Wake up your father its hard to suppress the emotion in your heart retort as calmly as possible I still have fists my fists are

I will never forget the day when Master firmly disagreed with the little female dragon joining the team, fearing that it would ruin his practice, then turned around and said that this would help increase concentration. Emotions, shemale, different routes, reproductive isolation, dragging the pig out of Gao Lao Zhuang, then turning around, talking about the equality of all living beings, my Buddha is merciful to the many female fairies Crossing, then turning around, the majestic Tianlong opened a road to reach the sky.
Chapter 1: The monk facing Princess Gaoyang, the Tang Empire, Chang’an, in a room full of Zen, a beautiful and beautiful woman, with a frown and a smile, seems to draw the room invisible. A woman like a few peach blossoms grew out and was staring obsessively at a handsome monk in white, Amitabha Buddha, who was sitting on the opposite side.
Feeling the woman’s fiery eyes, her every move was inexplicably serene and peaceful. Master Xuanzang, who meant it, called a Buddhist name slowly, and lightly opened his lips and teeth. Why did Princess Gaoyang keep watching the poor monk, whether there was something wrong with the poor monk’s appearance? Princess Gaoyang, listening to Master Xuanzang’s words, her eyes did not feel shy, but she looked like a saint The sound is like the tip of the tongue can’t help but licked the dry lips slightly.
The laziness makes people feel dreamy.
It’s not like that, but this palace is dedicated to the Buddha.
For a moment, I saw Master Xuanzang’s full of Zen and Buddha nature.
Outwardly, there is a feeling of enlightenment. For this famous Princess Gaoyang who had a romantic relationship with the monk, Master Xuanzang slightly raised his eyebrows and asked in a gentle voice, “Yes, Princess Gaoyang looked at Master Xuanzang’s reaction.
” Couldn’t help getting up, walked to the chair next to Master Xuanzang in a few small steps, sat down, tilted his mouth towards Master Xuanzang and said slightly, “I have realized Master Xuanzang, you have realized it, and suddenly Master Xuanzang’s hair became hairy. It feels numb to know that in the history, the monk Bianji who had a good time with Princess Gaoyang ended up being cut in half by Li Shimin. Yes, this princess has really enlightened, but it’s just a step away.
I don’t know if Master Xuanzang can help me. Princess Gaoyang raised the broken hair next to her ears with one hand, and stared at Master Xuanzang with a blurred gaze. With one hand, she slowly touched Master Xuanzang’s palm holding the Buddhist scriptures and said, hissing, Master Xuanzang subconsciously.
Couldn’t help but gasped slightly, isn’t it unreasonable? Isn’t the road to the west not started yet? Why are people coveting the poor monk’s body now? Now there is no grandson and those apprentices protecting the poor monk. Could it be that the poor monk will be the only one in this catastrophe? Can be robbed Master Xuanzang quietly looked at this Princess Gaoyang, who was preserved in the history books with a beautiful name, suddenly felt that her throat was a little dry, and the air felt inexplicably hot and dry. As a normal adult man The so-called form is emptiness and emptiness is form, so the Tathagata will probably allow it if you commit a robbery occasionally.
After all, form is emptiness, which means it does not exist, so it is not a violation of the precepts.
Among the monks’ residences specially used by Li Shimin to receive the Water and Land Dharma Assembly, the more important thing is that after traveling to realize that he is the reincarnated Tang Sanzang, Master Xuanzang discovered that there are not a few gods who secretly protect him. According to Xuanzang The mage’s guess is most likely to be those little guys like Liuding Liujia, Wufangjiedi and four-valued meritorious Cao, so Master Xuanzang can’t be fair and honest in front of the eyes of the Jade Emperor and Tathagata, right? Poor monk, but Tathagata The second disciple, Jin Chanzi, was reincarnated as the number one eminent monk in the Tang Dynasty today.
He was destined to go west to learn Buddhist scriptures.
The color was inappropriate. It didn’t fit the personality.
What’s wrong with resolutely categorically rejecting the Tao? Maybe it’s because of the influence of the current Buddha mainstream in the Tang Dynasty. Princess Gaoyang obviously knows some Buddhist principles. Then she got up and walked behind Master Xuanzang in small steps and asked humbly. Why didn’t Master Xuanzang save me? I once let this princess experience the state of bliss.
Master Xuanzang was a little speechless.
As a time traveler, he is not the Tang Sanzang who can speak eloquently and full of Buddhist principles and benevolence in the original body. It’s just an ordinary person, even though it’s been a few years since he’s traveled here, he’s indifferent to Buddhist classics, he can only recite the Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra, and other Buddhist classics can only give a big idea of ​​a name. Able to speak of the Buddha’s name that can be called panacea, Amitabha, good, good, and paused, Master Xuanzang adjusted his expression, showing an inviolable holiness on his face, and turned to face Princess Gaoyang, when a faint ray of light shone from the back of his head, he said softly The female benefactor is just saying that color is emptiness and color, and I hope that the benefactor will soon see the transparency and understand the Buddhist principles. Facing Master Xuanzang’s light drink like a drum and morning bell, the blurred look on Princess Gaoyang’s face suddenly dissipates.
Those dirty and vulgar thoughts in her heart dissipate in an instant With a bit of shame on his face, he said sorry Master Xuanzang, this princess was rude, and I will allow the princess to resign and discuss Buddhism with Master Xuanzang in the future. To put it bluntly, if you simply discuss Buddhism, the poor monk will be infinitely welcome, but the Emperor Tang will be summoned soon, but this is not the time.
If Princess Gaoyang wants to come and discuss with the poor monk in the quiet night, it is a pity that all evil thoughts have been dispelled at this moment.
Princess Gaoyang didn’t think much of it, she just saluted and then exited the room, watching Princess Gaoyang’s graceful figure disappear from sight Master Xuanzang sighed inwardly, and at the same time couldn’t help muttering silently, disciples of Amitabha Buddha