Wang Xiaodiu sighed Brother Hu let me advise you to avoid dealing with this kind of ghost you can’t guess what’s going on in his

Because of a car accident, I came to the underworld, and because of a fart, I was sentenced to a year of ghost life. Others said I was a ghost. In fact, I was a hard worker sweeping the underworld. I entered the underworld for the first time. A speeding car rushed over lawlessly. Hearing a bang, my whole body bounced back and fell heavily. Fortunately, I didn’t die or passed out after rolling a few times on the ground.
The place is very remote and I don’t walk a few cars at night, so the owner of the car that hit me is my only hope for survival.
The sense of survival made me open my eyes and ask him for help. I got out of the car. A man and a woman were obviously scared and dumbfounded.
Shaking non-stop, the man is still rational Seeing that I am still alive, he quickly took out his mobile phone to make a call, but when the mobile phone was just placed next to his ear, the woman snatched the man’s mobile phone You are stupid, what if this man blackmails us woman He reprimanded the man and said the man looked at me with hesitation on his face and looked at me in a dilemma.
He is still alive. We bumped into someone and couldn’t save him. Isn’t it too inhuman? I didn’t expect the woman to say to me helplessly, little brother, we didn’t do it on purpose, you’d better be a good person in your next life if you don’t die or become disabled. I have a son who is in high school. After ruining the talk, the woman forced the man into the passenger seat and got into the driver’s seat by herself. I never thought that the viciousness of women is far more than this. I saw the woman stepping up the accelerator and rushing towards me, inhumane.
My body was crushed and drove me to roll forward in a circle, my breathing stopped suddenly, my eyes were open, I couldn’t close them, and I couldn’t feel the slightest pain. The car stopped in front of me, and I heard a trot and no rush.
The unrelenting sound of high-heeled shoes is on the concrete road behind me. You are killing people.
The man said in horror that my head was turned away from him and I saw his face.
Shut up. When I got up, the woman took a step back in fright, then cautiously stretched out her hand to test my breath, how is it going to save me? I heard nothing but but what is your son still waiting for you to earn money to go to college? The woman said decisively. I heard the sound of footsteps going away, the sound of cars leaving, and later on, I couldn’t hear anything. I want to sleep, I know that what I am facing is not rescue but death. I have no power to fight against death. I don’t know how long I have been sleeping. I was awakened by the sound of metal collisions. I just opened my eyes. A chain came down on my neck.
Two weird-looking There are men standing on my left and right, one of them is holding the iron chain on which I am tied, who are you? See the other me laying behind me with my legs and another The place where I overlap and the surrounding environment is very familiar is my house. There are white cloths hanging everywhere in my house and a mirror is covered. The place where I lie is actually a coffin. Behind me, sitting in front of the brazier. You are already dead, according to the law of yin and yang, you should go to report below.
One person impatiently said that even though he was telling me, he just told me and didn’t give me the slightest chance to speak.
He pulled the iron chain, grabbed me, and pulled me out. Will lighten up, I don’t get angry, the wolf crawls on his back and follows the direction he pulls me, he’s already dead anyway, no matter how bad it can be, hey, everyone has it these days, you still know it’s painful and kicked me.
I stood up from the ground and touched the place where he kicked me just now.
I didn’t feel anything. Let’s go.
Don’t miss the hour.
One person reminds two people to pull me forward like a dog. I’m a fucking person who just died It’s not beautiful, these two ghosts are not comforting, even if they still abuse me like this, but come back to me, I don’t even have a bit of sadness in my life, I’m dead, I’m dying, I don’t even think about it, except that I don’t want to part with this world Besides, I reckon no one cared about me.
I was taken out by them and walked a block away. I found that the road had changed. It was a dead end, but there was another road with no end in sight. Could it be the road to hell? If I really walked in, wouldn’t it be really dead? I subconsciously slowed down my pace to be honest, I didn’t want to walk.
I was hit by a whip on the back without any pain.
I felt like my body was about to be torn in two.
When did the sluggish and hurried away, the errand scolded me bluntly and walked out of life and death. I saw a low, small house not far away, and the errand saw the small house speeding up, making me feel like I let them pull me like a kite. Floating forward in front of the small house, I just stood still and accidentally kicked me into the house.
The small house looks small from the outside.
When I entered, it was a hundred and ten square meters, like a supermarket, with rows of shelves. The place is full of books, here comes the ghost, shouted unscrupulously, here I heard, a woman walked out of the many bookshelves, her appearance can only be described as horrible, with thick eyes, pockmarked face, not tall What is the name of the old clothes? The woman’s voice is very nice.
I stared at the woman in a daze.
He kicked me unceremoniously and asked what your name is. My name is Hu. I took out a book from the shelf and rummaged through a few pages.
After looking back and forth between me and the book, I handed me a piece of paper. I took the approval slip and lost it.
I couldn’t deliver.
I looked at the approval slip in my hand The only thing I knew was a black spot, and then I saw Huangquan Road for the first time