved money and bought a building to save a fortune. He planned to wait for his younger sister to grow up before thinking about his life’s major events, but God. There was an accident, and later he was silenced by the killer because he found out that the martial arts school was doing human trafficking behind the scenes.
It’s useless to think about it so much. Let’s find a way to survive.
Looking at the seven white eggs in front of me, this should be a snake Egg, I just don’t know what kind it is. Hearing the familiar voice in his head, Wu Wei heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, you are not broken.
Wu Wei is a reborn from a planet with extremely advanced technology and magic. He was on the original planet. An interstellar traveler, Zero is the auxiliary chip he uses to detect and control his body. During the last interstellar journey, the spaceship was sucked into a space wormhole and was reborn on the earth for unknown reasons. Originally, everything on the earth walked with the help of zero. I was on the right track, but I didn’t expect that there was an accident Enable Talent Fang Fang Bioenergy Talent Introduction Talent