Wang Qing looked at Xia Lingyun doubtfully and said that you named Koudaihua Xiaodai at that time because I Xia Lingyun blushed and didnt answer

Chapter 1 Memories of Another World Wang Qing’s original name was Wang Qingchu, but later his mother changed his name to Wang Qing.
But at that time, Wang Qing was too young, so he basically had no impression of Kunshan Town, not only Kunshan Town, but even his own parents, Wang Qing, only had a vague outline in his memory.
Since Wang Qing’s parents died eight years ago, Wang Qing moved I went to Baishi Village in the east of Kunshan City, and lived with my grandfather and my sister Wang Xiaobing, who is three years younger than myself.
It is said that thousands of years ago, a huge white meteorite fell from the sky in Baishi Village. The skins will guide the lost villagers back to the village, but after living in the village for so many years, Wang Qing has never seen the legendary white meteorite. There is no Pipi near the village, but it is because of the insect-type grass-type elves that are wild here near the forest.
At this time, Wang Qing is in a daze on a mountain path, wearing a yellowish white shirt on his upper body, and a pair of blue shorts on his lower body, with a poke ball pinned to his waist, holding a net in one hand and a net in the other Carrying a pitcher, Wang Qing sat on a stone by the side of the road, rubbing his temples, his mind was in a mess, and just now, many things appeared in Wang Qing’s mind, as if it was a dream or something he had experienced in real life. With a sentence in his dream, he was like Zhuang Zhou dreaming of a butterfly.
For a while, he couldn’t even tell which one was the self in his dream. He was also called Wang Qing, and he lived in a bustling city called Kyoto, which was an incomparably huge city. The city alone has a population of more than 20 million. In contrast, Kunshan Town has a population of tens of thousands.
Baishi Village, where he lives, has less than 50 households. It is very different from this world. The world of Kyoto does not have magic treasures.
It’s a dream, but people still use their own wisdom to create a prosperous industrial civilization. Wang Qing of Kyoto has determined to become a social elite since he was a child, and has been working hard to follow his ideals.
Relying on his outstanding intelligence and hard-working character, he has become a A schoolmaster who completely crushes any peers in his studies is the envy of many people.
Until that day, Wang Qing suddenly discovered that the world is not as simple as he imagined. Warriors with superpowers hide in that world. Wang Qing got involved in a supernatural accident because of an accident.
The ability incident almost died, and then a month later he awakened his own superpower Holy Light. Since then, Wang Qingming still maintains the image of a schoolmaster on the surface, secretly practicing his own Holy Light ability.
It’s useless.
Three years after Wang Qing obtained superpowers, it was also the second year after Wang Qing was admitted to Kyoto University. On an ordinary weekend, he walked into a coffee shop, and a man appeared in front of him and shattered his heart with a palm, before he could use it. Shengguang restored the broken heart, and the man slapped his forehead with a palm, and everything came to a sudden stop. Maybe he discovered the secret of his superpower and mistakenly regarded himself as an enemy. Or maybe it was some other reason. In short, he died. Wang Qing sat on a stone and rubbed his swollen temple.
The sudden influx of memories caused a strong pain in his brain and made him feel very confused. I still think I am a teenager. It seems that I am still me. If it is seizing the house or soul fusion, then relying on the other party’s 20 years of complicated life experience, that self will undoubtedly become my main personality. I have inherited part of the other party’s personality.
If I were still my original self, I would definitely yell recklessly everywhere. My current calm analysis and calm performance is undoubtedly the character traits of Xueba Wangqing. Wang Qing looked at the net in his hand and continued to say soul I should still be the main one. Now I still want to use this net to catch my own Pokémon, but the excitement level has dropped a little, or my personality has become more mature and calmer, and the memory of Xuebawangqing Compared with Wang Xiaoer in Baishi Village, he is obviously a bumpkin from the countryside. Wang Qing is twelve years old and studies in Baishi Middle School, which can also be called Baishi Primary School. There are only 17 students in the so-called school. There are two main teachers, one in charge of teaching and one teaching Pokémon knowledge, including breeding, training, battles, etc. Wang Qing is entering the first year of junior high school this year.
His dream is to become an elite trainer and get ahead. His short-term goal is now two. One is to have your own elves. Having your own elves does not mean that you can become a trainer, but at least you can be one step closer to being a trainer. Wang Qing, a young insect catcher, has his own plan because it is close to Baishi Village in the Kunshan Mountains.
There are many trainers in the past who are amateur trainers. As long as he has an elf, he can challenge these trainers.
Even if he can’t win or even lose, the opponent will give him some coins because he is a child.
This is an alternative way of begging. However, in this world full of elves, not only will you not be despised, but you will also be praised if you do so. It is another kind of universal value. All things are inferior, and only elves are high. For Wang Qing, as long as he has the first elf, he will You can get some coins by challenging past trainers until you become an adult. With these coins, he can buy Pokémon balls and catch more Pokémon to improve his own strength, so that the probability of him becoming a trainer or even an elite trainer will be greatly increased. As for Wang Qing’s second short-term goal is to grow up and enter Kunshan High School as soon as possible.
There are more than 300 people in Kunshan High School.
There are two classes in each grade. There are more than 50 people in each class. very longing big