Wan Molin rolled up his sleeves and was very mighty He scolded which one Du Yuesheng had no choice but to come with him the

Han Huaiyi, Guangxu 29th year, Grain Rain, it happened to be rainless on this day. Yangzhou, which is prosperous in the north of the Yangtze River but comparable to the south of the Yangtze River, is full of spring.
At noon, the sun is just in front of a warehouse in the north of the city. The pennant flag of the local big company Xinyihe is fluttering in the wind. In the market well The famous prodigal son Xinyi and his second boss Han Huaiyi are hugging a friend named Nianxia and his family’s dock steward Liu Decheng are sitting and drinking. Sitting by the canal, in front of Han Er is the scene of Yangliu Yiyi, the water and the sky, and beautiful women like jade. The smell of rouge is tangy, and the steward Liu is good at kneeling and licking his boss, so the atmosphere among the three is harmonious Guliang with Zuihualou is my Yangzhou’s Three Great Treasures Young Master Liu Decheng with a mouse tail dragging behind his head bared his yellow teeth and hurriedly complimented him Nianxia Wenyan, who was dressed up in a showy manner, raised his finger and poked Han Huaiyi’s His forehead was charming and he said, hell, my sisters are all your treasures! Han Huaiyi laughed out loud, but he didn’t deny that he was only angry with that woman, but he didn’t see the coldness in Liu Decheng’s eyes after sweeping away the chopsticks and bowing his head to pick it up.
I was thinking about your old man, Han Chengde, who passed away the year before last, and your elder brother, who failed to snatch it up this year.
Shi’s family lost his water transportation class, and now he is still lying on the bed angrily.
Just waiting to see the good show, the Han family will finish the calculations from today, thinking about these things, Liu Decheng raised his head, and then smiled again, as if nothing had happened, and continued to have fun with Han Huaiyi, who didn’t know that the sinister Han Huaiyi was instigated by him. When Liu Decheng saw that the fire was almost ready, he made an excuse to leave first.
The prodigal son and Nian Xia, who only had women in their eyes, sat for a while and then got up to relieve themselves by the river. At this moment, Zhou Yuer, the daughter of Zhou Ada, the store manager of the Han family, was on her way back.
The little girl, who is only sixteen years old this year, has a white, tender figure, tall, slender eyebrows and delicate eyes.
She keeps her pouty head and neat bangs that came from Suzhou this year, like a lively deer bouncing around on a road with no pedestrians. When Yu’er was about to reach the pier, she saw Liu Decheng approaching from a distance with a sinister smile on his face.
The girl who hated this man hurriedly hid to the side. Liu Decheng was thinking about things and didn’t notice her.
At this moment, the fierce light in Liu Decheng’s eyes flickered, and Zhou Yu’er, who peeped at his expression, was suddenly a little uneasy, but she didn’t know why she kept her head depressed and continued walking after Liu Decheng passed by. Seeing a coquettishly dressed woman running away with a white face, Zhou Yu’er recognized this woman as the kind of bad woman that the second young master often takes with him. Seeing Nianxia’s turbulent figure while running, the innocent girl couldn’t help but feel secretly.
I spat, thinking how shameless it is.
At this moment, during the low season of shipping, there are a few planks turned up on the wharf where there are no people. Two wet coolies are shaking their heads and sighing, squeezing their clothes. On the ground, there is a man with a pale complexion, Zhou Yuer.
When I came, I saw that it was Han Huaiyi who was lying there, and couldn’t help but eat Surprised, one of the two coolies happened to be her cousin Xiangsheng and the other was Xiangsheng’s brother Abao, the little girl quickly asked them what happened to Brother Xiangsheng, who looked fierce but was actually kind-hearted Xiangsheng shook his head and sighed, you better go and call your father to inform Boss, Zhou Yu’er heard the ominous meaning in his cousin’s words. After a closer look, the second young master seemed to be out of breath. Xiangsheng said to her at the side, “Second young master should have this in his life!” After drinking, he stepped on the empty plank and flipped over.
When I went down, I probably hit the head on the board. The man sank at that time.
Ah Bao also said that when we passed by, we saw that pink head screaming, so we realized that he fell into the water, but it was too late.
Well, Zhou Yu’er shook Han Huaiyi’s body, and his eyes turned red. Although the young master is a prodigal spender all day long, he is good to people. Xinyi and the old shopkeeper have only left for a few years. Thinking about this, she felt uncomfortable, so she began to cry, but at this moment, she seemed to hear Han Huaiyi moaning on the ground, Zhou Yu’er couldn’t help being stunned, and then she was pleasantly surprised.
I thought to myself, can people who are floating in the water still be able to live? Seeing Han Huaiyi’s eyeballs moving but not opening them, there are a few people standing there stiffly, and Han Huaiyi, who closed his eyes when he was in a mess of surprise or joy, was shocked.
Because as a special police officer, he was still arresting a felon just now, and then there was a violent explosion at the scene.
Suddenly, two pairs of big hands lifted him up under the command of the flustered girl. Han Huaiyi tried hard to open his eyes and look around. However, he found that no matter how hard he tried, it was useless. Immediately afterwards, a strange memory rushed into his mind, and he didn’t know how long it took before he regained his senses. After facing the reality, the corners of Han Huaiyi’s lips curled up.
Si smiled wryly, he couldn’t believe that the 3,000-time time-traveling in the novel actually happened to him, but it was the real truth.
He knew that the previous self should have sacrificed the second young master who happened to be Xinyi and fell into the water and died, so he merged his memory Now they have become one person. Han Huaiyi now understands his identity and the environment he lives in. Xinyi, the former leader of Yangzhou water transport, and the old Han family, because his father Han Chengde was plotted by his opponent Shi Jintao, fell into a lawsuit and caused damage to his business.
Because of this, Han Chengde, who was not good at all, suffered a heart attack and passed away the year before last. The two brothers, Han Huaizhong and Han Huaiyi, whose mother was seven years apart, passed away earlier, so they were the only ones left to depend on each other. However, no matter how hard Han Huaizhong tried, Xinyihe’s business was still gradually declining. Even this year, the water transportation task that originally belonged to the Han family was snatched away by Shi Jintao, his rival, Chang Longxing.