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The content uploaded by the user began to be reborn in the end of the world to raise buns.
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The talented Yuanying female cultivator heard about the deer’s name. She failed to cross the catastrophe. Fortunately, she survived the catastrophe. She was reborn on the body of a fat girl with the same name as her.
Unfortunately, the time of rebirth happened just right.
What’s more unfortunate is that the end of the world is coming, and the thousand-year-old maid Wen Luming learned that she had a little Douding in her belly, her face was paralyzed and her face almost burst into laughter. The child who was never expected in the previous life unexpectedly has the end of the world to practice kung fu in this life. Beating zombies and bringing children would be infinitely more fun. It’s just that zombies are attacking the city. Hearing the sound of the deer, he threw it into the baby’s father’s arms. You took the child and picked up a samurai sword. I beat zombies. Littlefinger has an innocent face. The first chapter fails to cross the catastrophe and is reborn.
On the top of the cloud-shrouded mountain, a figure of Shengxue in white clothes sits cross-legged on the top of the mountain.
Above the imposing figures are black clouds that keep gathering together, the sky is almost covered by dark clouds, only between the gaps in the clouds, there are small purple lightning flashes, and the crackling electric wires are gradually covered by more dark clouds. The dark clouds are getting thicker and thicker, turning into black clouds like ink, like a black hole that wants to swallow everything in front of it.
Wen Luming is already in the Nascent Soul stage. If she succeeds in crossing the catastrophe this time, she will become the Qianzhong sect and even the whole world. The first and only female cultivator in the Continent of Immortals will rise to the next level, and her position as the number one sect is even more stable as a mountain, but all these are issues that the head of the sect should consider, and now I hear Luming The only thing I want to think about is how to successfully survive this catastrophe. In fact, Wen Luming is not very worried, but the head of the Qianzhong sect is her senior brother. She said that she has never experienced the catastrophe of love, so she can’t really understand the meaning of heaven.
Jie can’t get through easily.
Wen Luming thinks that senior brother is too worried.
Although she has not experienced the experience of Qing Jie, she lacks this experience, but things have advantages and disadvantages, and vice versa. Well, isn’t crossing the catastrophe smoother? Senior brother always advises her to go down the mountain to find a male cultivator to experience feelings, or to find a Taoist couple to double cultivate together to save effort and be comfortable, but it’s not that she doesn’t want to look for it. There is really no suitable one.
Wen Luming sighed again thinking of this I think back when she was a lively, lovely, innocent and pure little disciple, her emotional nerves were relatively slow.
When her senior brothers and sisters began to flirt and flirt until they hooked up with each other. After knowing it, it turned out that they were all in a pair, and all their peers fell in love with each other.
She was the only one left who was too embarrassed to disturb her lover, so she was bored and practiced alone in the cave.
There was no companion to play with, so I had to use cultivation After killing time and hearing Luming, I become more and more nerdy, and more and more nerdy, the more I have no companions to play with, and this endless loop continues until she has formed the alchemy.
I haven’t tried the feeling of affection yet, and I don’t know what it’s like to like someone. Waiting for her to become one of the few Jindan monks in the sect, the peach blossoms All of a sudden, there were more male cultivators, no matter whether they were higher than her or lower than her, they all started to seduce her, but she ran away. Even if there were no Taoist companions, there were quite a few male cultivators with higher cultivation levels than her.
For such a suitor, she is obsessed with cleanliness and doesn’t want to participate in the intimate relationship of many people, and she looks at everyone with a lower cultivation than her brother, and she doesn’t want to distinguish why others pursue her for the sake of double cultivation and future generations.
To get more benefits, I still simply admire her. She doesn’t like to discuss complicated issues, so she can only live by herself. Maybe it’s because she has no other distractions, and her cultivation is smoother.
She quickly breaks through the alchemy and becomes a baby, becoming a rare person in the entire cultivation world. However, since she succeeded in cultivating the Nascent Soul, it seems that all male cultivators in the cultivation world have become ascetic.
There are no suitors around her who are eager to try.
The ancestors of the disciples of the sect, who would dare to kill the ancestors? It’s a sad discovery, so Wen Luming was finally left, and became a thousand-year-old virgin. Over the years, she has developed a facial paralysis that shows neither emotions nor expressions, but there is still a nature that quietly grows up in her heart, that is motherhood, ever since her little junior sister finally gave birth to a baby, she instantly ignited her motherly love The strong maternal instinct is bursting out, I wish I could give birth to a child in a day to ease the maternal plot that she has no power to fight against the baby, it’s just that the baby’s father is really hard to find! The thick black cloud rushed towards Wen Luming with the force of thunder, Wen Luming sacrificed a few precious magic weapons and threw them at the ferocious sky thunder with a bang, the sacrificed magic weapons blocked most of the power of the sky thunder for her Only a small part fell on her, and her white clothes made of magic weapons were burned to tatters and dyed black.
The black clouds were surging, brewing with the power of thunder and lightning, and then the second, third, and eighth thunderstorms descended one after another.
Lu Ming gritted his teeth and insisted on occasionally throwing out a few magic weapons to consume some of the power of the sky thunder.
Her whole body was scorched black by the sky thunder, and she was breathing black smoke. Fortunately, she blocked the first eight thunders and the last one, as long as she can withstand the last one.
If you can’t stand it, you will be wiped out. The last thunder is also the most powerful one.
The power of thunder and lightning brewing in the sky seems to concentrate all the power in the sky, the earth, and the world in the cloud like a black hole. The black cloud has been formed. The thick sky thunder and purple gold lightning are about to pounce on Wen Luming like an evil beast ready to go. Finally, in the deafening rumbling sound, Zilei rushes towards Wen Luming fiercely like destroying heaven and earth.
Wen Luming clenched his teeth and persisted.
ready to take the final blow of the thunder