Wan Tao She caught it with tears in her heart the anger that she had never experienced before Thunder God missed again and he wanted

The real master is actually his husband Donghua Dijun, king of the male gods of the six worlds, but Donghua Dijun has been in a very bad mood recently Dijun is in a bad mood and someone will be unlucky. No matter how light you are, you don’t even dare to let out the atmosphere. It is said that the emperor has picked out the bones of two immortals in succession in the Temple of God these few days. They were smashed into charcoal by lightning, and their black heads were still emitting green smoke.
They fell from the Zhuxian platform. The appearance of legs flying all over the sky is still vivid in my mind.
The immortals are horrified, but at the same time they are sweating coldly for the god of thunder.
According to the world, the two expelled immortals can be called the right arm of the god of thunder.
One is General Qinglei with the left arm and the other is General Shi Lei with the right arm. A few months ago, two tribes fought in the world. Ordinary people are small and vulgar. The war is nothing more than three reasons. The land is delicious. After a long time, later generations gave this war an academic term called Huangdi vs. Chiyou.
Originally, this was just a war.
It’s just wars. In most human battles, the gods of the Thunder Division watch from the sky.
Occasionally, they will encourage thunder and cheer. This war involves a god. This god is different from other gods. He is the only one who has never existed. The goddess who has met the Queen Mother of the West is the only goddess who refuses to go to heaven.
She has been living in seclusion in the Kunlun fairy mountains on earth and has never communicated with heaven. She is the most famous goddess of justice.
No matter how the female empress does not get involved with the Heavenly Court, she still cannot conceal the fact that she is an immortal The sky noticed that the Nine Heavens Xuannv used her divine power to assist the battle, and immediately led the thunder from the lower realm to kill her It’s unbelievable.
In an instant, many souls gathered in the underworld to ask for an explanation, but the immortals still felt that Emperor Donghua’s punishment was too severe.
However, the emperor made a sullen face in the Temple of God, and none of them dared to speak out against his ear at this time. Scraping dragon scales is digging his own grave.
The king of pheasants, Xiao Huang, has always felt that he can think about it, but fate likes to play tricks on her because of her unlucky physique.
In life, there will always be a few people with this unlucky physique.
They can make them catch up with her, because they visited Shaoyang Palace in such a heavy and strange atmosphere.
There is an old saying in the world that Feng Shui turns.
Maybe Xiao Huang was too unlucky in the past.
This time, she finally went back to her inadvertent and inexplicable immortality. What happened was like this not long ago, she was dozing off under the Gonggong stage in Xikun Mountain. In her dream, she was surrounded by countless beautiful men.
The extremely strong fairy energy awakened in a blinding fairy light, a figure with thousands of auras descended from the sky, and the fairy energy lingered all over his body.
After the fairy light subsided, he could see that he had an extremely handsome face that was countless times more handsome than all the beauties in the dream.
I saw that pretty face Pull out the slender figure, put it in a pose, declare that I belong to the Daoist family, and I am the Great Red Heavenly Jade Halal King. Today, you are destined to be with you. Would you like to go back to the heaven with me? After finishing talking, the figure continued. I know if you are willing, then follow me, Xiao Huang. Looking at him in a daze, he has become a fairy bird in the Ziyun Pavilion in a daze. The name Xiao Huang is also named after the real king. In Ziyun Pavilion there is a gorgeous Firefox called Xiaohong Xiaohuang has a lot to do with Xiaohong today being able to transform into a human form Yuqing Zhenwang likes to raise flowers and animals, especially those naive, cute, weird and unusual little Huang in Ziyun The pavilion stayed for a few days and saw Xiaohong with her own eyes, every time she looked at her from the tip of her eyes, she was used to being unlucky, but she was not a fool Ziyun Pavilion currently only has two spirit beasts and the true king’s favor is more than a white and fat steamed bun.
If two people eat, one person and half will lie next to the couch, how can you allow others to snore and sleep? Of course Xiaohong hopes that she will leave Ziyun Pavilion as soon as possible Hong told the real king that when the real king Xiaoxian was cultivating in the human world, he once heard of a kind of wild pheasant, although it is a chicken, but its aura is very rare. When it grows up, it is several times larger than ordinary pheasants.
They have shiny five-color flower feathers and seven-color tail feathers when they fly.
The glowing tail feathers fluttering up and down in the air.
People who have seen it all said that it is even more beautiful than the Phoenix.
I don’t know how many times. Yuqing Zhenwang listened to Xiaohong in anticipation and continued to say that this little yellow chicken was brought back by the Zhenwang.
It must have extraordinary aura. The chicken might be the king of the pheasants that has not been found for tens of thousands of years.
After hearing what it said, Xiao Huang despised it very much.
It is true that the chicken looks a little better than the domestic chicken, but it is absolutely nonsense to say that it is more dazzling and beautiful than the phoenix. But such a nonsense, but the true king believed it I’m ashamed that the real king was too excited when he passed on the mana, so he didn’t control the strength and passed it too far.
In this way, Xiao Huang has a new identity as a fairy and the king of pheasants.
When she arrived at Shaoyang Palace, when she came, the atmosphere in Shaoyang Palace was so silent that it could infect every god, so Xiaohuang walked in it, and there was an urge to disappear immediately. After that, she finally became a fairy.
Xiao Huang walked up the fairy steps made of jade. The Queen Mother of the West ordered people to raise the heavy curtains.
Slowly and majesticly asked the chicken’s aura that was unusual. Did you find it?