Walked through the gate and walked to the hall he raised his hand hesitantly and the door opened automatically Mi Fans blushing face appeared in

Mom, I was hijacked by aliens.
When Mi Fan became conscious, she found that she was curled up in a small space and it was very dark.
She touched the surroundings and imprisoned her like an iron cage. The mesh is so thin that it can only penetrate two One finger so I can’t pick the black Bumifan who is in the cage and try to remember how she got here but the last scene that comes to mind is just her sleeping on the bed with her eyes closed maybe it happened while she was sleeping What is it? Mi Fan felt uneasy. She is just an ordinary person.
Why did such a strange thing happen to her? Mi Fan touched up and down in the cage to make sure that she couldn’t even move except in a curled up position. She kicked her legs uncomfortably, but she kicked outside an iron plate.
There was a strange murmur, and Mi Fan couldn’t figure out what was covering the iron cage. The feeling of not being able to stretch made her more anxious.
Is there anyone? She called Mi Fan, and a soft cry came into her ears. Mi Fan covered his mouth in disbelief. The sound just now came from her.
How could she call again tremblingly? Mimi Fan trembled, her face turned pale, mother, I can’t speak human words, and in shock, she groped up and down her body, feeling more and more confused, this is indeed her body, yes, but what’s wrong with her voice, even if it becomes hoarse, it doesn’t matter Can make animal sounds.
Could it be that she was transformed by a mysterious laboratory? Is it impossible that this kind of plot in the movie will not happen to her? It rang out not far away, then quickly disappeared and returned to a deep sea-like silence.
Mi Fan had spent in this silence for an unknown amount of time. She also opened her throat and shouted at the loudest voice to try to attract the attention of the outside world, but her voice was hoarse and there was no problem.
When someone came to talk to her, she covered her dry and sore throat and was aggrieved and silent. She was so hungry, maybe half a day, maybe several days later, when Mi Fan was so hungry that his whole body was light, the cage suddenly shook violently, and there was a loud noise.
Mi Fan hugged her head and followed the cage heavily on the ground and rolled over several times, making her dizzy for a long time before recovering from the dizziness.
Her elbow hit the cage and her elbow was probably swollen and her toes were twisted. She didn’t dare to move, but now she didn’t have time to pay attention because she found that the cage was smashed open and the black cloth was lifted, she got out of the cage excitedly, outside was a piece of silver gray except for the sky, which was blue like glass, and the ground was covered with silver gray smooth as tiles There are building-like buildings all over the world, but the buildings are not like Mi Fan. He has lived for 20 years and has never seen a building without doors or windows.
They are so smooth that there is not even a single crack, either high or low, spreading far away. Mi Fan Maintaining the posture of crawling on the ground, she was stunned. When she turned around, she called out to the spaceship in a low voice.
She seemed to have fallen out of this white spaceship.
It fits perfectly with the common description of UFOs on Earth.
Could it be that she was abducted by aliens? Mi Fan clenched his fists tightly and didn’t know whether he should go forward or not. At this moment, something suddenly fell from the spaceship and fell to the ground, a ball of black Mi Fan jumped up in fright.
Something, it lay on the ground and muttered something.
Fan didn’t hear the human figure at all. It was wrapped in a black coat, but its round face was covered with a layer of blue liquid, and a pair of blood-red eyes stared at her.
Mi Fan’s back seemed to be covered with a layer of ice, and she couldn’t even move. She didn’t dare to move for a long time, as if she was being pricked by a needle. She jumped up and ran away from the spaceship like a headless chicken. After a while, all she could see was the undulating silver-gray building. Because the ground was too slippery, she even fell several times. Mi Fan didn’t know if she ran back to where she was in a panic.
She realized that she would be exhausted if she continued running like this.
She finally stopped, so she was taken to another planet by aliens. She looked up. The round star hangs in mid-air, exuding faint light in the clear blue. Her legs are sore and limp. She sits on the ground with her buttocks.
For a second, she frowned. What is there under the buttocks? Pulling it to her eyes, her face changed drastically.
Huh, huh, huh, the tail is her tail, and then she realized that she was naked, that’s right, she didn’t have a thing on, the damn alien didn’t even leave her a pair of underwear, and she accepted being abducted After a series of blows, such as being taken captive by aliens to a different planet, a tail grew out, which can no longer surprise her.
Mi Fan quickly calmed down and re-examined his body. Fortunately, except for the extra tail and the top of his head.
Other than the fluffy ears, there is no other change in the body. Mifan is still in human form. Sitting on the slippery and cold ground, Mi Fan fiddles with his tail and begins to worry about what to do now. Could it be that this is a dead city? Mi Fan ran a long way in fright, his body was exhausted long ago, his stomach was empty, and he was twisted together, as if expressing his urgent need for food. Mi Fan decided on a target within a second.
After finding the food for a day, she leaned against a building half dead. If she had known, she would not have run away from the spaceship. Maybe food could be found in the spaceship.
She wanted to go back, but sadly could not find the direction. In this forest of silver-gray buildings, there is no sign at all. No stomach so hungry Mi Fan licked his dry and chapped lips and remembered that before going to bed with his mother, she and her mother saw a mother-daughter outfit on Taobao and paid for it, but unfortunately she couldn’t wear it. She hid it in her computer. Mom won’t steal her computer while she’s not at home, and she bought pork ribs this afternoon, and she plans to stew the ribs the next day.
It’s been a long time now, and I’m sure she won’t be able to eat them anymore.
Mi Fan sniffled, she thought. Crying, but the body can no longer provide water for her to shed tears