Wang Xun has been watching Cheng Shiyuan and Wang Xun Zhang Yixing and Wang Xun were dying of anxiety thinking about Cheng Shiyuan why hasn’t

Fighting for Korean popular variety show is a large-scale outdoor competitive reality show launched by South Korean TV station on Sunday, the actor Song Joong-ki told the audience in the first episode that he wanted to concentrate on acting and get off at a barbecue restaurant near Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea. Thank you, Senior Aseyo, for being able to come.
A handsome boy said hello to this not-so-tall man in front of him with a little restraint. Siwon already said, don’t be so polite.
People from other Asian countries know it well, but few people know that it is a singer who loves reggae music. This person was recruited by the company. Cheng Shiwon is a junior of the company. He is a pure Chinese, although this surname is relatively rare in China. Sung Siwon was selected by a Korean agency to become a trainee of the company. He is expected to debut in Korea and become an artist, but the sky fails. After five years of trainee career, Sung Siwon did not become a debut artist as he imagined. Instead Expelled from the company, he became a jobless vagrant in Korea. When Sung Siwon was about to give up, his agency took him in so that he could continue in Korea.
However, Sung Siwon was not taken seriously. He was only a few recruited by the company. One of the famous trainees and the company focuses on reggae music.
Cheng Siwon only has a simple understanding of reggae music and is not very proficient, so Cheng Siwon finally turned his attention to other directions. Sung Siwon is just about to make a last-ditch haha ​​brother Song Joong Ki got out of the car recently and heard that the show team is looking for someone who fits Song Joong Ki’s position in the show.
Hearing what Sung Siwon said haha, he didn’t answer right away. As for Sung Siwon looking for himself The purpose of coming haha ​​is very clear now, but he doesn’t dislike his younger generation asking him to help him, but he is happy to see that since the program group wants to have such a plan, why can’t they be the younger generation of their own company? Haha, the reason why I didn’t answer right away was whether the person in front of me is qualified for this job. Looking at the person in front of me, his handsome face and charming smile are in line with the company’s standards for recruiting trainees. You need to have a sense of entertainment Siwon, do you know about variety shows? For Sung Siwon, haha, I only have a simple understanding. The normal relationship is also a very ordinary relationship between junior and senior members of the company. Haha, I know what you are worried about.
Won is very clear about what Haha is worried about.
I have never done a variety show. It is normal to be worried about whether I can perform well in variety shows.
Cheng Siwon glanced down and pondered for a while, I will mention it to Brother Jae Seok, if not, I have no way to hear it Haha, Cheng Siwon knows that his chance has finally come, thank you Haha senior, I will not let you down, Cheng Siwon source ninety degrees He bowed and said that in the past few years when he came to Korea, he has been deeply touched by the tradition of Korean seniors and seniors.
In Korea, if it is your senior, even if you slap you in public, nothing will happen. Instead, someone will hold you accountable for disrespecting your seniors. So It’s normal for Cheng Siwon to bow after Haha did him a big favor.
Let’s go and drink and tell you not to be so restrained.
Xiahaha and Cheng Siwon drank six or seven bottles of soju, Haha was completely drunk, and Cheng Siwon sent it to the company and handed it over to Haha’s manager. Even Cheng Siwon, who is familiar with Chinese liquor, felt dizzy Haha, manager Sung Siwon went back to the rented house in Seoul.
The attic environment is very bad and there is no dormitory for the trainees. This house was rented by Sung Siwon by accident because the rent is cheap.
Sung Siwon Cheng Siwon has lived here for two years and returned home very excitedly, looking at his flushed face in the mirror, you can do it, you must work hard to think of your parents who are far away in China, because they are opposed to their development in Korea. It has been a long time since I have not contacted Cheng Siwon Yuan was very frustrated and shook his head, throwing away the negative emotions in his head.
Cheng Siyuan became more determined to make a career in Korea. He fell on the bed and was soon under the dual effects of alcohol and exhaustion.
Cheng Siwon soon fell asleep Siwon ah, that barbecue restaurant in Hongdae at 12:00 noon, do you know where to come over for a meal? Cheng Siwon, who just woke up from a hangover, cheered himself up after receiving a call from Haha He knew that Haha must have invited senior Liu Jae-seok to come over and introduce himself to Yoo Jae-seok Cheng Siwon was looking forward to meeting Liu Jae-seok, a legend in the entertainment industry I cherish his humility and friendliness even more. Jae Suk is one of the few and rare entertainers in the entertainment circle. This is my company’s younger brother Sung Siwon Ani Ase Yo Jae Suk Senior I’m very happy to meet you Liu Jae Suk I don’t know haha ​​I invited someone else Haha, I just told him to have a meal and didn’t mention anything else. Haha, it’s really difficult to eat your meal.
If you have something to tell me, Liu Jae-seok has a smirk and is not angry at all.
This is how Liu Jae-seok looks in front of familiar people.
He just looks like a mischievous ghost and has no airs of a national at all. This is one of the reasons why people like him. If you have something to say, just say it, haha. You don’t beat around the bush and say it straightforwardly. Brother Shi, you also know that the program team is looking for a fixed Siwon recently. Let’s try it out, Liu Jae Suk didn’t look surprised when he heard Haha’s words