Walking over again she was stunned when she saw Murong Beichens embarrassed appearance her face was full of surprise and distress she stepped forward and

Chapter 1 Saving People In November of the 20th year of the Jiali calendar, Hanzhou official Huang Tianshi was promoted to be the minister of the Ministry of Rites and his two eldest sons went to Beijing to take up the post first.
His wife, Mrs. Zhou, and her son and daughter followed closely behind. The day was blocked by heavy snow, and the itinerary did not catch up with the place. The night was dark, and we were still driving in the wilderness. The moon was dark and the wind was high, killing people. At the ancient temple, a group of horses and horses galloped past when jackdaws and ghosts were weeping. Then, another group of people in black clothes swooped down from the tree. People in front of the galloping people and horses hurt the black hands. Master Huang’s family was tragically lying on the gun. The youngest daughter of the Zhou family was escorted by the guards to escape, but the guard slipped his hand to defend against the men in black’s swift attack and threw the girl in his arms out.
The girl flew out in a beautiful parabola and disappeared with a sound. The unlucky child was hung on a tree. Although she escaped the attack of the gangsters, the cold wind blew all night.
Unfortunately, the unlucky child froze to death. Successfully grafted the son, there is a child on the tree who is still breathing, the sky is turning white, the fight is over, Xu Hefei is counting the number of casualties, sharp-eyed, he spotted a little girl, a 14-year-old boy with black hair and snow clothes, holding a blood-stained long sword, standing upright after hearing what Xu Hefei said, the boy is not focused Distance’s eyes slowly focused on the little girl. She was wearing a cherry red Yunyan fine brocade cotton dress, because she was wearing too many clothes, she looked like a meatball.
It was thanks to her thick clothes that she didn’t freeze to death on her face.
The lips are covered with snow, the color of the lips has turned white, and the breath on the tip of the nose is weak, like a newborn kitten. A pink purse is hung on the waist. There is a small bell on the purse, which is jingling by the cold wind. The boy glanced at it.
Then he saw two beautiful words Ning Mao embroidered on the purse.
The young man withdrew his gaze for a long time without saying a word. Xu Hefei kept holding the girl in his arms.
Seeing the young man’s expression changed, he knew that he remembered those past events and dared not speak rashly.
Young master Xu Hefei finally said nothing. Resisted shouting again, with a touch of probing in the tone, the young man sees that this girl must be the daughter of the new Mr.
Huang, and the Huang family is also implicated by us this time, this girl looks pitiful, why don’t you figure it out? When Xu Hefei finished speaking, the young man interrupted him, leaving this sentence lightly, turned around and left Xu Hefei glanced at the girl in his arms and sighed slightly. Since he decided to save him, there was no hesitation. At that moment, he hurriedly conveyed to Ning Mao on the spot. True Qi warms her body, she is weak and has to wait for the town in front of her, she is afraid that her life will be lost Xu Hefei has a profound skill, this delivery of true energy condenses the cat’s body, and finally warms her originally weak breathing, and finally slowly returns to normal Xu Hefei feels that she is A big event has been accomplished, but Xu Hefei has not let go of these few breaths, and immediately raised it again, because the girl in his arms started to feel hot, her face was fluttering, and her whole body was scorching hot. If the hot temperature is not treated in time, my life will not be saved.
A group of people rushed to the nearest town.
Xu Hefei was busy like an old lady, preparing charcoal stove soup, lady ginger soup, and the most important doctor. All work was closely surrounded by Ning Mao, but the serious master was ignored. The young man only glanced at him.
He ordered to prepare bath water for him, and Shi Shiran entered the room. Uncle Zhang prepared Mrs. Tang, covering his feet. The charcoal stove in the house was burning vigorously. He took off his soaked cotton coat, put on the clothes he had found temporarily, and covered it with a thick blanket. I poured a big bowl of hot ginger soup down the bedding, but still didn’t see him. The doctor finally came and was frightened by Xu Hefei, but he didn’t dare to neglect Haosheng’s diagnosis and treatment. He repeatedly said that it was dangerous.
If it was a little later, the child would die. It was another round of acupuncture and moxibustion, a prescription was prescribed, and the decoction was poured, and the fever was repeated for two days.
Finally, the body temperature returned to normal, and his life was finally saved.
Since then, Xu Hefei breathed a sigh of relief.
The little girl is like his own daughter-in-law, but he can’t tell. He always feels that he has a special relationship with this child.
Although her body temperature is normal, but she hasn’t woken up yet, the heat is dense. Looking closely at this girl, the girl’s facial features are delicate, powder-carved and jade-carved, she looks very good-looking, just like that lucky doll.
Xu Hefei, the more he looks at it, the more he likes it.
He really has a feeling of love and affection. When she got up, she was hungry.
Ningmao met a warm and handsome face.
This is an uncle in his early thirties. He has a good face. When he saw Ningmao wake up, his whole face was full of smiles, which made people feel like a spring breeze. There was also a tinge of goodwill and warmth in the cat’s heart, but the girl finally woke up and put a pair of kind and big hands on her forehead.
Everything was normal, and she was completely relieved. Ning Mao could tell that the voice had been guarded by him for the past few days. The new version of Ningmao by my side is just a newcomer, lonely and unfamiliar with life, and if you want to get along successfully, you only need a smile like a flower with sweet words, not to mention that this uncle is such a nice person, she should have a smile on her face.
With this smile, a deep smile popped out on the left side of his face, as sweet as the sophora flower candy in June Xu Hefei was stunned, as if he was really attracted by this cute baby’s smile, the voice of the coagulated cat was soft and Uncle Su’s voice was not at all unfamiliar, as if they were uncles and nephews, Xu Hefei came to his senses and softened the heart of an old man, his brows and eyes curled up, his big hands gently caressed the girl’s tenderness The weak pink cheeks and that smiling hole are you hungry, isn’t it uncle who sent someone to bring you food? You just recovered from a serious illness, and you can only eat something light. Uncle feeds you. Ning Mao was scooped up from the bed by him, and he put a brand new jacket on her with a slightly unfamiliar movement, and then lifted her up and got up steadily. Placed locally on an upholstered armchair